Planting a Faery Garden

Plants that Attract Butterflies and Faeries Plants for a Night Garden

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In order to attract faeries to your garden you must create a garden that is conducive to all life.
Put up birdhouses, birdbaths and bird feeders, bat houses and hummingbird feeders.
Grow plants that attract butterflies and bees. Put nuts out for the squirrels.
Play soft music or leave bits of good bread and cheese out for them.
An even better way to attract them is to plant a fairy garden with plants that have
been found down through the centuries to be favored by the little folk. Plant your garden
carefully, tend to it lovingly, and call out and make their welcome known.
Inviting them to come to your garden is very important for “Where your intention goes, energy flows.”

Whatever you do to bring life to your garden will bring faeries as well,
and of course, the more life you bring to your garden the greater the number of faeries you'll attract.
What ever you place your conscious awareness on, you will pull into your universe.
As you put your focus onto faeries and gnomes, and other folks of the elemental realm,
they will respond by being drawn to your energy.

You may want to decorate your garden with statues of faeries, gnomes, and animals, too.
Things that reflect light, and that are colorful and moving will attract gnomes and elves
Faeries and water spirits will be drawn to the sound and sight of a fountain.
You could also install a small waterfall or put in a fishpond.
Leave a bit of your garden wild and not too cultivated just for the faeries,
it will make them feel very welcome.

Soon, you may see on a moonlight summer night (especially as Midsummer night nears),
a group of laughing and merry sprites dancing around a fairy circle in or near your garden.
Make them some tiny frosted cakes and they'll soon reward you with a garden you won't
believe-and your work will seem to disappear...

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Plants that attract butterflies and faeries

Bluebells Boxwood Buttercup Carnation Coreopsis Cosmos Cowslips Crocus
Daffodil Daisy Dandelion Forget-Me-Not Fountain Butterfly Bush Foxglove
Gardenia Heliotrope Harebell Hollyhock Honeysuckle Hyacinth Iris Jasmine
Lamb's Ear Lavender Lilac Lily Lobelia Marigold Morning Glory Mums
New York Aster Orange-eye Butterfly Bush Orchid Pansy Periwinkle Peony
Poppies Petunia Phlox Pincushion Flower Poinsetta Primrose Pussywillow
Ragwort Roses Shrubby Cinquefoil Snapdragon Summer Lilac Thistles
Tulip Violet White Lotus Zinnia

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxslips and the nodding violet grows
Quite over canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and the eglantine.
There sleeps Titania sometimes of the night,
Lulled in these flowers with dances and delight..."

Bluebells - Fairies are called to their midnight dances by ringing these little bells.
They represent kindness and are the most potent of all Faery flowers. They are also
called "warning bells" because it is said that one who hears a bluebell ring will soon die.
They also serve to warn those who are about to travel into a bluebell glade, for these are places of
consecrated Faery magick and enchantment. On Beltane Eve, make an ankle bracelet of bluebells
and jingle bells to attract the helpful fae folk to you.

Boxwood - It can be clipped into a topiary tree and decorated for a special
Faerie events, such as a wedding.

Buttercup - This flowers' faeries help to bring compassion to humans. They bring healing
energy and understanding. Use this flower to rediscover yourself or to boost your self-esteem.

Carnation - These faeries bring deep love. They help to strengthen one's aura, and renew
one's love of life. The red ones attract faeries who heal animals.


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Cowslips - These are loved and protected by the faeries and they help one to find
hidden faerie gold. The fae use the blossoms for umbrellas.

“And I serve the Faery Queen,
To draw her orbs upon the green.
The cowslips tall her pensioners be,
In their gold coats spots you see:
Those be rubies, faery favors:
In those freckles live their savors.
I must go to seek dome dewdrops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslips’ ear.”
- Shakespeare

Edmund Canterbell wrote:
“That they do dwell within the cowslips hollow is truth,
for I have seen them fly out in intoxicated abandon.”

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Crocus - These faeries have the power to inspire love but may drain your strength
while collecting them.

Daffodil - This flower faerie is good for inner beauty. Let it help you with
meditation and clarity of thought. Daffodils are also useful for evoking faeries and elves.

Daisy - This is the best flower to use to connect to the Faeries and relaxing in a daisy bed will
help one to contact faeries, especially Dryads. Putting a daisy chain on a child is
said to prevent faeries from beguiling the child and carrying her or him away. The daisy will
also help you to awaken and use your creativity and your inner strength.

Dandelion – This flower is said to be used by the faeries for making beverages.
Forget-Me-Not - A symbol of love and devotion. The flowers also provide
protection from faeries and are said to help to unlock the secrets of the fae. If you place
forget-me-nots on the side of a mountain where fairy treasure is hidden, secret cavern walls
will open up for you.

Fountain butterfly bush

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Foxglove - (Poisonous) Folk names for foxglove include Faery Thimbles, Faery Glove,
Little Folks’ Glove, Faery Fingers, Faery Petticoats, Faery’s Cap, and Faery Weed. The name is
derived from "Little Folks' Glove" because the flowers are worn by fairies as gloves and hats and
the little flecks found on the flowers are definitely faery fingerprints. It is a favorite of
Earth Elementals. Bad luck will follow those who pick these flowers and bring them in their home.
The leaves and the plant's juice are said to grant release from faery enchantments. Planting foxglove
is an invitation to faeries to enter you garden. Plant it near your front door to invite the fae in
to your home. Wearing foxglove is a charm to attract faery energy, put a dried sprig in a talisman
to keep you surrounded by faery light.

Gardenia - These bring feelings of peace and protection. These flower faeries are very
protective of children, so plant Gardenias in places where children play, so the fae will watch over them.
These faeries will also help to increase your telepathic abilities with all nature spirits.

Heliotrope – Beloved of Fire Elementals.
Harebell - These faeries inspire honesty - the person wearing them is incapable of lying.
Hollyhock – Beloved of the fae, especially the pink ones.

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Honeysuckle - Will help to stimulate dreams and your psychic energy. These Fae will
teach you how to develop your "charms" to draw others to you.

Hyacinth - These help to restore belief. They will give you energy to overcome grief
and awaken greater gentleness.

Iris – Iris was the Greek Goddess of the rainbow, and the faeries of this flower
manifest in all of the rainbow’s colors.

Jasmine - These faeries will help to bring on peaceful dreams and clarity of the mind.
Lamb's Ear - This wooly perennial is a pet for the Faeries - normal animals are just too big!
Lavender - Where there is lavender there is great faerie activity. Faery clans like to have
many parties and lavender infused wine is one of their favorites because it promotes pure knowledge.
Lavender plants are also where the Faeries drape their clothes to dry. These faeries bring healing,
protection and help to overcome emotional blocks and the scent of lavender in the air relieves stress.
Elf leaf is another name for lavender, which is used in elfin magic.

Lilac – The scent attracts musical faeries.
Lily - These fae help one to nurture purity and humility within one's self.
Lobelia – attracts winged faeries.

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Marigold - These flower faeries know the magic of thunderstorms. They will teach you
the power of words and the mysteries of love. A jam made of marigolds that is eaten in the morning
will help you to see faeries very soon after ingesting it. The Druids believe that Marigold water,
made from the blossoms, then rubbed on the eyelids, helps one to see faeries.

Morning Glory – Repels unwanted night faeries.
Mums - They help to strengthen the life force. They will help you to express yourself more lovingly.
New York Aster
Orange-eye butterfly bush/summer lilac
Orchid - Hammarbya paludosa is known as Green Faery Orchid.

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Pansy - Attracts parades of trooping faeries and they use these flowers for making love potions.
Oberon, the faery king, used pansies in his love potion in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”:

“Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell.
It fell upon a little western flower;
Before marked white; now with purple love’s wound –
And maidens call it Love-in-idleness.
Fetch me that flower, the herb I showed thee once.
The juice of it on sleeping eyelids laid,
Will make a man or woman madly dote
Upon the next living creature that it sees.”

Periwinkle - Has the ability to inspire love. One can rekindle their love by eating the leaves.
Peony – Peonies are used as a charm to bring one dreams of faeries. Peony seeds
were once used to protect children from faeries. A garland of the seeds were placed around the child’s
neck to keep them safe from kidnappings.

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Poppies – Poppies are said to make you able to visit with the fae in your dreams.
Phlox – This flower attracts elves who oversee and guard the plants growth.
Pincushion Flower
Primrose (especially the blue and red ones) - Has the power to reveal the invisible.
Eating them will help you to see fairies. Hanging a spray of primroses on your door is said to be an
invitation to the fae to enter your home, and to draw fairy blessings; but scattering primroses outside
your door is said to keep faeries away by making a barrier that they can’t cross.Touching a Faery rock
with the right number of primroses (5) can open the pathway to the Faery realm. Beware, however, the
wrong number may open the door to a place you don't want to be. Also, if you have them growing under
your care, do not let them die! The faeries will take your carelessness as a serious offense. Primroses
make great container gardens and can be used in Faery Magick. Tie a pink ribbon around your container
while chanting:
"Sacred roses, hear my cry,
For your protection, this I tie."

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Ragwort - Used as makeshift horses by the faerie. The magick words used to make
the stems fly are, “Horse and Hattock.”

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Roses (they grow best when stolen) - Roses are very special to the Fae's sisters, the Angels.
They give you a greater sense of love and they hold the secrets of time and its exploration.
The petals can be used in Faery Magick, especially love spells. When performing the spell, sprinkle rose
petals under your feet, and dance softly upon them, while asking the faeries for their blessing on your

White roses - help to develop spiritual purity.
Red roses - Are good for love and fertility.
Pink Roses - are for new life and a symbol of a new beginning.
Yellow roses - these Fae help you to express the truth.

When planting a baby rose bush chant:
"I ask a faery from the wild
to come and tend this wee rose child.
A babe of air she thrives today,
root her soul in the Goddess' good clay.
Faeries make this twig your bower,
by your magic shall time see her flower."

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Shrubby cinquefoil
Snapdragon - Hold these flowers secretly in your hand and others will
see you as gracious and fascinating. This plant and where it grows are watched over by tiny
dragons. The faeries and spirits of this flower have connections to the energies of all dragons
and, therefore, bring great protection for all from deceit and curses.

Thistles – Thistles are also called Pixies’ Gloves, because the fae use
their tiny flowers as such.

Tulip – These faeries hold the knowledge of the hidden significance of events, people and things.
Violet - The violet is the home of the Faery Queen and, therefore, sacred to all faeries.
Picking the first violets of spring will bring one good luck, and a chance to ask the Fae to grant them
a wish to be fulfilled within the year.

White Lotus - Some believe that the white lotus flowers are nymphs in disguise.
A woman can carry this flower to counter the effect of unwanted love spells.


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Plants for a Night Garden

The goal here is to plant a garden that will attract bats, owls and crickets.
Use alba or white flowers because their iridescent colour will stand out in the darkness.
Also be sure to include some noctiflora (flowers that bloom at night), especially those
that have a strong sweet smell such as night blooming jasmine, tobacco plant,
four o'clock flowers, dame's violet, sweet rocket, and sweet woodruff. Building
a belfry will attract bats and having a compost heap will attract mice and,
therefore, owls to feed on them. So far as I know crickets aren't really
something one needs to try to attract, they're just pretty much everywhere...

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