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Healing Invocation to the Goddess Heart's Ease Tarot Spell
For more spells to mend a broken heart, cure sorrow and change your mood,
see Banishing Negativity

A Candle Spell for Health

You will need 1 white candle to represent yourself, and 3 red candles.

During a waxing moon, place the candles on your altar so that the red
ones are surrounding the white one then light the white candle and say,
“This candle is lit for me to see the health and strength that comes to me!”
Light the red candles while saying,
“Here is health and strength by three and this is drawn into my body.
Health and strength now come to me, as I do wish, so mote it be!”
Move the red candles a little closer to the white candle and visualize how
you will look, feel, and what you will do when you have regained your health
and vitality. Extinguish the candles after approximately ten min. and repeat
this process for 7 days. The red candles should be resting against the white
candle on the 7th day.

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Changing a Dark Mood

If you find your self caught in the midst of a dark mood that you can’t shake,
try this spell. While holding a cup filled with water, speak all the dark
thoughts that come up into the water. Continue doing this until you can’t
think of anything more to say. Pour the water out into a river or onto some
dirt, thus allowing the Earth to take your dark mood away. Then, holding a
second cup of water, speak all of your gratitudes. Start by thanking the Earth
for taking your dark mood away. Continue until you cannot think of anything more
to say. Then slowly drink the water, visualizing the great things that you have
spoken flowing into your life in abundance.

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Day Lily Spell to Cure Sorrow

The day lily was grown in ancient China, but not in the flower garden.
It was grown in the vegetable garden where it was prized for its delicate
flavor. There is an added benefit to eating day lilies: It causes the kind
of forgetfulness that cures all sorrow. To do this, pick the unopened buds,
pinch off the ends, pull out the stamens and arrange them around your favorite
dip for a blessing of an appetizer. Or, take buds and unopened flowers, plucked
off stamens, and stir-fry them for just a couple of minutes until they are soft.
If you like, sliver the part between the root and outer stem and add as water
chestnuts, serving over rice.

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Druidic Order of the Whole Oak Spell of Healing

Three are the colors associated with the Celtic Goddess Brighid:
White for the white cows of Boann, her mother, and for the White mare of the Otherworld;
red and white for the red-eared dogs of the Otherworld;
and black, red, and white for the cat, the snake, and the oystercatcher

According to Druidic tradition, black, red and white are the original colors of creation
and of the Goddess.

When healing is needed, three lengths of white, red, and black wool may be passed through
the smoke of a sacred fire or dipped in sacred water.

Sacred fire is fire that has
either been kindled using a crystal and the concentrated rays of the sun; kindled by
friction or by flint and steel, or gathered from a lightning strike.
Sacred water
is wild water from a stream, from a holy well, from beyond the ninth wave of the ocean,
or water exposed to the light of the Full Moon or of the Sun on a holy day.

The lengths of wool are twined together and tied with nine knots. Then they may be tied
about a wound or about the neck or a limb of one who needs healing. As the knots are tied
in the wool, the following charm, or any healing charm of ancient tradition, may be recited.
“May you repel every ill, every ill wish, every evil.
As this thread goes round thee may you be well forever.
In the name of Brighid, in the name of the Three,
in the name of all powers together.
Power of air be with you, power of fire, power of storm.
Power of Moon be with you, power of sun, power of star.
Power of sea be with you, power of Earth, power of stone.
I appeal to Brighid to cast off every harm."

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Healing Invocation to the Goddess
To heal a grieving heart.

Mother, I kneel at your altar today,
For comfort and healing, I now pray.
I light a candle so you’ll impart
Your loving essence to lift my hear.
So many are hurting, so many cry,
And so many are left to wonder why.
Now, dear Mother, I call to you,
When blessings seem so far and few,
Please, comfort those in unbearable pain,
Let them know their losses are not in vain.
Touch their hearts and hold them tight,
And wrap them in your loving light!
Mother, with your tender care,
Bless your children everywhere!

Brigid, please send your healing flame,
To burn away their grief and pain!

Isis, come, on wings of light,
Sustain them through their endless night!

Kuan Yin, attend and dry their tears,
Your peace descend to calm their fears!

Persephone, welcome those with love,
Who have come to join you up above!

For more Goddess Invocations.

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Heart's Ease Tarot Spell
For more Tarot Spells.

To ease your hurting heart, place the Ace of Cups, the Four of Swords,
and the World card from your favorite deck onto a blue cloth. Place a
white jar candle, a hematite stone, and some rosemary incense around the
cards. Turn on some soothing music, and light the incense and the candle,
chanting, “Safe, soft, simple,” over and over until you feel sleepy. Lie
down and nap for a couple of hours. Upon awakening you will feel refreshed
and confident that healing has begun. Joy down any dreams or information you
received during the nap. Do this once or twice a week until you are healed.

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