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Spell to Get the Job You Love
by Silver Ravenwolf

1 green 7-day candle rubbed with 3 drops of your favorite success oil
A natural bowl (made of shell, wood, or other such material – no metal)
Yellow dock
4 ground cashews
1 tonka bean
7 wheat heads (found in craft & hobby stores)
1 rolled $10 bill
Green powder base
Your favorite incense
A lodestone (optional)

Take a spiritual bath. Consecrate all of the supplies in the name of deity
and state your purpose for the spell. Begin on a new moon, as close to Sunday
(success) or Friday (benefits) as possible. Light a candle. Ask the spirit
(or your favorite archetype) to bring a positive change of career into your life.
In the bowl, slowly add the herbs, cashews, tonka bean, and wheat heads, followed
by the $10 bill. Sprinkle all with the green powder base (you can use ground up
green colored incense, though you won’t be lighting it). Light your incense in a
separate container (not the incense you put in the bowl). With your breath, blow
the fragrant smoke over the bowl, concentrating on a positive change in your career.
Blow the smoke over the lodestone. Carry the stone in your pocket or purse to draw
your avocation to you. Allow the candle to burn completely. If you have not had a
positive change in your career in 30 days, repeat the spell.

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Three-Fold Law Spell
by Elizabeth Barrette

This spell employs the rule that whatever you do comes back to you 3 times over.

To start, put a bowl of potpourri on your altar to represent the happiness and blessings you seek.

Say over it 3 times
"As I give, so may I receive"
Then, do some nice favors for other people. You might bake some
cookies, or donate clothes to a charity, or put coins in a parking
meter that’s about to run out of time.

Happiness is sure to come your way as a result.

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Seven Day Prosperity Spell
By Yasmine Galenorn

This spell is designed to have you focus your will over a period
of time and bring long-term abundance into your life. If you like,
you can try working it for the fourteen day period beginning a day
after the New Moon and ending just before the Full Moon.

A 7-inch taper or a seven-knobbed candle
A ruler
A push pin
A piece of paper
A brass candle holder
Dragon’s blood or green ink
A quill or dried out felt-tip pen
Money or Prosperity Oil
Prosperity Powder

On the day following a New Moon, if using a taper, lay the candle on its
side and, using the ruler and the push pin, mark it off at one-inch
intervals. Don’t worry about any slight discrepancies.

Next, sit with the paper, pen and ink and write the following:
The date you are beginning the spell.
Your name.
“Prosperity, health, happy home, successful career, abundance of
material goods, freedom from debt, joy.”
Draw these runes on the paper in a decorative manner:
Fehu, Sowelu, Othila, Ansuz, Dagaz, Ruis and Wunjo.

Set the paper aside to dry.

Using the tack, in the top section of the candle, carve the word “prosperity”
and the rune for money (Fehu). In section two, carve “Health” and the Caduceus rune (Inguz).
In section three, carve “Happy Home” and the House rune (Othila). In section four, carve
the name of your career and the rune of Ansuz. In section five, carve “Abundance”
and the Fehu rune. In section six, carve “Freedom from debt” and the Ruis rune.
And, in section seven, carve “Joy” and the rune of Wunjo.

When you have finished, anoint the candle with the oil and, if the spell is for
you, with a drop or two of your blood.

Raise energy and charge the candle.

Fill a brass candleholder with Prosperity Powder and fit the candle snugly into place.
Set this aside until you are ready to begin.

Each day that you cast the spell, sit in a quiet, clean room and focus on the words
that are written on the piece of paper. Think about what that day’s workings will
mean in your life. Visualize them as having already happened.

Light the candle and continue your focus until one section has melted away. Snuff,
don’t blow, the candle out until the next day.

Do Not skip any days with this spell. When you’ve finished melting the entire candle,
bury the paper outside, under a tree, or burn it in an ash pot.

You should see major results within two or three months after the final casting day.

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Ancient Money Spell

Keep money with cedar chips in a small box, to attract yet more money.

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Candle Money Spell

2 black candles

Etch your name and the words “money,” “wealth,” and “riches” (and any
other words of power that you would like to use) into the side of the
candles. Light the candles and grasp them firmly in your hands until you
can feel your pulse throbbing beneath your fingers – a sign that your aura
is mingling with that of the candles, and of your intentions being firmly
grounded in them. Project what it is you desire by saying,
“These candles bring me wealth and riches.”
When you’ve finished snuff the candles out (don’t blow them out , that
would change the spell, sending the energy out to others, rather than
retaining it for yourself.)

Begin this spell on a Sunday, Thursday, or Friday, as these are the days
that honor the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus (respectively). Relight the candles
every night, until they are completely burned down, to increase the effectiveness
of the spell, and your own prosperity conscious.

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Counting Blessings

When counting your blessings this year, add to your prosperity by using
ritual at every step of the process. When cooking, add sage liberally to
dressing. Spices like nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice add
to prosperity. Whenever adding magickal ingredients to recipes, stir
clockwise. Say to yourself: “As I stir, I increase prosperity, love, and harmony at home.” Ginger-scented or bayberry candles decorate the table, as do gourds, autumn
leaves, and perhaps pomegranates or red apples. Before everyone begins to eat,
don’t forget to add a prayer:
“Dearest Pomona, harvest goddess,
thank you for this bounteous harvest.
Dearest Jupiter, god of prosperity,
thank you for the means to purchase these fine foods.
Dearest Juno, goddess of community,
thank you for the strength to work toward our goal,
and bless our family and friends this year.”

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Cornucopia Raining
By Yasmine Galenorn

Sit quietly and think about what you want or need.
Do Not focus on the lack thereof, but rather on the items you desire.

Now, close your eyes and visualize a large cornucopia over your head,
filled with an unending supply of treasures. See a trap door underneath
the horn of plenty, and reach out with your mind and open the door. The
treasures from the cornucopia will rain out, showering through the open
portal, to pour blessings upon your head and shoulders.

See gold coins, money, jewelry and whatever it is that you desire showering
around you, piling up around your chair. Then say,
“May the blessings of the universe shower from the cornucopia of the Goddess,
an unending supply that eliminates all need from my life and the lives of my
loved ones and friends. There is plenty in the universe to share and I accept
my portion of good fortune. My life is filled with abundance and prosperity.
Serendipity rules in my life.”

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Gaining the Job You Want or Bettering Your Career
From Dragon Tarot Candle Spells By D.J. Conway

The Chariot
The Sun
Three of Wands
Page of Wands
One each of the following candles:
orange, gold, brown, and yellow

Place the orange candle in the center of the altar, with the gold above it,
brown on the left, and yellow on the right. Put the Chariot and the Sun
cards above the gold candle, Three of Wands beside the left candle, and Page
of Wands beside the right candle.

Opening Chant:
“I move outside the limits of time to work my spell.
The Dragons help me weave the universal energy.
The things that now exist become what I desire.
The tides of Magick answer unto me.”
Then say:
“Open the doors that will help me gain a good job (further my career).
Aid me in listening to the voices of spiritual wisdom,
The voices guide me in making the right decisions.
Give me the right words and the appropriate actions
That will turn the tides and make me successful.”
Closing Chant:
“My thanks to the Dragons, great and small,
who came in to answer my call.
We wove the magick, wild and free,
As I will it, so mote it ve!”
Let the candles burn down.

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