Spells to Banish Negativity

Peace Spell Polarity Spell (To Balance Energies) Three Times Three Spell (Soul Clearing)
Life Untwisting The I.O.B. Technique (Grey Magick) Overcoming Negative Egoism
Honey Binding to Bring Kindness The Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell Banishing Negativity
Spell to Banish Negativity A Simple Spell to Break Negativity Unraveling Spell
To Banish Sorrow Spell to Ease a Broken Heart Spell For a Smooth Break Up
Spell to Let Go of a Lover Bagging Stress To Banish Stress & Depression
To Banish Fear & Other Negative Emotions Separation Spell A Destructive Knot Spell
To Banish Anger To Release Anger The Bottle Spell (General)
Four Thieves Banishing (VooDoo for Banishing an Enemy) To Banish an Enemy
To Break the Power of a Spell Spell to Neutralize the Influence of a Third Party
Stopping Psychic Attack Gremlin Banishment Spell (For washers & Dryers)
Freezing Negativity Spell Boomerang Spell (An Un-hexing) Folk Cure for the Evil Eye
To Break a Curse Folk Magick to Break a Hex Santerian Spells to Remove Envy & Evil
To Stop Gossip A Simple Un-hexing Spell

Separation Spell

Take two black candles, set them nest to each other, and chant:
"As I part these candles, so shall (name of what it is you want
to separate yourself from – person, habit, etc) and I part.
We shall go on our journeys with a new start.
Should our paths cross again, (Name from above) shall not hurt me, my heart will win.
No hold does (name) have over me.
I am on a new path,
So mote it be!”
Separate the candles by a foot, after lighting them.
Let them burn ˝ way down, and then extinguish. Put them in a dark
box or sack and throw them away. Go out and start a new life
without (name).

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Life Untwisting

One onion
A knife
A spiral candle
An essential oil
Incense and/or music

Dress the candle at least one day before you do the spell.
You will be naming this candle for the person to be untwisted,
so choose a color that seems appropriate, or use their astral color.
Turn the candle wick-down over a paper towel. Fill and eye dropper
with an equally appropriate essential oil, i.e. ginseng for males,
rose hips for a female, or just something that you feel suits the
person and their problem. Say,
“I name this candle for (name).”
Slowly turn the candle to the left as you drip the oil on it allowing
it to spiral downward. As you do this, concentrate on the person and
exactly how and why they are screwed up. It will drip, so be sure to
have a cloth or paper towel beneath it. Leave the candle there to dry
overnight. The next day it should have flecks of dried oil all over it.

Put the candles in a holder, once it’s dry. You can either do the spell
immediately, or leave the dressed candle on your altar of in a windowsill
until you are ready for it. Put the candle, the knife, and the onion on
your altar or working surface. Light incense or play some music to create
a sacred space. Say,
“Onion, I name you for (name of person).
As I cut away this skin,
I make you ready for transformation.
I remove your resistance to it.”
Cut the top layer off of the onion, then light the candle.
Begin to cut into the onion, peeling away layer after layer, until
you come to the bulb at the center. Concentrate on the person for whom
the spell is being performed, naming your purpose aloud as you go. Say
whatever feels right, things like “I cut away your negativity” or “I remove
those who have a bad influence on you.” If the onion bulb is a double one, cut
the smaller one away. Remove all these parts of the onion from the altar, wash
your hands and the knife, clean the surface where you worked.

The candle should still be burning, with the onion bulb in front of it.
Focus on the candle, make it the person you are trying to help. Imagine that
it untwists them as it burns. Raise power and command, “Do not resist me as I
untwist thee, do not resist me as I untwist thee.” Repeat this as many times as
feel necessary, allowing the candle to burn down completely. Think about exactly
what you mean by untwisting, what changes you want to see the person make in
themselves and their life.

The onion peelings represent all that was wrong with the person so get them out of
your house immediately, burn or otherwise destroy them. When the candle has finished
burning, set the onion bulb on a windowsill or in some other place where the morning sun
will reach it. I use an eastern window for this. Tell it (the person) that they will be
reborn in the morning with the sun - that everything will be all right.

If you like you can even surround the onion with empowering objects, such as crystals
or rose petals, and leave it on your altar. Just do whatever feels right. Plant the bulb
the next day, doing so indoors if the earth is too cold outside for this. This act will
serve to ground the power you’ve raised. If the onion happens to take root and bloom, that
is a wonderful sign that the spell has worked.

This spell should work within a few days, even if the onion simply withers.
If the person is extremely screwed up, you will have to do other things to further
empower the spell. Some suggestions:

Cast the spell at midnight, during a full moon.
Cast a circle before performing the spell.
Take a cleansing shower afterward, imagining that you are washing away the
person’s troubles – then dress in white or in new clothes. Then build a bonfire
for the person and throw in heads of garlic and everything that symbolizes their
problems, destructive behaviors, negativity, etc.
Administer a potion or sprinkle a powder where they will walk through it, something
charged for positive improvements.
Arrange for other witches to also work on this person, in his or her own way.

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Overcoming Negative Egoism

Step One: Sit in a chair, back straight, knees together, feet flat on the floor.
Place your hands palms down on your thighs with the thumbs just touching
each other. Hold this position, focusing on your negative egoism. In a
short time your body will start to tremble and your legs will move apart and
separate your thumbs. You will soon learn that this simple, basic position can
rapidly become uncomfortable, as does any position when held for too long. Your
mind will overcome the painful discomfort, just as it overcomes the discomfort of
negative egoism.

Step Two: When you start to see negative egoism slipping into
your life, make an agreement with yourself that you will not say the word “I” for
two weeks. During that time keep a pad of paper with you and put a mark on a page
anytime that you do. The amount of marks will lessen over the 2 week period. The
effect of this is quite astonishing, as it tends to nicely separate the idea of your
self from the mind-body unit. To improve or speed up the process, you can “charge”
yourself an amount of money, to be given to your favorite charity, for each one
of your “slips.”

Step Three: Perform The Tarot Contemplation Ritual twice a day –
once with only the 16 Major Arcana, and once with all 22.

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Peace Spell
By Chandra Kanta

As you light a white candle, say:
“May this candle with its light
Bring upon earth a peaceful sight.”
Let the candle burn to the end.

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Polarity Spell
To correct imbalances of energy in a room, home, or situation.

Go into alpha and visualize a white candle burning before you.
Stare at the flame and carefully notice whether it begins to change
in any way. If it burns steadily, and with consistent brightness, the
energy is already balanced. However, if it doesn’t then imbalanced, and
potentially harmful, energy is present. To correct this, visualize a rod
with a sphere at each end, in an upright position. Place the imbalanced
energy into the top sphere seeing it as a color or texture that you find
unpleasant. Place an opposite image into the bottom sphere, to represent
balanced energy. Mentally rotate the rod 180 degrees while saying, to yourself,
“I polarize the energy in this (room, home,
situation, etc). It is now corrected and balanced.”
Remove the rod from your mental vision and re-visualize the candle.
It should remain still and bright.

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Two Santerian Spells to Remove Envy & Evil

To remove a neighbor's evil eye:
Tie a red ribbon around a large bunch of bananas.
Hang them from the roof of your house until rotten.
They will absorb all your neighbor's envy.

To ward off evil:
Cooking oil
Five eggs
A deep white dish

Fill the dish with cooking oil. Float the five eggs on the oil. Sprinkle
them liberally with cinnamon. Insert a cotton wick in the oil and burn the
lamp for five days.

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