Come enter the garden of magical pleasure
Where faeries frolic and flowers sway
To the music of wind chimes, come at your leisure,
A treasure of magic beckons you - stay!
- Constance Barkley Lewis

Rules of Conduct How and Where to Find Faeries
Finding Faeries in Nature WARNING Scrying for Faeries
Crystal Countdown (A Method of Astral Projection)
Royal Society for The Prevention of Cruelty of Faeries
Stop Faery Pressing More...

Rules of Conduct

Have Fun
No Drinking
Don't Express Gratitude
Always Show Respect
No Dancing
No Eating

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How and Where to Find Faeries

Faeries are residents of the astral world. It is only when your
consciousness has deliberately shifted, when you slow your mind and
focus your thought process inward and outward, that you can place
yourself into the astral realm. To find and communicate with faeries
you must open your mind as well as your heart and call upon all your
inate talents...

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Faeries in Nature

Faeries love nature as much as witches
and will occasionally manifest in it,
though their ability to stay there is
as limited as ours to remain in the astral...

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Before travelling to the land of Fae it is imperative
that you be equipped a protective talisman of some sort.
Not all of the wee folke are friendly and helpful...

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Scrying is the act of gazing gently into some reflective surface
such as a lake, a candle flame, a bowl of water, a crystal, or a
mirror in order to slow and focus the mind and bring about visions.
To scry, form in your mind that which you want to see or know; in this
case, faery contact. Then gaze into your chosen scrying aid, all the
while concentrating on viewing Faeryland or a particular faery you wish
to contact. Don't force your mind to cooperate, but try to keep gently
focused. If your mind begins to wander, simply bring it back and continue.
This will bocome easier with practice.
- A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy

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Lisa's Planet Hafapea's Universe

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