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Faery Poems

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I'd Love To Be a Fairy's Child
The Queen of the Fay
Queen Mab
Fairy Song
The Fountain of the Fairies
The Fairy Musicians
Flower Fairies
Where to Find Fairies
The Ruin
Over Hill, Over Dale

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Catching Fairies
The Fairies
The Faires' Dance
The Stolen Child
Dreams Within Dreams
Fairy Bread
The Little Elf
The Fairy Dance

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The Fairy Man
A Fairy Went A-Marketing
The Elf and the Doormouse
Minnie and Winnie
hist whist
The Little Land
Fairy Food - A Kingly Feast
The Mermaid
A Faery Song

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The Hosting of the Sidhe
Cusheen Loo
The Fairy Thorn
The Fairy Nurse
A Lamentation
Song of the Ghost
Hy-Brasail - The Isle of the Blest
The Household Fairy
The Little People

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How to Tell Goblins from Elves
Evening Shadows
The Lepracaun
The Three Wishes
The Love Talker
Die Lorelei
Die Lorelei, German Version

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Hafapea's Universe


Fae Magic
My Adopted Fair Folk
Plant a Faery Garden
Faery Trees

Teas to Aid in Astral Travel
Incense to Facilitate Faery Contact
Protective Talismans for Astral Travel
Celtic Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens

Faery Links and Rings

This set was made by SwtMelode
using the Fairy art of Myrea of Fairies World