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Most of these recipes for oils are meant to be diluted in
a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, apricot kernel etc.,
unless otherwise specified. Test to make sure you are not
allergic to oils before applying them liberally.

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Strength Oils

Assertiveness Oil Strength of Being Oil

Assertiveness Oil

5 drops bay leaf Oil
4 drops Cypress Oil
4 drops Rosemary Oil
4 drops Cedarwood Oil

In a 10-ml bottle, pour the essential oils and
then add organic vegetable oil to fill. Massage
the solar plexus, the sacrum, and the abdomen.
Pour a few drops into the palm of your hands and
inhale deeply as needed during the day. This blend
is particularly recommended for use in the morning
and throughout the day.

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Strength of Being Oil

oz almond oil
4 drops cedar oil
5 drops cypress oil
9 drops ginger oil
1 drop lemon oil
9 drops lotus oil
6 drops camphor oil
4 drops frankincense oil
9 drops Siberian fir oil
1 drop carnation oil
4 drops lavender oil
5 drops jasmine oil
1 lavender blossom
1 amethyst chip

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Sun & Star Oils

Solar Rites Oil Star Oil Sun Oil

Solar Rites Oil
For self- purification.

oz almond oil
18 drops orange oil
5 drops patchouli oil
14 drops ginger oil
9 drops pennyroyal oil
20 drops citronella oil
1 orange blossom
1 clear quartz chip
1 citrine chip

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Star Oil
For general health and healing.

oz almond oil
10 drops lemon oil
7 drops jasmine oil
7 drops rosemary oil
17 drops chamomile oil
5 drops sandalwood oil
1 jasmine flower
1 clear quartz chip

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Sun Oil
To re-energize yourself.

oz almond oil
30 drops orange oil
40 drops lime oil
5 drops ginger oil
10 drops vetiver oil
3 drops cinnamon oil
1 orange blossom
1 clear quartz chip
1 carnelian chip

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I collected these recipes over the course of 10 years
and they come from many sources, including
Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten where most of the others came from.
If you know of the origins for any of them, please let me know so that I can credit the source. Thank you.