Elemental Spells and Happiness Spells

Summoning the Wind Controlling the Wind

Folk Magick For a Happy Home Friendship Binding Spell
For more happiness spells, see Banishing Negativity

Summoning the Wind

Go outside and clear our mind and think of the
wind blowing through your hair, while you chant:
“I summon the wind.”
Continue to chant this until you feel the wind.
The more you chant the harder it will blow.
It takes time to learn this, so don’t get discouraged
if it doesn’t happen the first, or even the second, time.

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Controlling the Wind

While outside in the wind, sink your mind back,
try to feel as one with the primal forces, and repeat:
“I call upon the spirit of air to cease its turbulence.
To be as calm as the serene, rolling hills of earth,
To be as calm as the gentle, unbroken ocean,
To be as calm as the soothing flame of a candle.
I call upon the spirit of air to be as calm as it’s elemental breathren”
While saying this, envision a blue-ish energy wafting from your hand
(whichever hand you like) and floating into the air, like smoke. Repeat
the incantation until the wind is still. It usually takes two repetitions
to get the wind to ease up, and it will remain that way for as long as you
keep chanting, starting back up again 1-2 min. after you finish.

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Folk Magick for a Happy Home

Mix some mint, a clove, some grated lemon peel and a bay leaf in a china bowl.
Place the mixture on a white cotton handkerchief and tie up the four ends with
green ribbon. Hang this near your front door while saying,
“This charm that has been made by me, it now protects my family.
We live in health and prosperity.
By the power of my spell, so mote it be.”

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Friendship Binding Spell

You will need:
red construction paper
a white pen or white out
a needle
a white candle

Using the white out/pen, write the person's full name twice
in a circle so that the ends meet. Then write your name in the same
way but entwining it into the other person's. If there
is more than one person, do the same. After lighting the candle,
carve the initials of the people's names on the candle, then stick
the needle into the center of the names. Meditate afterwards and
imagine the faces in the flame. On the bottom of the candle, use
the needle to inscribe:
"B.F.F.L." or "Best friends for life."
Then let the candle burn until it goes out.

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