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Most of these recipes for oils are meant to be diluted in
a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, apricot kernel etc.,
unless otherwise specified. Test to make sure you are not
allergic to oils before applying them liberally.

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Astral Travel Oils

Astral Projcetion Oil Dream Chaser Oil

Astral Projection Oil

Mix with mortar and pestle:
1 t jasmine
1 t cinquefoil
2 t mugwort
1 t woodruff

2 drops acacia oil
4 drops benzoin oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
3 drops rue oil

Gently swirl with:
¼ C sunflower or safflower oil

Apply to your temples, forehead, throat and the pulse points
of your inner elbows, wrists, backs of the knees, ankles and
the soles of your feet. If you like, combine this with the
burning of an Astral Projection Incense.

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Dream Chaser Oil
For trance work, dream work, journey work, shape
shifting and animal totem work and for help sleeping.

¼ oz olive oil
7 drops lemon oil
13 drops violet oil
13 drops lavender or lilac oil
7 drops lemongrass oil
10 drops sandalwood or rosewood oil
1 mugwort flower
1 valerian flower
1 clear quartz chip

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Blessing, Consecration, & Cleansing Oils

Blessing Oil #1 Blessing Oil #2 Consecration Oil Cleansing Oil

Blessing Oil #1

Mix with mortar and pestle:
1 t lavender
½ t rosemary
1 t St John’s Wort

2 drops juniper berry oil
2 drops rose oil
3 drops vetivert oil

Gently swirl with:
¼ C sunflower or safflower oil

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Blessing Oil #2

1-4 lavender blossoms
2 drops each of sage, basil and patchouli essential oils
Carrier oil (olive, jojoba, almond, etc.)

Choose a small dark vial.
Place all of the essential oils in the bottle together,
then add enough of the carrier oil to fill the bottle.
Shake thoroughly. Use for anointing ritual candles, self,
consecrating tools, etc. Lavender is there for purification,
happiness, love, and peace; Basil brings protection and love;
sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity;
patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, and
aids divination. All of these are desirable generic attributes so
makes a good blend for general purposes. Great for keeping on your
personal altar, for religious workings.

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Consecration Oil

Mix with mortar and pestle:
1 t fennel
1 t tansy
1 t rue
1 t wormwood
½ t yarrow

2 drops fir oil
3 drops rue oil
2 drops sandalwood oil

Gently swirl with:
¼ C sunflower or safflower oil

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Cleansing Oil

Mix with mortar and pestle:
1 t basil
2 t rosemary
2 t valerian
1 t mugwort

2 drops balsam of Peru
2 drops benzoin oil
1 drop fir oil
2 drops lavender oil
4 drops rue oil

Gently swirl with:
¼ C sunflower or safflower oil

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Hafapea's Universe
Lisa's Planet

I collected these recipes over the course of 10 years
and they come from many sources, including
Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten where most of the others came from.
If you know of the origins for any of them, please let me know so that I can credit the source. Thank you.