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Flower Faeries are intriguing and fun garden guests. A great way to invite
them to move into your own garden is by planting an enticing Faerie Chair.
Faerie scouts will be able to see the chair from a very far off and they will
be so delighted that an entire clan of faeries may make their home near your
chair garden. You do however, have to make sure that your friends and relatives
never try to sit on the chair. There's no telling what would happen!


An old wooden chair with the seat removed
Chicken wire
Staple gun
Wire cutters
Sphagnum moss
Potting soil
Green sheet moss
Curly branches
Faery herbs
Lady's Mantle
Wooly Lamb's Ear
Rosemary (a trailing variety would look great trailing down over the side of the chair)
Boxwood, small leaf
Sweet Woodruff

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Instructions for Construction

It is best to find a work area outside to plant the chair. With any luck the
Faeries will spot what you are doing and begin spreading the word right away.
Cut 2 squares of chicken wire approximately 12" wider than the opening of the
chair's seat. Staple the chicken wire to the sides and shape the excess wire
into a pouch. You might want to double the staples to make sure the pouch is
secure. Line the bottom of the chicken wire pouch with wet sphagnum moss until
all of the mesh is covered by approximately 2" of moss. Fill in the pouch with a
good potting soil fertilized with compost or well rotted manure, bring the soil up
to the level of the top of the seat.

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Remove the herbs from their pots and start planting them in the soil.
Remember to keep the taller growing plants at the back and the shorter plants
in the front. Water well and cover the soil around the plants with the green
sheet moss. The Faeries will like to hold picnics on the moss and it will also
help keep the herbs from becoming too hot in the summer. The curly branches
should be twisted down a leg of the chair, to allow the Flower Faeries a way of
climbing up to their Faerie Garden. If you have extra branches they can be inserted
into the soil at the back in case the Faeries want to build a swing. To encourage
interest you can also place little mini tea sets on the moss and tie a sign onto the
chair that reads "Faerie Garden." The Faeries like all kinds of earthly delights. Feel
free to add acorns, seashells and bits of gold ribbon but most of all add your imagination
The Faerie Chair should be watered once a day and protected during the cold days of winter.

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