Spells to Banish Negativity

Peace Spell Polarity Spell (To Balance Energies) Three Times Three Spell (Soul Clearing)
Life Untwisting The I.O.B. Technique (Grey Magick) Overcoming Negative Egoism
Honey Binding to Bring Kindness The Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell Banishing Negativity
Spell to Banish Negativity A Simple Spell to Break Negativity Unraveling Spell
To Banish Sorrow Spell to Ease a Broken Heart Spell For a Smooth Break Up
Spell to Let Go of a Lover Bagging Stress To Banish Stress & Depression
To Banish Fear & Other Negative Emotions Separation Spell A Destructive Knot Spell
To Banish Anger To Release Anger The Bottle Spell (General)
Four Thieves Banishing (VooDoo for Banishing an Enemy) To Banish an Enemy
To Break the Power of a Spell Spell to Neutralize the Influence of a Third Party
Stopping Psychic Attack Gremlin Banishment Spell (For washers & Dryers)
Freezing Negativity Spell Boomerang Spell (An Un-hexing) Folk Cure for the Evil Eye
To Break a Curse Folk Magick to Break a Hex Santerian Spells to Remove Envy & Evil To Stop Gossip

Spell For a Smooth Break Up

2 red paper hearts
2 two-foot lengths of red cord or string
A hole punch
A black pen
Rose petals
2 pink candles
2 white candles
Love Potion

Anoint the four candles and light them. Burn the incense to purify the
space and neutralize the love between you and your soon-to-be ex-lover.
Write your name on one of the hearts, and your lover’s name on the other.
Lay both hearts on your altar between a pink and white candle. Sprinkle the
rose petals on the hearts. Pick up the heart with your name on it and say,
“This heart is mine.
I will find love.
I will love myself
and have comfort in my life
without the loving company of
(your partner’s name).”
Lay the heart back down.

Pick up the heart with your partner’s name on it and say,
“This heart is _______’s.
He/she will find love.
He/she will love themselves
and have comfort in their
life without my loving company.”
Hold the hears together and punch a hole in them.
Then, insert both strings through the holes.
Lay the hearts back in their place on the altar.
Look at them and begin to envision your separation from your lover.
See it as a peaceful and calm transition.
While contemplating this, pull your lover’s heart and sting away from yours.
Do this slowly and gently, as you project an amicable separation.
The hearts are now apart, with a string through each of them.
Tie the ends of the strings, of each heart, together, forming two loops for hanging.

After you leave the circle, hang your heart where you can see it.
Hang your soon-to-be ex’s heart somewhere you won’t see it, such as
on a tree deep in the woods, or mail it to a phony address in a distant
town where it will end up in the dead letter office.

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Spell to Ease a Broken Heart
Begin this ritual as soon as you realize ending
the relationship would be the best thing.

Strawberry tea (one bag)
Small willow wand or stick
Sea salt
2 pink candles
1 pink drawstring bag
A quartz crystal
A copper penny
A china or crystal bowl
(one that’s special to you)
1 t dried jasmine
1 t orrisroot powder
1 t strawberry leaves
1 t yarrow
10 or more drops of apple-blossom or peach oil
10 or more drops of strawberry oil

On Friday morning or evening, the day sacred to Venus, take a cleansing
bath in sea salt in the light of a pink candle. As you dry off and dress,
sip the strawberry tea. Use a dab of the strawberry oil as perfume. Apply
makeup and/or groom yourself to look your best.

Cast a circle with the willow wand, around a table with the other ingredients
on it. Light the other pink candle. Mix all of the herbs and oils in the bowl.
While stirring, look in the mirror and say, out loud,
“Oh Great Mother Goddess,
Enclose me in your loving arms
and nurture and bring forth
the goddess within me.”
Gaze deeply into the mirror, once you have finished mixing and speaking, and say,
“I represent the Great Goddess, Mother of all things.
I shine in the light of the Golden Wings of Isis.
All that is good and all that is great and loving only belongs to me.”
Then, put half of the herb mixture into the pink bag, and add the penny and
crystal to it. Carry it with you until you are feeling better. Leave the rest
of the mixture in the bowl, out in a room where you will smell the fragrance.
Repeat this spell every Friday, until your heart is healed.

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To Stop Gossip

At night time light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have
available to contain the fire. Write on a piece of paper that is 3
inches x 3 inches, the word "Rumors" along with the rumors that are
being spread about you. Do not write the names of those who are
slandering you! You do not want to harm them and suffer the
consequences with karma! Be thinking of these lies going away
never to return as you draw an X with a dark marker across the paper.
Toss the paper into the fire and repeat the following words 3 times
"Rumors, slander standing stout,
with this X, I cross you out
I toss their words into the fire,
all these lies no longer hire
All bad things done and said,
leave my life, be gone be dead!
All the evil that they say,
make it all go away!
Rumors carry me no more,
be gone be dead, be no more!"
Sit and concentrate on all the bad gossip going away for a few
minutes, then extinguish the fire.

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Stopping Psychic Attack

Close your eyes and pivot in a circle until you can sense where
the attack is coming from. Once you find that direction, face it
boldly. Stand proud and erect and see a bright blue pentagram
on your forehead. Bring your hands to you forehead to surround the
glowing star, palms out, and thumbs as the base line, in a Triangle of
Manifestation (here it represents air). Now, take a deep breath, and,
as you exhale, step forward with your left foot and thrust your hands
forward while seeing the pentagram fling in the direction of the psychic
attack. To keep it from returning, perform the LBRP.

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Unraveling Spell

One white candle
A pair of scissors
Small knitted article of clothing

(such as a mitten, or a cap)

Inscribe the candle with your problem, then draw a question mark
beneath the inscription. Light the candle and say:
“Problem, problem, melt away.
Solutions come to me today.”
Snip a thread at the edge of the knitted piece and pull the yarn to unravel it. Say:
“Knitted thread, as you unwind,
Problems can no longer bind.”
Wind the yarn into a ball saying:
“As I smooth you to a ball, Solutions rise – come one and all.”
Alternate unraveling and winding with the appropriate chants.
The solution will come by the time all the yarn is wound.

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