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Ginnungagap, the Great Void, that preceded Creation

Ymir was fed by the milk of a cow named Audumbla who took nourishment form the
salty ice-blocks of Ginnungagap. Fom one of those blocks of ice came Buri, the
ancestor of the gods. Buri had a son, Bor, who married a giantess and the children
of this union were the Aesir gods Odin, Vili, and Ve. Eventually, these three gods had
a falling out with Ymir and killed him. All of the frost-giants, except for Bergelmir,
died in the sea of Ymir's flowing blood.

The Twelve Ruling Gods

1. Balder - Son of Odin and Frigga. He was beautiful, good and passive, the most beautiful and beloved of all the gods.
2. Bragi - The god of poetry, eloquence, and music.
3. Forseti - The god of justice and conciliation.
4. Frey (aka Lord of The Elves) - The god of the sun, rain and harvests, he was a shining god who brought fertility and prosperity to all. He is the son of Niord and Nerthus, Freya's twin.
5. Heindall (aka Rig) - The watchman of the gods. He was mysteriously born of nine mothers and Odin. He was tall and handsome,. with a dazzling smile full of sunshine. He was also called the God of Light, The Shining One, or The White God. Heindall had amazing eyesight and hearing, he was clever and had "second sight," allowing him to see into the future.
6. Iord (aka Njord) - A god of the sea and seafarers. He was also a god of fertility.
7. Odin - "The One-eyed God," "The All-Father," he was the god of wisdom and poetry and of war and death. Chief of the Aesir Gods.
8. Thor - The God of Thunder, son of Odin and Frigga. He was the strongest of the gods and had a fiery temper, but was still well loved.
9. Tyr - A god of war, a sky god, and the bravest of the gods. He was concerned with justice and with fair treaties. Tuesday is named after him.
10. Ull (aka Uller) - The winter god of skiers and snowshoes, hunting, the bow and the shield.
11. Vali - The personification of the light of lengthening days as spring approaches. He was usually represented as an archer.
12. Vidar - He was known for his silence, yet he avenged his father Odin's death.

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The Low-Down on Odin

Aspects of Odin:

Bolverk (Evil-Doer) - The name assumed by Odin when he went to Jotunheim (The Land of The Giants) to steal back "The Mead of Poetry."
Gragmrad - One of the names used by Odin.
Grim or Grimmr - "The Hooded One," another of Odin's names.
Od, Odur - May have been Odin.
Vegtam - Odin as a wanderer.

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Odin's Other Relatives and Animal Servants

Brunhilda - One of Odin's daughters. She disobeyed Odin, who punishes her by putting her to sleep and surrounding her resting place with a ring of fire. Brunhilda falls in love with her hero, Sigurd, who gives her a magic ring but abandons her. In the end Sigurd is killed and placed upon a funeral pyre. Out of grief, Brunhilda then throws herself and the ring into the fire (see Valkyries).
Freki - "Greedy." One of Odin's two wolf companions.
Geri - "Greedy." The other of Odin's wolf companions.
Hermod - The bold and brave son of Odin and Frigga.
Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) - Odin's ravens.
Grid - The giantess wife of Odin and Vidar's mother.
Ve - The brother of Odin who gave humans warmth and color.
Vili - Odin's brother who gave humans their senses and the ability to move.

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More on Thor

Thor's Off-Shoots and Charges and Those Who Gave Him a Charge

Jarmaxa - One of Thor's wives.
Magni - A son of Thor whose name means mighty. Using his strength, he rescued Thor from under a giant's leg.
Modi - The other of Thor's sons, his name means courage. He and Magni inherited Thor's hammer after Ragnarok (the end of the world).
Roskva - One of Thor's servants.
Sif - Thor's golden-haired wife and a goddess of grain and fertility.
Tanngmoist (Toothgnasher) - One of the two fierce goats that drew Thor's chariot.
Tanngrismir (Toothgrinder) - The other of Thor's fierce, chariot pulling goats.
Thialfi - Another of Thor's servants.
Thrud - Thor's daughter.

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The Three Ruling Goddesses

1. Frigga (aka Frigg, Friya, Fricka) - She was called the Earth Mother. She is associated with love, marriage, motherhood and beauty. She was portrayed as a sorceress who wears a falcon skin and is able to see into the future. Though known as a devoted wife and mother, she was also said to be a wanton woman who coveted gold, jewelry and the love of men.
2. Freya (Lady) - The goddess of love and fertility, her name means jewel. She was said to have roamed the earth searching for her "lost" husband Odur. She was also very beautiful and had a talent for witchcraft, especially magick, charms and potions. She had a warlike side and shared Odin's love of battle. Her symbol was a gold-haired boar, Hildsvini, whose brilliance allowed her to see her way in the dark . She also had a chariot pulled by two gray or black cats and a falcon skin she wore to fly away. Friday is named after her.
3. Idunn (aka Iduna) - A flaxen-haired goddess who supplied Aesir gods with apples that gave them eternal youth. She was a goddess of fertility, youth and death.

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