Norse Mythology 4

"There were giants in the earth in those days." - Genesis VI, 4

Lif, Lifthrasir, & Nithog
Other Male Deities, Wizards, and Mere Mortals
Minor Female Deities, Witches, Queens and Mere Morals
What's to tell on Hel

The End of The World - Ragnarok

Fjalar - The rooster who crows to the giants to signal the beginning
of Ragnorak. Not the same being as the dwarf.

Nordic mythology foretold of how the endless feud between gods and giants
would lead to the end of the world, Ragnarok, a day of doom that would see the
end of all giants and the almost total destruchtion of the universe with them. The
tale warned that there would be a series of three terrible winters before the day of disaster,
and that on that day the seas would boil, the earth would be torn apart by quakes, all of
the forces of evil would be unleashed and the dead would rise. Surt the Fire Giant
would then ride forth form the south and join the frost and mountain giants, the
legions of dead soldiers, and the monster of the sea and land in a final battle against the gods.

However the myths predicted that after the holocaust all evil would be
destroyed and that only two sons of Odin and two of Thor would remain to
rebuild Asgard. In Yggradsil, the only remaining entity, two humans, a man
and a woman charged with repopulating the earth, would hide out until the
earth arose from beneath the waters, once again, green and fertile. And,
then the god Baldur would eventually return from the dead to lead the
world into a new and golden age.

Lif (life) - The man who survives Ragnorak (the end of the world) and helps to repopulate the earth with Lifthrasir. The two of them take shelter in the World Tree, Yggdrasil, during the holocaust that was Ragnorak.
Lifthrasir (eager for life) - The woman who survived with Lif, in the World Tree, to repopulate the earth after

Nithog (aka Nidhug) - The dragon who lived at the foot of Yggradsil gnawing at its roots and eating the corpses that washed down the river from Nastrond into the bubbling cauldron of Hverglemer.

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Other Male Deities, Royalty, Wizards, and Mere Mortals

Aegir - A god of the sea who is at once feared and worshipped by sailors. His wife is the sea goddess Ran and it is Aegir who produces sea foam via his underwater brewery. Andhrimnir - the god of cooking. Every night he slaughters the Cosmic Boar - a creature who is constantly reborn, cooks it, and feeds it to the gods. Buri ("Producer") - He is the first god. He was born of the ice by the giant cow Audumbla who uncovered him by licking through it. Immediately upon his release he began creating other gods - first Bor, then Odin - and thus began Norse Mythology. Geirrod - One of King Hrauding's sons. He kills his brother and then kills himself. Not the same as giant killed
by Thor.

Hod (aka Hodur) - The blind god.
Hoenir (aka Honir) - The God of Silence and one of the three original Aesir gods who created the world. Brother to Odin and Lothur.
Hrauding - King of the Goths.
Kvasir - His name means spittle. He was a wise man who was created form the spittle of the Aesir and Vanir gods, after their battle. He walked the world spreading his great wisdom to any who asked for it.
Lothur (Ludor) - Though he didn't exercise his rule, one of the three original Aesir gods who, along with his brothers Odin and Hoenir (or Vili) created the world.
Mani - The man who drives the chariot that carries the moon across the sky. He stole two children from Midgard (Middle Earth), Bil (waning) and Yuki, or Hjuki, (waxing). Some say that on a clear night the children in the moon can be seen as dark shapes on the moon's face, as they eternally carry a pail of water on a pole.
Mimir - A wise god sent to Vanir by the Aesir after the war between the two races.
Otter - A shape-changer.
Rostioff - The wizard who prophesied the birth of Vali and that Vali would avenge the death of Balder.
Skirmir - Frey's servant.
Skoll - A terrible wolf.
Surt - The fire god, his name means black.

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Minor Female Deities, Witches, Queens and Mere Mortals

Elli (aka Elle) - Old age in the form of an old woman. Thor wrestled with her, and lost, in a futile attempt to beat old age.
Fjorgyn (aka Jord or Earth) - She was an earth goddess and the mother of Frigga.
Gefian (giver) - A goddess of fertility who is associated with the plow.
Groa - The seeress wife of Aurvandil the Brave and mother of Svipdag. She possessed healing magic.
Gullweig (aka Gullveig) - Her name means power of gold. She was a beautiful witch who may have caused a war.
Hel (aka Hela, Hell) - The goddess of death and the underworld. She was Loki's daughter and the brother of Jormungarnd and Fenris.
Hnossa (aka Nossa) - Her name means jewel. She was so beautiful that her name could be given to whatever is precious and lovely.
Lofnheid - The daughter of the magician Reidmar.
Nanna - An Aesir goddess who died of grief and was placed on her husband's funeral pyre to burn with him. She accompanied her husband to Hel and gave gifts to Hermod to take back to Asgard. Nanna is sometimes referred to as a symbol of vegetation and fertility.
Nerthers (aka Hertha) - A north German goddess whose name means earth, a Mother Earth, worshipped as a goddess of fertility. She rode in a wagon pulled by oxen.
Norns (aka Nornir) - The Fates. The three spirits of destiny who spun a thread of life for every living being, including gods, men, giants and dwarfs. They shaped the life of each one from the first day to the last. The three sisters' names were Urd (past), Verdande (present), and Skuld (future).
Rinda (Rind) - The daughter of King Billing of the Ruthenians, mate of Odin, and mother of Vali. She was the personification of the hard-frozen rind of the earth.
Volva or Vala - The Norse word for seeress or soothsayer - not the name of anyone.

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What's to Tell on Hel

Ganglot & Ganglati - Two of Hel's slow-moving servants.
Garm - A hound who guards the gates of Hel, The Kingdom of The Dead.
Mogud - The keeper of the bridge over the Gjall River on the way to Hel.

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