While the easiest place to find the Fair Folk is and alway will be in their own realm,
a place one can access through astral travel, there are other ways to visit their realm, and they do occaissionally respond to invitations to visit us, as well.

The mundane portals to the home of the Wee Ones are distinguished in one of four ways:
the most common is the Sidhe, or faery mound - grass covered mounds of earth usually
found near the base of trees; then there are the infamous faery rings - circles of red-capped
toadstools that surround a portal to the faery realm; there also the faery trails - paths of
grass that are noticably darker than that in the surrounding field or meadow; the final place
is in among the tree triad of Oak, Thorn, and Ash.

Locating one of these places requires a careful eye and a lot of exploration.
The sidhe are usually open on nights when the moon is full - for that is when
the Good Folk like to come out and frolic in our realm. They are especially open
on Samhain, the night when the veil between our two worlds is at its thinnest.
Faery rings can be a little more difficult to locate than the sidhe, however, they
too are open during the full moon. The easiest time to find a faery trail is during
the day when you can see the difference in the shades of grass, and should you ever come
upon a triad of Oak, Thorn, and Ash an encounter with these beings is most certain.

Once you've located one of these places, go there and be still.
Relax, maybe burn some faery attracting incense or present a food offering.
You can even build yourself a magick circle out of stones or flowers that the fae are fond of .
And, if you'd like, you could call to the wee ones with an inviting chant or spell.

Be sure to read the rules of conduct before you set out
to play with these mischievous little beings, their idea of manners is very different from ours.
Happy Trails...


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