The meanings of symbols vary from culture to culture, religion to religion, and person to person.
The meanings here are by no means comprehensive. In order to discover what a symbol signifies for you,
spend time meditating upon it. For what it means to you may be different than what it means to someone else.



Anchor Animals Ankh Apple Arrow

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Bag or Sack Banner Barley Bee Beehive Birds Black Blue Brown Bull Butterfly

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Caduceus Cave Chariot Cherub Chimney Circle Clouds Cord Crab Crocodile Cross Crossroads Crow Crown Cube

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Dog Dolphin Dove Dragon

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Eagle Egg Eight Eleven Eye

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Fire Fish Five Forest Forty Four Fox Fruit

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Garden Goat Gold Goose Grapes Gray Green

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Hands Hare Harp Heart Hermaphrodite Heron Hexagon Horse Honey

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Indigo Iris Ivy

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Labyrinth Ladder Leaf Lemniscate Light Lightning Lily Lyre

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Owl Ox

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Palm Tree Pentacle Pentagrammaton (YHSVH – Yud Heh Shin Vahv Heh) Pentagon Pentagram Pig Pillars Pine Cone Pink Pomegranate Purple

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Rain Rainbow Ram Rebis Red River Road Rocks Rose

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Salamander Scales Scorpion Seven Shell Shield Ship Sickle Silver Six Snow Sphinx Spider Spiral Square Staff Stag Stairs Star Star of David Stork Storm Sun Swan (White)

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Ten Tetragrammaton (YHVH – Yud Heh Vahv Heh) Thirteen Three Tiger Tower Tree Triangle Trident Twelve Two

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Unicorn Unicorn’s Eye

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Vesica Vessels Violet, the color

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Water Wheat Wheel White Wolf Wreath

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Zero Zodiac

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Anchor – an early Christian symbol of salvation that was substituted for the cross when necessary. It also represents stability, security, hope an good luck. See Cross.

Animals – in general, they represent nature, instincts and the subconscious self. Specifically, they represent the qualities that are uniquely their own. Also see Animal Totems.

Ankh – Egyptian name for a looped dross meaning “life” or “hand mirror.” The ankh represents life, the universe, regeneration, love, resurrection and immortality. It also represent the union of the masculine principle (the staff) with the feminine principle (the closed loop).

Apple – the apple represents forbidden knowledge, earthly desires, evil, untransformed power, magick (the fruit of eternal life), witchcraft, faeries, love, passion and the pentacle. See Fruit.

Arrow – energy, solar rays, divine power and a phallic symbol of creative energy.

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Bag or Sack – the vessel, a container of wisdom, inspiration and transformation.

Banner – freedom from material bondage, victory, self-assertion. The banner heightens spiritual significance.

Barley – fruitfulness and fertility.

Bee – industry, diligence, creative activity, productivity, orderliness, discipline. Also see Animal Totems.

Beehive – a pious, and unified community. Center of industriousness and creativity.

Birds - in general, the soul, messengers to the Gods and thoughts and aspirations in flight. Also see Animal Totems.

Black – Death, destruction, humiliation, beginnings, banishing, hexing, cleansings and scrying into hidden souls. When paired with white, the polarity of negation, inertia and darkness. Also see Color Magick.

Blue – Heaven, contemplation, godliness, spiritual qualities, luminosity, inspiration, the unconscious, darkness made visible, fidelity, devotion and religious feeling. Quabalistic meaning: mercy. Also see Color Magick.

Brown – the earth, spiritual death, degradation and renunciation of the world. Money, business, home-hunting and earth rituals. Also see Color Magick.

Bull – fecundity, regeneration and brute strength. Also see Animal Totems.

Butterfly – Resurrection and rebirth and the attraction to light. Ancients regarded it as a symbol of the soul. Also see Animal Totems.

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Caduceus – a wand or staff with two snakes entwined with it, topped with a winged helmet, a ball of light, or fire. It represent spiritual enlightenment and illumination, transformation of consciousness. A symbol of healing, the emblem of physicians. The Greek messenger god, Hermes, who also escorted souls to Hades, carried an olive wood caduceus of immortality, the shaft represented power, the snakes represented wisdom, the wings represented diligence and the helmet represented high thoughts, overall it represented immortality.

- To the Romans: the wand represented earth, the snakes represented air and water, the wings represented air, and the tip of fire represented fire. In Freemasonry: the balance between the negative and positive, the fixed and the volatile, and the continuity and decay of life.

Cave – the womb, containment, the unconscious, the center, embryonic development, inner transformation.

- To Jung: the security and impregnability of the unconsciousness.

Chariot – solar symbol of the Divine power in motion. Triumph and glory. To Plato, the human soul; one horse of good stock, the other of bad – the good horse represented the higher elements in humankind’s mind, the bad horse represented human vices. By working with the good horse, the charioteer could subdue the bad one. In Jungian psychology it represents the self: the chariot represents the body, the reins, willpower and intelligence and the horses represent the life force.

Cherub – youth, life and the innocence of childhood. Also see Angel Magick and Angels.

Chimney – access to heaven.

Circle – oneness, completion, perfection, the cosmos, the ever-renewing cycle of life, the sun, the Self, the totality of the psyche and the process of individuation. Sacred Circles represent protection against evil or negative forces or beings; that within is protected from that without. See Wheel.

Clouds – the unseen God and Divine omnipotence.

Cord – incarnate life, that which binds the soul to the body. Tied around the waist, the cord has associations with the circle and the Ouroboros.

Crab – a creature of dreams, existing both in the waters of the unconscious and the land of the consciousness. Also see Animal Totems.

Crocodile –as an inhabitant of both land and water, it represents fecundity (earth) and the power of the unconscious (water). In general, it represents destruction and fury, as well as knowledge. Also see Animal Totems.

Cross – a world axis at the mystic Center, its predominant meaning is the conjunction of opposites; the binding together of Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter. It also symbolizes the way in which the soul reaches God, thus it often represents suffering and agony. The Christian Cross represents Christ’s passion and sacrifice for humankind; To the Rosicrucians, it represents the dual aspects of human beings and the body and spirit. As the Mystical Swastika ( ) (of which the Nazi Swastika ( ) is a perversion and, therefore, represents black magick), it represents the solar wheel; in esoteric philosophy it is the equilibrium of opposing forces; the Greek cross (+) represents the church; in the shape of a T (Egyptian), it equals the near-equilibrium of opposing forces; in the Old Testament it is the Latin Cross = U. The Solar Cross = +. The Celtic Cross = W and .

Crossroads – change and the union of opposites. To Jung – mother, the object of all union.

Crow – prophetic vision, creative power, spiritual strength, beginnings and solitude. Also see Animal Totems.

Crown – preeminence, divinity, spiritual illumination, light, victory over sin and death, proximity to God (the highest spiritual achievement). To Jung, the quintessential symbol of reaching the highest goal of eternal life, thus it represents victory over the Self and the material.

Cube – in alchemy, the salt cube represents earth; in the Quabalah, it represents the manifest universe and the fraternal lodge.

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Dog – fidelity, guardianship and obedience. Companion to humans and guide to the Underworld. Also see Animal Totems.

Dolphin – resurrection, salvation and, especially, the Christian soul. Also see Animal Totems.

Dove – the soul, the Holy Ghost, purity and peace. Also a symbol of Sophia, the Gnostic god of wisdom. Also see Animal Totems.

- In Hebrew thought, wisdom forms the triune nature of God, together with the Father and the Word.

Dragon – evil, the Devil, dark forces, temptation and Elemental Earth. See Serpent. Also see Animal Totems and Dragon Magick.

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Eagle – renewal, regeneration, the spirit in the sun’s full light and imagination. Also see Animal Totems.

- In alchemy = the volatile spirit.

Egg – the cosmos, the Earth, the seat of the soul and life. The archetypal feminine of world creation. - The cosmic egg is symbolized by both a black and white egg and an egg entwined with a snake. It represents the container of opposites, light and dark, life and death, and heaven and earth.

- The Easter egg is a Christian symbol of immortality.

Eight – regeneration, spiritual illumination and never-ending cycles of the cosmos. Also see Numerology.

- In Quabalism, the perfect intelligence and the number value of the Tetragrammaton. See Lemnicate and Spiral.

Eleven – sin, transgression, excess, instability and imperfection. Also see Numerology.

Eye – as a solar symbol it represents the divine all-seeing attributes, protection against dark forces, disease and misfortune. The Egyptians used a highly stylized eye of the god Horus called the udjat eye, as an amulet against evil and to ensure their rebirth in the Underworld.

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Fire – spiritual energy and purification. In its good attributes, imitative of the illumination and vital energy of the sun; negatively, the destroyer. Passing through fire represents transcendence from the mundane into the spiritual. Also see Elemental Magick.

Fish – the unconscious, the spirit, the life-force and fecundity. In Christianity, Christ and the spirit of Christ. Also see Animal Totems.

Five – the microcosm. In alchemy, the quintessence. In Quabalism, fear. See Pentacle and Pentagram. Also see Numerology.

Forest – the unconscious. Dark, mysterious, unknown territory, inhabited by unfamiliar and possibly dangerous beings. Unfettered and wild growth.

Forty – initiation and trial, especially spiritually. Also see Numerology.

Four – foundation, stability, solidity, the square, the elements of nature, the earth, the four arms of the cross, rational and logical achievement, hard work and the human body. In Quabalism, the four worlds, the four directions of space and the four levels of hierarchy in the Torah. Also see Numerology.

Fox – cunning, shrewdness and guile. In Christianity, the Devil. Also see Animal Totems.

Fruit – in general, fertility and the abundance of nature. The Goddess and her symbols on growing things.

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Garden – the conscious. Controlled, orderly growth in the sun’s light.

Goat – sinners, the damned and the Devil. Also see Animal Totems.

Gold – See Yellow. Also see Color Magick.

Goose – descent into hell and the soul of the dead in flight to the Underworld. The universal aspect of the soul, able to go anywhere. Bird of Hermes. Companion to Witches that represents magick and nature. It also represents providence and vigilance. Also see Animal Totems.

Grapes – fertility, red or purple = sacrifice and blood; as the source of wine = pleasure.

Gray – mourning, neutrality, penitence and humility. In Christianity, death of the body and immortality of the spirit. Quabbalistically, wisdom. Also see Color Magick.

Green – fecundity, fruitfulness, harmony, youthfulness, prosperity, energy, magick and the supernatural, the half-way point of the spiritual journey, growth and good harvest. In the Quabalah, victory. Also see Color Magick.

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Hands – the right hand = masculine, positive, active forces (including intellect, reason and creativity). The left hand = feminine, negative and passive forces (including intuition, emotion, psychic nature and fecundity). Thus, which hand holds an object in a Tarot card image has a lot to do with that card’s meaning.

Hare – in general, fecundity and procreation, a frequent companion of the Goddess To the Gnostics and Algonquians, the creator of the material world. To Egyptians, definition of the concept of being. To Hebrews, uncleanliness. To Christians, lust, but also those who surrender themselves to Christ. In medieval allegory, fleetness of foot and diligence. Also see Animal Totems.

Harp – an instrument of divine music and a bridge between heaven and earth. See Swan.

Heart – center of the body, the mystic Center of love and illumination, the center of eternity. The source of emotions, courage, understanding, sorrow and happiness. Flaming, religious fervor.

- With an arrow through it, contrition, repentance and devotion under extreme trial.

- Flaming with an arrow through it, God’s guidance. Carried by a saint = love and piety.

- With a cross, the replacement of one’s heart with that of Christ.

- In alchemy, the sun center of man, and therefore, light and intellect.

- To the ancients, the seat of intelligence.

Hermaphrodite – See Rebis.

Heron – generation of life, patience, silence, speed, secrecy and solitude. Also see Animal Totems.

Hexagon – a six-pointed star formed by the union of two triangles. It represents the union of opposites, specifically, the mystical union of masculine and feminine principles. Sometimes called the Seal of Solomon, as which it represents the human soul.

Horse – instinct, intense desire, lust, uncontrollable instinctual drives arising from the unconscious. The physical body, especially in terms of health. Powers of clairvoyance. Power and motion of solar energies. An omen of death, carrier of sols of the dead to the Underworld. As Pegasus, a vehicle of consciousness, especially in flights to higher levels. Also see Animal Totems.

Honey – represents sweetness and religious eloquence. Manna; the elixer of life.

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Indigo – advanced spiritual qualities or wisdom, psychic faculties and intuition. Also see Color Magick.

Iris – purity. See Lily. Also see Faery Garden.

Ivy – fidelity, immortality, attachment, undying affection and a force in need of protection. Also see Faery Garden.

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Key – passport to knowledge, the unconscious, spiritual realms, immortality and the act of discovery.

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Labyrinth – death and rebirth, the mystical Center. An ancient and complex symbol of two basic types: unicursal, with one path in and out that doesn’t retread the same ground, and multicursal, with several choices of paths meant to confuse and mislead (in this form it represents secrecy. At the heart of it lies the Grail or the Absolute; death is experienced on the way in and rebirth on the way out. See Spiral.

Ladder – a means of access between planes of being or levels of consciousness, by which the human soul can transcend physical reality and reach the Absolute. Also confers communication between humanity and the Divine, allowing the Divine to descend to earth as well as allowing mankind to reach upward. In initiation, the rungs, always number 7 or 12, depending on the degrees of the initiate or the increasing powers of consciousness, attained through knowledge and realization. Also provides a passage between earth and the Underworld.

Leaf – fertility and regeneration. Green and lush = prosperity, abundance and well-being; Dry and brittle = diminution and withering away and dead or dying. The number of leaves on a plant can carry number symbolism. See Pentacle and Rose. Also see Faery Garden.

Lemniscate – a sideways 8. It represents eternity, infinity, regeneration, the Holy Spirit, infinite wisdom, higher consciousness. The alpha and omega, with no beginning and no end. It’s serpentine shape = the endless spiraling and balancing of opposing forces in the universe.

Light – spirit, spiritual strength and morality.

Lightning – Divine power, revelation. As a type of spiral = fertility and the generative force. See Spiral.

Lily – purity, sweetness and virginity. In Christianity, life. See Circle and Serpent. Also see Faery Garden.

Lyre - an instrument of divine music and a bridge between heaven and earth. See Swan.

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Owl – death, forces of darkness, night, passivity and wisdom. Also see Animal Totems.

Ox – the earth, self-sacrifice, patience, submissiveness, cosmic forces and lunar associations. See Moon Magick. Also see Animal Totems.

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Palm Tree – triumph, victory, fecundity and the anima. Also see Faery Trees and Tree Magick.

Pentacle – a five pointed star with one point upwards (the dominion of intelligence and mind over the forces of man’s lower nature. The five senses, four elements + spirit, the five points of man); the five wounds of Christ on the cross. An occult tool, powerful with the protective creative powers. Reversed = the infernal and man’s lower nature. See Rose.

- History of: In Greece it was the symbol of Demeter’s daughter Kore, the Goddess of vegetation and the fruits of the field, because an apple core contains a pentagram composed of five seeds. Today gypsies call the apple “the Star of Knowledge.” Pythagorean mystics honored the pentacle, which they called “Pentalpha,” because it consists of five interwoven alphas, the Greek letter “A” that represents birth and beginnings. In Egypt a pentagram represented the great underground womb of Mother Earth. The Celtic Tribes also saw it as a symbol of the Goddess of the Underworld, Morgan. In Babylon the pentacle was an amulet of protection and healing. In Judeo-Christian Traditions the pentacle was the first of the Seven Seals, that represented the secret name of God, and King Solomon wore a pentacle on his ring as a symbol of his power to work with magick. Among the old European tribespeople the pentacle represented the Horned God, a shape shifter with five manifestations: human, bull, ram, goat and stag. The Celtic Hero Gawain had a pentacle inscribed on his shield for protection.

- As a Key Symbol in the Craft; the Witch’s Mandala: The star is always drawn with one continuous stroke with one point upright. This resembles the continuous outline of the human body and the cycle of birth-death-rebirth. Human Body: top = the head; the top left and right points = the two arms; the bottom left and right points = the two legs; the center = the mystic center where all points cross. Life Cycle: the center = the eternal soul. Five Senses: the channels for earthly knowledge to enter the mind. The center = the sixth sense, deep unconsciousness, or ethereal connection of each human with the All or Higher Self.

- The Circle around the Star = the totality of all intelligence. It is the sign for the God and Goddess, the fullness of cosmic intelligence. The circle pulls in light and directs it toward the center along it many radii.

- The Star reflects and refracts light and that light carries information. When made of silver, it draws in light just as the moon does, retaining all the rays except those reflected as silver. When made of gold, it draws in and carries the strength of the sun.

- Wearing a Pentacle allows one to constantly draw down and in the power of the moon or sun found in light. The Circle is the never-ending, perfect intelligence that fills the universe and runs down the arms of the star, inward to the human body, uniting All That Is and the individual in perfect wisdom. Such is the ideal. Of course, no6t every Witch fully realizes the ideal in their life. We must cooperate with the power of the pentacle, allowing its power to shape our consciousness through meditation upon its mystical meanings and seeking within it the universal wisdom.

- The pentacle always brings wisdom and protection to whoever wears it. The pentacle represe3nts perfect wisdom, it’s as much a path as it is the source and goal of our lives.

Pentagrammaton (YHSVH – Yud Heh Shin Vahv Heh) – the union of divine masculinity and femininity by way of the Holy Spirit. Any savior must be this five-letter name. Pronounced in Hebrew, translate to English = Joshua, pronounced in Greek, translated to English = Jesus. Anyone can come to hold this title. The process described her is that of each of us much find our own union with the Divinity. We can not have a vicarious atonement (find connection with the Divine through another). Each of us must be our own savior, our own messiah.

Pentagon – wholeness and the microcosm. See Circle, Five and Pentacle.

Pentagram – an inscribed pentacle.

Pig – companion and guide to the archetypal figures of hero, king and magician, the link between body and mind, earth and air. Also see Animal Totems.

Pillars – One = the world axis or World Tree, the central pole that runs through and connects the three worlds of heaven, earth and the underworld. Twin, of black and white = the Quabalistic Jachin and Boaz. Jachin, the white = the positive principle of life and light, Boaz the black = the negative principle of passivity and darkness. Pillars also represent the ceremonial chamber.

Pine Cone – a phallic symbol. The creative, generative force, fecundity and good fortune. A type of spiral.

Pink – the mystic heart Center and love. Also see Color Magick.

Pomegranate – Persephone, Ceres, Demeter, Kore, Proserpine, the Goddess who in Greek mythology emerged from Hades every spring to return to the earth for six months. Represents rejuvenation, resurrection and fertility. The many seeds within it represent the multiplicity contained within Oneness.

Purple – royalty, imperial power, pomp, pride, truth and justice. In pagan rites, Underworld deities. In Christianity, humility and penitence. Also see Color Magick.

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Rain – fertilizing forces, purification, the descent of spiritual forces to earth. See Water. Also see Elemental Magick.

Rainbow – the bridge between heaven and earth, the Greek Goddess Isis, messenger to Hera the wife of Zeus.

Ram – strength, victory over obstacles and dark or negative forces. Also see Animal Totems.

Rebis – In alchemy.html">alchemy, the Androgyny, a two-headed human being. The union of opposites to attain unity or wholeness, thus it is the Philosopher’s stone, the attainment of enlightenment.

Red – blood, life-force, lust, eroticism, anger, passion, sensuality, materialism, animal life, human animalistic nature, courage, willpower, faith and strength. Quabalistically, severity. Also see Color Magick.

River – the passage of time, loss and oblivion.

Road – The spiritual journey. See Crossroads.

Rocks – solidity and firmness.

Rose – victory, pride, triumphant love, erotic love, the mystic Center of the heart. One = consummate achievement, white = purity or victory, red = blood or martyrdom, Dante’s white = joy and regenration. Rosicrusianism = the unity of the dualistic principles of the physical and the spirit and humankind. The Pentacle. Also see Faery Garden and Plant Magick.

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Salamander – a mythical lizard that lives in fire and has the powers of alchemical transmutation. Also see Fire Fae

Scales – equilibrium, balance and immanent justice.

Scorpion – evil and treachery. Also see Animal Totems.

Seven – mystical man, the perfect order, the macrocosm, the highest stage of illumination, the psychic, luck and religion. In Hebrew, occult intelligence. Also see Numerology.

Shell – the feminine principle, the unconscious, fertility and the moon.

Shield – spiritual defense and protection, the protection of the feminine principle. Round, see Circle.

Ship – vehicle of the soul through the water of the unconscious. Carrier of the souls of the dead. In the mystic journey, the key vehicle that transports the old (dead) spirit to the land of rebirth. See Harp and Swan.

Sickle – mortality and death.

Silver – psychic qualities. Lunar power and magick. Luna, “the affections purified,” of alchemy. The feminine principle of the cosmos. Protection against dark forces. Also see Color Magick.

Six – equilibrium, harmony, balance, health, union of opposites. Christian = perfection, for God created the world in six days. Quabalism = creation and beauty. Also see Numerology.

Snow – purity and spiritual qualities.

Sphinx – power, the mysterious and enigmatic, wisdom, vigilance, strength and royal dignity. To Egyptians, the four elements and the combined physical, intellectual, natural and spiritual powers incarnate in the pharaoh. With a human head = the union of physical and intellectual powers and the human spirit subduing anima instincts. Also see Mythical Creatures.

Spider – skill, creativity, aggression, the ceaseless alternation of building and destroying, life and death. The weaver of time and space, it sits in the center of the web of the universe. Christian = misers, evil-doers, the Devil. The web = human frailty. Also see Animal Totems.

Spiral – waxing/waning, cyclical powers of the cosmos. Growth, evolution, flexibility. The need for change.

Square – firmness, solidity, organization, becoming whole, secured, stabilized, the four elements, the four seasons, and the four quarters.

Staff – support and a branch of the Tree of Life.

Stag – regeneration, renewal, Tree of Life, messenger of the gods, heaven and spiritual light. Christian = solitude, piety and purity of life. Also see Animal Totems.

Stairs – connections between different worlds or different levels of consciousness. Descending, provide access to the Underworld or unconscious. Ascending, reach heaven or higher spiritual consciousness.

Star – the spirit, especially in its struggle against dark forces. A light in the darkness, or the light within. The celestial realms.

Star of David – In alchemy, salt, the union of fire and water, the permanent coming together of the Above and the Below.

Stork – herald of good news, birth, spring, and an emblem of travelers. Also see Animal Totems.

Storm – the creative power, especially sacred. Fertilization. See Lightning.

Sun – spiritual illumination. A masculine symbol, heroic and courageous force and the creative principle.

Swan (White) – with a harp and death ship, the mystic journey. The mystic Center. Self-sacrifice, the complete satisfaction of desire, the union of opposites. Greek mythology, the companion of Apollo, god of music. In alchemy, the volatile spirit. Also see Animal Totems.

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Ten – the number of perfection, the cosmos, the law. The container of all things. Quabalistically, divine support, the mystic return to unity. Also see Numerology.

Tetragrammaton (YHVH – Yud Heh Vahv Heh) – Yud = the archetypal masculinity; Heh (superior) = archetypal femininity; Vahv = physical masculinity; Heh (inferior) = physical femininity. The Tetragrammaton signifies the ultimate Godhead’s secret that the Divine is the union of all dualities, both physical and spiritual. The Divine is the source of all that is beyond comprehension except for the ways in which the Godhead chooses to be understood.

Thirteen – Christian = unlucky, the betrayal of Christ. Pagan, lucky, the number of full moons in a year and the traditional number of a coven. Also see Numerology.

Three – the generative force, creative power, forward movement. The totality of beginning, middle an end. Christian = the Holy Trinity: God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In Quabalism, the trinity of masculine, feminine, and the uniting intelligence. Wiccan: the Maiden, Mother and Crone. See Triangle and Tripod. Also see Numerology.

Tiger – cruelty, wrath, darkness of the soul, the defender against the forces of chaos. Also see Animal Totems.

Tower – the process of ascent, or the construction of the World of Forms. The height and integrity of the structure depend on its foundation. Also see Tarot Magick.

Tree – the inexhaustible life of the cosmos, the center of the world and universe. Links the three spheres of all creation. As the provider of shelter and the home of various creatures, the Goddess or Mother Nature. Christian = Cross of Redemption. Also see Faery Trees and Tree Magick.

Triangle – with one tip up, fire, the masculine principle, the Trinity, the upward aspiration of all things to the Source, vision, seeking and planning. Inverted, water and the feminine principle. Inverted with the tip cut off, earth.

Trident – three-fold sin or hostility, the infernal opposite of the Holy Trinity. Symbol of Neptune, the Greek god of the sea and the unconscious.

Twelve – the cosmic order. Also see Numerology.

Two – duality, opposites, balance, the dawn of something new in the consciousness. In alchemy, the conjunction of opposites. In Quabalism, wisdom and self-consciousness. In Christianity, the dualistic God-Human nature of Christ and the horns of the Devil. Also see Numerology.

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Unicorn – purity (especially in the sense of great temptation), feminine chastity, the word of God, and, sometimes, Christ. Also see Mythical Creatures.

Unicorn’s Eye – two crescent moons set point to point with a dot in the middle. It represents the White Sun’s opposite, the Black Moon. The black moon spews forth black flames that consume our spiritual energy, but if that energy is sublimated it will help one to become more powerful and lead a supernatural life (this requires complete surrender to its energies). Also see Mythical Creatures.

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Vesica – an ellipse, resembles the vulva as a symbol of creation. The equilibrium, the interpenetration between heaven and earth and between spirit and matter. The opening to the void.

Vessels – in general, feminine symbols of generation, regeneration, or alchemical transmutation.

Violet, the color – religious devotion, sanctity, temperance, knowledge, sorrow, grief, old age, wisdom and mourning. Christian, love and truth or passion and suffering. Quabalistically, foundation. Also see Color Magick.

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Water – the unconscious, intuition, emotion, the psychic, the medium for formulating messages from the unconscious. A feminine symbol that represents life-giving and generative principles. Also see Elemental Magick.

Wheat – bounty of the earth, fruit of the Goddess’s womb. Christian – body of Christ.

Wheel – divine power, the eternal turning. The sun, a source of spiritual illumination. Equilibrium of contrasting forces. See Circle.

White – purity, innocence, joy, light, life. Paired with black = the polarity of light and illumination. Also see Color Magick.

Wolf – valor, guardianship, wild energy, instincts, evil. Also see Animal Totems.

Wreath – nature, and by extension, the Goddess. Eternal life, teh circle of life. See Circle.

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Yellow – glory, fruitfulness, goodness, wisdom, illumination, light, intellect, generosity, and vision. Also see Color Magick.

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Zero – nothingness, the unmanifest, the cosmic egg. Also see Numerology.

Zero is where the real fun starts,
There's too much counting everywhere else.
- Hafiz

Zodiac – circular shape = continuity, wholeness, oneness, perfection, and other attributes of the circle and the wheel, renewal and birth. A wheel of life, being divided into 12 units that are represented by the constellations, each of which = a stage in one’s life or spiritual journey. Also see Astrological Magick.

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