Spells to Banish Negativity

Peace Spell Polarity Spell (To Balance Energies) Three Times Three Spell (Soul Clearing)
Life Untwisting The I.O.B. Technique (Grey Magick) Overcoming Negative Egoism
Honey Binding to Bring Kindness The Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell Banishing Negativity
Spell to Banish Negativity A Simple Spell to Break Negativity Unraveling Spell
To Banish Sorrow Spell to Ease a Broken Heart Spell For a Smooth Break Up
Spell to Let Go of a Lover Bagging Stress To Banish Stress & Depression
To Banish Fear & Other Negative Emotions Separation Spell A Destructive Knot Spell
To Banish Anger To Release Anger The Bottle Spell (General)
Four Thieves Banishing (VooDoo for Banishing an Enemy) To Banish an Enemy
To Break the Power of a Spell Spell to Neutralize the Influence of a Third Party
Stopping Psychic Attack Gremlin Banishment Spell (For washers & Dryers)
Freezing Negativity Spell Boomerang Spell (An Un-hexing) Folk Cure for the Evil Eye
To Break a Curse Folk Magick to Break a Hex Santerian Spells to Remove Envy & Evil
To Stop Gossip A Simple Un-hexing Spell

Spell to Let Go of a Lover

Take a photograph of you and your ex, and cut your ex’s image out of the photo.

Cast a circle and burn the image while visualizing a hopeful and joyful
life without him or her. Don’t blame yourself or the other person, nor
hold any thoughts of recrimination or vengeance while engaged in this meditation.
Continue the projection of your future life for a few minutes.

Bury the ashes in an appropriate place.

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Freezing Negativity Spell

To stop the negative actions of a misguided practitioner,
write his or her name on a piece of paper. Place the paper
in a jar, and fill it with water. Place the jar in your freezer;
as the water freezes, so will the ill actions of this being.

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Honey Binding to Bring Kindness

Small, clean, jar (such as a baby food jar)
Honey, enough to fill the jar
Paper, small enough to fit into the jar
Pen, to write the person's name or people's names on the paper
Candle, to drip on the jar’s lid for sealing

All products connected with bees have magickal powers (bees-wax,
honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis). It is believed that any bee
product can hold and deliver a magikal message or prayer.

It is best to perform this spell during a full moon, but it can also
be done when it is waxing.

Write the name of the person, or people, or just "men" or "women," or
just the general word “people” on the piece of paper. Place the paper
inside the jar. Now fill the jar with the honey. While you do this,
concentrate on your intent. Visualize the person, or people, being kind
to you, the way in which you would like them to be. Now put the lid on the
jar and seal it with wax. Place the jar on your altar or somewhere where it
won’t be disturbed. Every month re-charge the jar by placing it in the sun
for a day. You’ll want to bury the jar when you are finished with it, or
after 6 months, whichever comes first.

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I.O.B. (Identify, Objectify, Banish) Technique
With this technique you will learn more about your true nature than
you may be ready to accept. If at any time you feel scared, physically
ill, or lost, stop immediately!

Identify: The first, and hardest, task is to identify aspects
of yourself that you no longer wish to possess.

Objectify: Build up an image that represents those parts of yourself
that you wish to banish, preferably an image that is capable of life. Name
this creation – but not with the name of anyone that you know. Fictitious
names are safest. Make the image concrete in your mind. Give it life. Perform
the LBRP, or other protection ritual, around it and yourself.
Next, perform the Middle Pillar Ritual. When you sense the energy,
take a deep breath and, with a full exhalation, send the life-giving
energy (literally) down your arms and out of your hands toward the figure.

Banish: Perform the LBRP or other banishing ritual.

Step One: Take a ritual cleansing bath.

Step Two: Perform a relaxation ritual.

Step Three: Identify.

Step Four: Visualize a wispy cord or rope
connecting you to the figure, at both of your solar plexus’, hearts, or
heads (depending on your creation’s available areas).

Step Five: Use your athame to sever the connecting
cord close to your body. Without a moment’s pause, make the sign of the Enterer
aimed directly at your creation, while projecting a bright blue pentagram at the
figure with your pointers, and shouting: “(Name of figure) be gone!” This cause
your creation to move a short distance away from you, and stay there long enough for you to…

Step Six: Perform the LBRP or other protective circle
casting. When you’ve finished this, the figure should be on the outside of the
protective sphere or circle. Be sure that no trace of the severed cord, that once
joined you, is within your sacred space.

Step Seven: Select the tool that represents the
opposite qualities of what it is you are banishing. (See list of correspondences.)

Step Eight: If your tool is your Chalice, drink
it’s contents and then, hold it by the stem, with the empty cup facing out and
toward the creature. If the tool is your pentacle, aim the concave side at the
figure while holding onto the black, or blank, parts. If the tool you’re using
is a dagger or wand, simply point it at the figure. Say, with authority:
“By the power of, and in the name of (vibrate) Sha-dai El-chai
I command you (figure’s name) to dissolve, vanish, depart, disappear.
You are banished forever and may not return.
So mote it be!”
Step Nine: Very briefly perform the Middle Pillar
. Then, feel the energy come down from above, through your body,
down your arms, out through your hands, through the tool, into and out of the
pentagram in front of you (nowhere else!), and into your creation. See the
energy getting stronger and the creation getting weaker and increasingly
transparent. With each exhalation, the energy leaving you should grow stronger
and stronger until the figure has been completely overpowered and vanishes into
nothingness. Continue sending this energy for at least one minute after the
creature has been totally destroyed.

Step Ten: Hold your hands in the air in a “V”
formation, with your tool, pointing up, in your right hand. Look up and say:
“Hail unto Thee, Lord of the Universe.
Hail unto Thee, whom nature hath not formed.
Not unto me, but unto Thee be the power and
the glory forever and ever, AMEN.”
Step Eleven: Perform the LBRP, or other circle closing,
and then, see the sphere, or circle, fade from view, knowing
that it is always there.

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A Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell

You want to get three red candles, and (if possible) 1 black candle.
(if you can't get a black candle without raising eyebrows, go ahead
and get a brand new black permanent marker. Do not use this marker
for anything else but this type of spell if you can help it)

If you have access to any essential oils, get some rue oil or get a
hold of some rue herb... and a small bottle of olive oil. A small
candle holder and a clean piece of paper and a red pen to write with
are the next things (again, a new pen if possible, saving it for this
type of spell. A good thing to do is to get a variety of colored pens
to save for doing specific spells)

Melt the black wax of the candle in a double boiler and dip the lower
half of the red candles in it so that the black wax coats the bottom half
of them. Or, cover the lower half of the red candles with the black magic
marker. On a night where you can block everyone out for a while, take a bath
with either sea salt or regular salt (1 tsp is enough) and a bit of rue oil
or rue (cut or ground, doesn't matter). Do not towel dry yourself - air
dry. (You can wear whatever you normally wear to do spells, but you
definitely want to air dry.)

Then, get out the rue oil or, in a small bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of ground
or cut rue and 1 1/2 tablespoons of olive oil. Coat one candle with the oil
or oil herb mixture, anointing from the middle out, going counter clockwise.
Do the bottom half first, then the top.

You'll be doing this spell over three consecutive nights, so save the rest
of the candles and the oil in a safe place. On the piece of paper, write
down what you'd like to to see reversed from you; i.e. bad luck in love,
financial problems, inability to find what you need in your life, etc.
Be careful - make sure it's something you really want to send away.
Place the piece of paper under the candle holder (it would probably be
smart to put this in a pie plate or some other fireproof container), charge
the candle with your desire to see these things or trends gone, and
light the candle, using a lighter only (no matches).

Do this for the next two nights, and once you're done, burn the piece of
paper, seeing your life as if a weight lifted from it. And if there's any
leftover wax, collect it in a brown paper bag and bury that someplace
far from you, or throw in a trash can across town! Then forget about
it.. don't worry over it, just know it worked.

You can do this whenever you feel the things in your life are not going
the direction you'd wish, and different candle colors can be used for
specific reversals. This is for general, overall reversals.

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A Destructive Knot Spell

If there is a situation, problem, possible menace you are facing, there
is a knot spell for this. Take the cord and firmly visualize the problem
in all its agonizing detail.

Become emotional about it; seethe with anger, crumble into tears, whatever
works. Then firmly tie the knot. Walk away from it, out of the room if possible.
Take a shower, eat, do whatever will get your mind off the spell and allow you
to relax. When your emotions are stabilized return to the knot. With calm and
peace untie the knot. See the problem vanishing; dissolving into a dust that is
swept away by the cleansing, refreshing north wind.

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