A tribe of North American Indians believes that the first humans on the planet to be a race of gigantic Indians who were so large they made dwarfs of the mighty buffalo. It's said that such a giant could lift a full-grown buffalo bull from the ground and throw it over his shoulder to carry it back to his camp. A yearlign would be small enough for him to hang from his belt as a human might do with a rabbit.

The giants did whatever they pleased with no regards for consequences, for they did not believe in Ti-ra'-wa, the all powerful one who watches over the destiny of man. Because of this disbelief they got carried away and when Ti-ra'-was had had enough He caused all of earth's waters to rise up untill they were level with the land. The ground then beame soft and the giants' weight caused them to sink down into the mud and drown. Massive bones are being found in remote parts of North America to this day.


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