Spells to Banish Negativity

Peace Spell Polarity Spell (To Balance Energies) Three Times Three Spell (Soul Clearing)
Life Untwisting The I.O.B. Technique (Grey Magick) Overcoming Negative Egoism
Honey Binding to Bring Kindness The Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell Banishing Negativity
Spell to Banish Negativity A Simple Spell to Break Negativity Unraveling Spell
To Banish Sorrow Spell to Ease a Broken Heart Spell For a Smooth Break Up
Spell to Let Go of a Lover Bagging Stress To Banish Stress & Depression
To Banish Fear & Other Negative Emotions Separation Spell A Destructive Knot Spell
To Banish Anger To Release Anger The Bottle Spell (General)
Four Thieves Banishing (VooDoo for Banishing an Enemy) To Banish an Enemy
To Break the Power of a Spell Spell to Neutralize the Influence of a Third Party
Stopping Psychic Attack Gremlin Banishment Spell (For washers & Dryers)
Freezing Negativity Spell Boomerang Spell (An Un-hexing) Folk Cure for the Evil Eye
To Break a Curse Folk Magick to Break a Hex Santerian Spells to Remove Envy & Evil
To Stop Gossip A Simple Un-hexing Spell

Boomerang Spell

To reverse any negativity or hex being sent your way, anoint
a purple candle with rosemary oil. On a piece of white paper
write the following in black ink:
“All blocks are now removed.”
Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper
in a bowl, ashtray, or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire
and it’s elemental spirits. Repeat three times:
“Firedrakes and salamanders,
Aid me in my quest,
Protect me from all evil forms,
Turn back the negativity being set.”
After repeating this, say: “So mote it be!”

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Folk Cure for the Evil Eye

To break the curse of the evil eye you will need:
a white candle
1 ¼ cups of water
1 ¼ tsp. of olive oil
a small bowl
9 whole cloves

Mix the water and olive oil in the bowl, and light the candle,
visualizing yourself surrounded by a circle of protection. Pick
up one clove at a time and hold it by the stem end so that the
bud is directly above the tip of the candle’s flame (you may want
to use a pair of tweezers for this). It should ignite instantly.
Immediately drop the burning clove into the water-oil mixture to
extinguish it. Repeat with the remaining cloves. The smoke and
scent released by the smoldering cloves will repel any evil directed
at you. When done, pour the clove and water mixture onto the ground
so the earth will purify the negativity.

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To Banish Fear & Other Negative Emotions

Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths, and say:
“Sun by day
Moon by night.
Let all dark thoughts
Be put to flight.”
Take one more deep breath and in releasing it, also
release all the tension in your body.

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Gremlin Banishment Spell
For the washer and dryer

To banish these sock stealing, stain leaving, clothes munchers from
your washer and dryer, tie a long sock into three knots. Then add 9
pinches of salt to the wash water. Wash and dry the load as usual.
When you take the clothes out of the dryer, check the sock – if all of
the knots are untied, then all of the gremlins are gone; and if any of
the knots remain, there are still some gremlins left. Repeat the spell
as needed to be rid of them all.

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To Banish Stress and Depression

You will need:
A gold ring set with a bloodstone
A large candle
Wintergreen oil
A pink candle
Wormwood oil
Hibiscus flowers
A green or pink bag
Black ink

Step One: During a waxing moon, wear a gold ring set with a bloodstone
on the sun finger of your left hand, to give you courage and knowledge of
the intruder. On a Wednesday at one or eight p.m., anoint a large candle
with wintergreen oil and call upon all of the influences of Mercury to give
the knowledge that you seek, such as the name of the person, their sex, age
and appearance. On a piece of parchment, write,
“I call upon a celestial body,
the planet nearest the Sun,
Mercury with all of your knowledge and wisdom.
A person I seek.
To me must come a name, an age, a place of home.
For my well-being is why I ask.
To thee O God and Goddess,
I do task to grant me this knowledge clear and free
by new moon next, for harmony.”
Look for the information by the next moon.

Step Two: SEVER (Self-Esteem Visualization Enforcing Relationships):
Perform this step during a waxing moon, in an hour of Venus. Light the pink
candle anointed with the wormwood oil. Put on some of your lover’s favorite
cologne or perfume to enhance their presence.

Relax, and shift consciousness so that you see the two of you during the good
times, free of pressures and totally committed to each other. Experience the
loving feelings from then and project them into your mate so that they will
pick up on those memories and continue to value them and the love you had for
each other at that time.

Place the hibiscus flowers on your altar, or carry them in a green or pink bag,
on your right side, to keep your name and image strong in your lover’s dreams.

Repeat this visualization each day, in an hour of Venus, to secure the spell.

Step Three: During a waning moon, make a Black Tower Binding Philter
Then, repeat the visualization in Step Two, and incorporate the image of the
hird party watching the two of you enjoying each other’s company and love. Let
your love for each other build up as a wall around you and visualize the adversary
watching your love and trust shut them out. Project this tower of love to the
intruder so that they realize it will be difficult for them to scale the walls.
If your love is still correct, the third party will not be able to invade your
tower of safety. If it is indeed time for you to move on, the competition will
easily scale the walls.

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Banishing Negativity
A spell to banish negative emotions from inside our bodies where they do the most harm.
This is a simple and elegant spell to regain calm, to relax, and to banish anger,
sadness or grief from your systems.

You will need:
fresh grass
rose petals
olive oil
white candle
cauldron (small) (an essence burner would work, if you use small
quantities of the ingredients)
your favourite quartz crystals
1 white candle

Mix the fresh grass, lavender and rose petals in the cauldron and
add a touch of olive oil. Place the crystals around the candle,
light the candle. Heat the olive oil, rose petals, lavender & grass.
Mix for about 5 minutes. Inhale the scent through your nose and breathe
out through your mouth, with your eyes closed while focusing on "calming
and relaxing in - stress and misery out."

Continue for about five minutes or until you really feel the stress melting
away and deep calm returning. For the final touch, turn to the candle when
you are ready and say:
"All remaining (anger, stress, fear, sadness, etc) will now go,
from the inside to the outside, make it so."
Take 11 deep breaths as before and on the 12, extinguish the candle. It is done.

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