Come enter the garden of magical pleasure
Where faeries frolic and flowers sway
To the music of wind chimes, come at your leisure,
A treasure of magic beckons you - stay!
- Constance Barkley Lewis

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Crystal Countdown (A Method of Astral Projection)
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The astral plane is in the mind and often referred to as
the "inner plane." There are several ways to get there,
here is one of my favorites...

The Crystal Countdown

1. Find a quiet place, cast a magic circle,
don your protection talisman, sit down and get comfortable.
Close your eyes and spend a minute breathing deeply and relaxing.

2. When you feel centered keep your eyes
closed and with your third eye visualize an empy screen about
one foot in front of you and just above your eyelids. Actually,
the screen encircles your head like a helmet, but most people only
see images on the front portion. You may notice your eyes fluttering
a bit even though they're closed. They may even tend to roll upward,
as if that'd help you see the screen better. Now is the time to tame
this reflex and train yourself to see with your mind's eye.

3. Next see on the screen a red number 7.
If this is difficult try just seeng a 7 or a red field.
If you have a hard time splashing the colors on the screen,
recall some object that's the color you want to envision and
see it in you mind's eye. Practice this until you're able to
see the field of color. In time you'll be able to see the 7 on
the field and eventually you'll see a red 7.

4. When you see the red 7 hold it for a moment
and release it. Then proceed downward through the spectrum of colors:
orange 6, yellow 5, green 4, blue 3, indigo 2 and violet 1.

5. The indigo 2 is actually a deeper
color and lower level than you need, so when the lighter
violet 1 appears you'll sense your awareness lifting ever
so slightly. When you settle into orchid, count down from
10 to 1 without colors to deepen the alpha state.
Then mentally say to yourself with conviction, "I am
now in alpha, and everything I do will be accurate and
correct, and this is so."

6. Perform your task - faery contact.

7. When you're ready to leave alpha, erase
what's on the screen with your hands. Then, while still
in alpha give youself total health clearance in the following
way: place your hand about 6" above your head, palm down. Then,
in one smooth swoop, bring your hand down in front of your face,
chest, and stomach while turning your palm outward and pushing away
from you. Say to yourself, "I am healing myself and giving myself total
health clearance." This must be done everytime you prepare to come out
of alpha. By doing this you'll clear away any harmful energies that are
present, and you'll project an image of youself that's healthy and strong.

8. Count slowly from 1 to 10, then 1 to 7.
You don't need to use colors as you count up. Count up,
slowly open your eyes, and gradually realize your presence in the room.
-Laurie Cabot's Crystal Countdown

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When you've finished

Make a loud noise like clapping your hands or ringing a bell
to alert your subconscious that you have returned to your normal
consciousness. This helps prevent any bleed-over between the two
worlds and may frighten away any astral entities who have followed
you home. Then it is wise to make whatever statement you or your
tradition normally use to end rituals, such as "It is Done" or "The
Rite is Closed" to further get the message across that you are back
in the physical world.
-A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy

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