Safe Air Travel Spell Luggage Arrival Spell

Safe Air Travel Spell

To ensure a sage flight, center your self as the plane taxis to the runway.
As the engines power up for takeoff, imagine the Egyptian goddess, Isis,
huge in stature and looming behind the airplane. She is large enough to
hold the plane in her cupped hand. Visualize her with raven-black hair
and eyes, a gauzy white gown, and huge colorful wings.
Say quietly to yourself:
“Isis, with your rainbow wings,
Isis, with your loving hands,
protect us all in this flight;
hold this aircraft till it lands.”
When the plane accelerates down the runway, Isis leans forward and places
her hands beneath the plane as it lifts from the ground. Her wings spread
and she soars forth into the sky, gently holding the aircraft aloft. All
the way to your destination, know that she flies with you and keeps you safe.
As the plane touches down, give her thanks.

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Luggage Arrival Spell

To ensure that luggage arrives with you when traveling, put a teaspoon of
lavender into a handkerchief for each piece of luggage while changing
something like:
“Lavender, attune and fix this bag, and protect it from tricks.
Make sure it goes where I am going, so it meets me at my destination.”
Place one sachet in each bag.

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