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To make inks:
Steep the ground resins in the alcohol until dissolved,
then add the cinnamon oil, indigo, and ground gum Arabic.
Filter and bottle. There are no measurements to some of
these recipes, as they are believed to be from the 1600’s
but it suggests that you add water very very gradually
especially when working with soot, using an eye dropper.

Magical Inks

Bat's Blood Ink Dove's Blood Ink Hopi Black Ritual Ink
General Magickal Ink #1 General Magickal Ink #2
General Magickal Ink #3 Lampblack Ink Lavender Ink
Mundane Inks

Bat's Blood Ink

2 parts dragon’s blood resin
˝ part myrrh resin
2 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops indigo color
12 parts gum arbic

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Dove's Blood Ink

1 part dragon’s blood resin
2 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops bay oil
10 parts alcohol
1 part gum Arabic
2 drops rose oil

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Hopi Black Ritual Ink

A lump of Yellow Ochre
Gum form the Pinyon pine
3 cups of black sunflower seeds (the little ones)
3 T ground Native Alum

Start by burning the lump of yellow ochre with
an equal amount of the pinyon gum. This will make
a nice black soot. (Catch the soot on a cool ironstone
plate that is held over the burning mixture.) Save the
soot. Next, take the sunflower seeds, still in their shells,
and boil them for twenty to thirty minutes in 8 cups of water.
Remove the seeds just after splitting open. (Do not allow
them to soak in it.)

Add the native Alum after toasting it in an iron pan.
Stir and simmer so that the Alum is completely dissolved.
Simmer the liquid until it is reduced to six cups of liquid.
Dip out a cup of the liquid and scrape the soot into it.
Stir until it is dissolved. Add the soot-dye mixture back
into the greater dye. Gently simmer until it is reduced to a
desired consistency. Use with a ‘quill’ pen or fine lined paint brush.

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General Magickal Ink #1

10 oz Gall nuts
3 oz Green Copperas
3 oz Rock Alum or Gum Arabic

Reduce all ingredients to a powder and
place in a newly glazed earthen pot with
enough river water to moisten. Make a fire
of sprigs of fern gathered on St. John’s Eve
(Midsummer) and vine twigs cut on the Full Moon
in March. Add virgin paper to the fire and set
the pot over it. When the water boils the ink
will be made. I would guess baring everything
else the ingredients boiled with some water
would yield some sort of ink.

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General Magickal Ink #2

Frankincense smoke*
Myrrh smoke*
Rose Water
Sweet Wine
Gum Arabic

*you get smoke by holding a spoon over burning resin until
blackening gathers on the spoon, then tap spoon carefully
into a bowl, this stuff is light so go easy. Mix the smoke
in a bowl with a little rose water and wine. Add enough Gum
Arabic to make the mixture thick enough to write with.

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Magickal Ink #3

Fresh Pokeberries
Gum Arabic

Crush the pokeberries to produce a purple ink.
Add some Gum Arabic to thicken the liquid to ink
consistency. The seeds are poisonous so keep this
ink out of you mouth.

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Lampblack Ink

Using a candle of a color appropriate for your spell,
hold a spoon over the flame until black soot forms on
it. Carefully tap or scrape the black soot off the
spoon into a bowl. Continue to do this until you have
enough soot to produce your desired quantity of ink.
This process takes a while. Up to 45 min. depending on
how much ink you want to make. Add enough water to dissolve
the soot and then add enough Gum Arabic to form a thinner ink.

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Lisa's Planet

I collected these recipes over the course of 10 years
and they come from many sources, including
Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews.
Unfortunately, I have forgotten where most of the others came from.
If you know of the origins for any of them, please let me know so that I can credit the source. Thank you.