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Ritual Perfumes
Most of these recipes for perfumes are meant to be diluted in
a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, apricot kernel etc.,
unless otherwise specified. Test to make sure you are not
allergic to oils before applying them liberally.

Perfume Bases Moon Priestess Perfume Moon Priest Cologne
Earth Mother Perfume Isis Perfume Sun Goddess Perfume

Moon Priestess Perfume

1 Drop Queen of the Night Oil
3 drops rose oil
1 drop lemon verbena oil
4 fl. oz (120cc) white spirits

Blend the three oils in a bottle. Add the white spirits,
and shake all vigorously. A cologne can be made by adding
another 1 fl. oz (30cc) of white spirits and 3 fl. oz (90cc)
of distilled water.

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Moon Priest Cologne

1 fl.oz (30cc) lemon verbena or Lime oil
2 fl.oz (60cc) coriander oil
1/2 fl.oz. (15cc) camphor or myrrh oil
1/4 fl.oz. (7cc) white spirits
3 3/4 fl.oz. (105cc) distilled water

Blend the oils in a bottle, add the spirits and water and shake all
vigorously. Increasing the myrrh oils gives a darker perfume; increasing
the camphor, a lighter and more spicy one. All perfumes 'behave'
differently on different skins, so it is worth experimenting to find
your own balance.

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Earth Mother Perfume

Musk oil
Patchouli oil
Rose Oil

Blend in equal parts, bottle and shake well.

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Isis Perfume

Rose oil
Blue Lotus Oil

Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.

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Sun Goddess Perfume

Cinnamon Oil
Lemon Verbena Oil
Ylang-Ylang Oil

Blend equal parts, bottle and shake well.

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Celtic Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens

Hafapea's Universe
Lisa's Planet

I collected these recipes over the course of 10 years
and they come from many sources, including
Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten where most of the others came from.
If you know of the origins for any of them, please let me know so that I can credit the source. Thank you.