Painting by Cebarre


Direction: West
Time: Twilight
Season: Autumn
Faeries: Undines, Sirens & Naiads
Animals: All fish & Marine Life
Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Pisces & Scorpio
Colors: Blue, Blue-Green, Gray, Indigo, Aquamarine & White
Tools: Chalice
Oils: Lemon, Lily of the Valley & Camphor
Gods: Ahto, Osiris, Manannan, Neptune, Poseidon & Varuna
Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Mari, Tiamot, Vellamo, Ran & Kupala
Rulership: Emotions, feelings, love & sorrow. The subconscious & unconscious minds. The womb, fertility and menstruation. Cleansing & purification. Oceans, lakes, tide pools, rain, springs and wells.

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Elemental Symbols

Greek God: Posiedon Roman God: Neptune, god of Water; Rhea, Goddess who flows.
Plants: Lotus is the traditional plant of Water. Itís roots are in Water and its purity suggests the action of Water in lustration.
Stones: Beryl = pure translucent blue of Elemental Water.
Perfumes: Omycha = Water in the incense of Moses (hard to find), or Myrrh is an acceptable substitute.

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Spells & Rituals

I haven't found any spells or rituals specific to working Water Magick, just yet. So, in the meantime, just use the above correspondences to create your own :).