Norse Mythology

The Jotun (Giants)

In the beginning...

Norse Cosmology tells of Ginnungagap, the Great Void, which came before the Creation.
Ginnungagap consisted of Niflhem in the North, an area of dark and freezing fog, and Muspell
in the South, a region of fire and flame. When the frozen runoff of the North met the heat of
the south, the first living crature was formed. His name was Ymir, forefather of the race of giants.
Ymir's left armpit created the first man and woman while his feet were giving birth to a family of frost-giants.

The giants of Norse Mythology lived in Jotunheim. It is said that they were the first
living creature to inhabit the earth and that they preceded even the gods who were their
sworn enemies. The reason for this animosity was the god's fear that the giants were envious
of the power of the deities and were always trying to diminish it, though, curiously enough, there
was a lot of interracial fraternization between the two. Several of the gods were even reported to be
the offspring from these interracial minglings.

Regardless, there was a continuous conflict between the giants and their children on one
side and the various gods on the other. Man, the helpless spectator, lived in endless fear
that a widescale outbreak of hostilities would lead to a war that would destroy the entire universe.

The Jotun (Giants)

A tribe of North American Indians believes that the first humans on the planet to be a
race of gigantic Indians who were so large they made dwarfs of the mighty buffalo.
It's said that such a giant could lift a full-grown buffalo bull from the ground and
throw it over his shoulder to carry it back to his camp. A yearling would be small
enough for him to hang from his belt as a human might do with a rabbit.

The giants did whatever they pleased with no regards for consequences, for they did
not believe in Ti-ra'-wa, the all powerful one who watches over the destiny of man.
Because of this disbelief they got carried away and when Ti-ra'-was had had enough
He caused all of earth's waters to rise up untill they were level with the land.
The ground then beame soft and the giants' weight caused them to sink down into the
mud and drown. Massive bones are being found in remote parts of North America to this day.

Aegir - The Jotun lord of the sea. He was married to his sister Ran, and was the father of nine daughters, the waves, who were said to be Heindall's mother. Some say he was the brother of Loki and Kari (Air).
Baugi - Suttung's brother. Odin, disguised as a worker, kills off all nine of his field workers to get hired by him. Baugi is so impressed with Odin's work that he agrees to take him to the mountain where Gunlod, Suttung's daughter, is guarding The Mead of Poetry.
Beli - Brother of Gerda, Frey's true love. Beli challenged Frey and killed him with a stag's horn (he'd given his magic sword as the Bride Price for Gerda's hand).
Bergelmir - Ymir's grandson and the son of Thrudgelmi. He and his wife were the only giants to survive Ymir's death (they rode in a hollowed out tree trunk, the first boat). Bergelmir and his wife then repopulated the races of giants and ogres in Jotunheim (see above).
Eggther - Watchman for the giants.
Eldir (Man of Fire) - He was one of Aegir's servants.
Fimafeng - Aegir's servant whose name means The Swift.
Gang - A storm giant who had piles of gold.
Geirrod - A giant killed by Thor (see "Meet Loki").
Gerda (aka Gerd) - The daughter of Gymir and Angerbod,(the ogress wife of Loki) and Beli's sister, her name means Enclosed Field. She was the personification of Winter, dying with the emergence of Spring's warmth and being reborn with the chilling breath of Fall.
Gialp (aka Gjalp) - One of Geirrod's daughters who was killed while trying to do in Thor (see "Meet Loki"), her name means Howler.
Greip (Grasper) - Gialp's sister who was also slain while trying to kill Thor. (see
"Meet Loki").
Grid - Odin's giantess wife and the mother of their son, Vidar.
Gunlod (aka Gunnlod) - The giantess who guarded The Mead of Poetry.
Hrimgrimnir (Rune Mask) - The giant who personifies the cruel cold of northern Winters.
Hrimthurs - The tall man, who was the giant in disguise, who offered to rebuild the wall around Asgard in 18 months. (see "Meet Loki").
Hrungnir - He was the strongest of the giants, being described as large and having a head made of stone.
Hrym - The frost giant who stood at the helm of the ship made of dead men's nails, Naglfar, that headed towards the battlefields of Ragnorak.
Hugi (thought) - A young giant who had the physical speed of thought.
Hymir (Dark One) - A sea giant who owned a giant cauldron that the gods wanted for brewing their ale.

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Hyndla - The giantess that Freya visited to find out her lover's lineage.
Hyakkin - The giantess who launched Balder's funeral pyre, the longship Ringhor, by way of an enormous wolf whom she guided with serpents as the reins.
Idi - The storm giant son of Olvaldi. Upon his death he passed his inheritance on to his own sons.
Laufey (Tree Island) - The giantess mother of Loki.
Logi (Flame) - The young giant who beat Loki in an eating contest with his fire-like ability to consume anything and everything rapidly.
Naglfari (Darkling) - The giant who became Nott'sfirst husband and fathered their son Aud.
Narfi - The Jotun father of Nott.
Nott (Night) - The giantess to whom the gods gave a chariot with which to ride through the heavens, along with Dellng (Day), her third husband. She was also married to Naglfari and then to Annar (Another), with whom she parented

Olvaldi - A Jotun who had more gold than could be weighed, he left it to his three sons, Thiazzi, Idi and Gang.
Ran (Robber) - Aeger's wife.
Skode (aka Skadi) - the daughter of Thiazzi and the wife of Niord, her name means Destruction. She is also the goddess of Winter, skiers and hunters.
Akrymir (aka Vasty and Utgard) - Kown as Loki of The Outer World, he had a reputation for being the strongest and most cunning of all the giants, though he was actually Loki in disguise. The personification of the devil, his name means Big Fellow.
Suttung (Heavy With Broth) - A giant who died pursuing Odin (see "Meet Loki").
Thiazzi (aka Tjasse) - A powerful storm giant.
Thrym - The king of frost giants.
Ymir (Confused Noise) - The first of the Jotuns. He was formed out of ice and fire at the beginning of time, nourished by the first cow and grew to be enormous (see above).

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