Simple Sleeping Spell Hebal Sleep Aid Spell for a Good Night's Sleep
Anti-Insomnia Spell Soulmate Dream Spell

Herbal Sleep Aid

Consume a bit of wild thyme before retiring to have a
restful sleep, free from nightmares.

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Spell for a Good Night's Sleep

linden flowers or linden tea
lavender flowers or lavender soap
poppy seeds
pomegranate seeds
star anise

These ingredients should be sewn up in a silk bag or folded in tissue
paper and placed under the pillow or mattress. Nineteenth century
herbalists would prescribe a mixture of linden and lavender to cure
insomnia. Poppy seeds and star anise stimulate the subconscious and
draw us to the dream world. Combined with pomegranate, the infamous
seed swallowed by Persephone to lead her into the underworld, the sleep
will be of the deepest nature possible.

Placed under a pillow this potion works with the principles of
aromatherapy. The smelling of the herbal recipe will subtly affect
the body and bring the deepest state of relaxation, thus leading
you into a good night's sleep

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Anti-Insomnia Spell
By Kala Trobe
of Working Witch

Wrap handfuls of uncooked oats, dried chamomile flowers, and a pinch of
mandrake in a square of cheesecloth and filter a hot bath through it.
Light some Egyptian kyphi incense and bathe, while deeply breathing in
the aromas. In bed, envisage yourself in a field of chamomile, like
Dorothy surrounded by poppies in the Wizard of Oz. Think of lying down
in the fragrant daisies, lulled to sleep by their fresh, sweet smell.
Beneath the ground, the underworld; and above, the blue sky, Witches and
rainbow-hued elementals fly by on unimaginable missions. You lie drowsing
in the fragrant flowers, following one of the passers-by, then another,
tracing their patterns in the ether, and following to the tunnel leading
to the deep blue yonder.

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Soulmate Dream Spell

A ritual that lets you dream of your soul mate, you should envision
in your dream a foot-bridge, and that you fall into the water below it,
and that someone comes to pull you out. That person is your soul mate.

Before you go to sleep, on the night of a full moon, gather a bowl (wooden,
if possible) full of rain water and a flat stick. Place the stick over the
top of the bowl, like a little bridge over the water. Then, place the items
underneath your bed and go to sleep.

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