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Most of these recipes for oils are meant to be diluted in
a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, apricot kernel etc.,
unless otherwise specified. Test to make sure you are not
allergic to oils before applying them liberally.

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Prosperity Oils

Calling Abundance Oil Money & Luck Oil Money Draw Oil Prosperity Oil Success Oil

Calling Abundance Oil

oz olive oil
20 drops chamomile oil
20 drops cedar oil
20 drops patchouli oil
13 drops clove oil
1 basil flower
1 lodestone chip

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Money & Luck Oil

oz olive oil
8 drops dill oil
13 drops nutmeg oil
9 drops earth oil
13 drops oak moss oil
9 drops tonka bean oil
6 drops clove oil
1 dill flower
1 peridot chip

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Money Draw Oil

oz olive oil
21 drops patchouli oil
14 drops chamomile oil
7 drops cinnamon oil
7 drops cedar oil
1 chamomile flower
1 peridot chip

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Prosperity Oil

One Tonka Bean ( money, courage, wishes)
3 parts bergamot oil (money success)
2 parts patchouli oil (money, fertility, lust)
1 part vetivert oil (money, breaking hexes, and love)
1 part pineapple oil (money, luck, and chastity)
Base of almond oil

Put the Tonka Bean in a uniquely shaped bottle.
Fill of the bottle with almond oil
Add the remaining oils and mix well.
Store in a cool, dry place.

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Protection Oils

Guardian Oil Protection Oil #1 Protection Oil #2

Guardian Oil
For protection against psychic attacks.

oz olive oil
15 drops lemon oil
10 drops clove oil
15 drops patchouli oil
5 drops pennyroyal oil
10 drops rosewood oil
1 rose
1 carnelian chip
1 citrine chip

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Protection Oil #1
This oil may be used for protection from
negative spirits and also used for exorcisms.

1 drop Cinnamon (power & protection)
2 drops Fennel (protection)
2 drops Juniper (protection & exorcism)
2 drops Lemon Verbena or Lemon (purification & psychic)
1 drop Peppermint (psychic)
4 drops Rosemary (protection, exorcism & purification)
2 drops Sandalwood (protection & exorcism)

Mix the above oils with a base of Jojoba oil.

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Protection Oil #2
Use to protect yourself against physical attacks.

oz olive oil
6 drops rose geranium oil
15 drops lemon oil
8 drops lavender oil
8 drops cajupet oil
4 drops citronella oil
10 drops rosewood oil
1 lavender flower
1 clear quartz chip

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Success Oil
From The Witchy Crypt

Mix together:
two parts of sandalwood
five finger grass
one part cinnamon
one part of grated lemon peel (or lemon flowers).

Use two tablespoons of this mixture to two ounces of oil.

OPTIONAL: add a small piece of High John The Conqueror root to each bottle of oil made.

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I collected these recipes over the course of 10 years
and they come from many sources, including
Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten where most of the others came from.
If you know of the origins for any of them, please let me know so that I can credit the source. Thank you.