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Spill-It Spell
For overcoming shyness

If you’ve ever found yourself tongue-tied in front of a stranger,
or shy and embarrassed in a group, try the following spell. First,
carry a tiger’s eye gemstone – a stone of strength and confidence –
in your pocket and hold it. Then, tighten and release your abdominal
muscles several times, slowly, to help reduce stage fright. As you
breathe, focus on relaxing through your slow exhalations. Smile at
someone in the group that you like, or think you could like, and see
if you don’t get a smile back. Finally, admit how you feel by saying:
“For some reason I always feel nervous in front of a group I don’t know well.”
If all else fails, talk about pets. Most people have or have had a pet,
and love animals.

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Breaking A Bad Habit
When trying to break a bad habit such as smoking; always seek medical
advice first. Then use these methods to help reinforce your resolve
to end the habit.
By Denise Dumars

You will need equal parts of:
ginger oil
lemon oil
pine oil

Mix in a diffuser to help stop cravings. Or place the oils on a cotton
ball to sniff whenever the cravings occur.
**WARNING - Avoid using these oils directly on the skin**

Then, eat a piece of crystallized ginger to dampen your cravings.

Repeat to yourself -
"I have the habit, the habit does not have me."
Call on a joyful, creative god or goddess such as Hathor or Baldur to
raise your spirits and strengthen your resolve.

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Enhancing Courage Spell

To enhance your courage in a time of crisis, rub a red candle,
from the base to the tip, with rosemary oil, during the first or
eighth hour after sunrise or the third or tenth hour after sunset.
Then, inscribe the candle with the Runic symbols of Laguz, for
protection and healing, Mannaz for the self, Uruz for personal
strength, Dagaz for a fresh start, Kano for positive energy, Sowelu
for achievement and self-confidence, and Teiwaz for victory, courage,
and success. Add your own astrological sign, saying:
"Be these directed to me."
Light the candle and wave your wand above it, and say,
"I call on the energies of the ancient runes - earth, air, fire, water.
As this cadle melts, may these qualities enter into me, that as I will, so mote it be!"
Let the candle completely burn up, and then bury its remains in the ground
or in a large potted plant.

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Invocation to Obtain Help
By Cybil Leek

Thy love and compassion hath strengthened me, thrice-crowned Goddess
of the Cosmos All. Thy guidance hath been a granite fortress set upon
the mountain peak. Thy Sacred Law of Life hath been a consecrated wall
of jeweled flames protecting me.

Yet, in this moment and in this place, I am in need of thy healing and
comforting presence, O beloved Goddess of all good beginnings.

Be with me in the midst of my present difficulties. With thy hand of power
and might, O merciful and compassionate Goddess of the Best and Good, direct
me that I may remove, with thy help, the sorrows and afflictions which
now surround me.

Grant me the protection of the sanctified sword of the truth, O beloved
Goddess of the original primeval wisdom. In thee am made powerful and
confident. Thou art my aid and help, O Triple Goddess.

Blessed be, O Supreme Goddess, in all thy many names and manifold attributes!

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Spell For Personal Freedom

Obtain a 12-inch length of thin rope or cord. The day before the dark Moon,
tie as many knots in it as you can. When the night of the dark Moon arrives,
take the rope outside and begin to untie the knots, saying as you loosen each one:
"Bondage has no hold on me.
Darkest One, now set me free."
When the rope is knot free, bury it in the Earth, leaving a one-inch tail
above the ground as a symbol of your freedom.

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