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To Become Psychic

Use a white candle and do this spell on a Monday.
Repeat these words aloud, nine times, while the
candle is burning:

“Astral vision I now claim,
Clairvoyance and ESP are my name.
I see, hear, and touch
Like never before.
To me all which was closed
Is an open door.”

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Spell Against Graffiti

If there is some ugly graffiti that offends your senses,
then imagine strongly in your mind that the creator of these
images is standing before them. Drawing in 13 or more breaths
of energy and directing it with your right hand, weave a silver
cocoon of energy about both the graffiti and its creator, visualizing
clearly that he is bound firmly in with his creation. Let him then
stew in his own juice until he changes to become a better person. It
may be useful to then attach the cocoon to a tree or patch of grass or
a potted plant, so that the plant may gain strength from whatever is within.

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Anti-Business Theft
To stop employees from stealing.

Hang a painting or photograph of eyes (the bigger the better) in
a prominent place in your place of business. Then, mount two
quartz crystals behind the eyeballs, and charge them with energy
during the waxing moon. Post this sign near the merchandise that
gets stolen the most often, and say,
“Who steals a thing from her,
no matter how small,
walks out with a weight that’s huge upon his soul.
The price is high to you though you think it’s free;
for you leave behind your honor, pride, and honesty.”
Finally, when you see someone suspicious enter your shop, imagine
that you are Mercury, god of thieves, and look at them until they
see you looking.

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Balloon Spells
For men to perform.

Blow up a balloon, write a name, or draw a face, on it saying:
"Balloon, I name you _____.”
You can then pop it to deflate someone’s overblown ego, or let
a little air out of it every day to decrease someone’s influence,
or to release yourself. Meditate on ordinary items like keys, ice,
pockets, birdcages, beds and photo albums. Use the other way of
thinking, and I am sure you will invent even more spells.

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Blue Justice Spell
This spell is a spell for affecting outcomes.

For this spell you will use the color blue, particularly cobalt blue, ultramarine,
royal blue, electric blue, and any other vibrant shade of dark blue. This is not a
judgment spell; it does not attempt to find facts, determine justice; affix blame or
penalties. This is a justice spell that invites the universe to step in and right a
wrong, to restore balance where imbalance exists. The final outcome is left to the
Goddess, whose notion of justice may be different from ours, whose sense of time is
eternal, but who applies the Law of Three without pity. What goes around comes
around. Justice may be seen to be done immediately, or it might take karmic form,
but justice will prevail.

This spell has two parts and can be used for any matter at law: civil proceedings,
criminal cases, trials, or administrative hearings. Binding and banishing spells
can be used to augment it. As always, you can modify the spell in any way you like
to suit the circumstances that bring you to needing such a spell.

Ma’at is the Welsh god of youth, son of the mother goddess Modron. As a Son of Light,
he intercedes, with Matrix, on behalf of humans. Mabon, who was stolen as a baby and
wrongfully imprisoned, also rules justice.

You’ll need:
1 tall blue candle
A blindfolded female poppet
Dark blue glitter, several vials
Sea salt
A bowl of water
A tray or other surface on which to work the spell

A scale, the old-fashioned kind with 2 balances,
to place on your altar as a symbol of justice
An ostrich feather Wear a diamond, if you own one, from the time you cast
the spell until the time of the verdict.

Arrange the altar, or work surface, in your usual way, then, add everything you will
need for this spell. Inscribe the candle with the feather of Ma’at, then, write her
name on it. Stand the blindfolded poppet in the bowl of water and place it on the tray
with the candle and incense. Place anything you have that relates to the crime or dispute
on the altar: photographs, newspaper clippings, legal documents, letters, evidence, etc.

Call quarters and cast a circle.

Light the incense and the candle.

Pour the sea salt and blue glitter into the tray as you say,
“By Justice I rock the scales
By Libra I bring them back into balance.
I call down justice.
By Nemesis, by Tisiphone
By Dike and Athena,
I call down Blue Justice.
By Justicia the scales are rocked,
By Libra they are brought back into balance,
Let it rain Blue Justice.
By Nemesis, by Tisiphone,
By Dike and Athena,
Let it rain Blue Justice on ______
Let it rain Blue Justice for ______.”
Repeat this as many times as feels necessary to you. Use your athame to stir the glitter
and salt together. Close the circle and ground the energy you raised within. Close your
eyes, open your palms, and pray to Ma’at. Tell her what result you would like the spell to
have, but acknowledge her right to effect justice as she sees fit.

Pour the melted wax over the poppet. Leave the altar set up that way. Burn the candle, and
more incense, each day, for several days. Pour the wax over the poppet each time, praying to
Ma’at. Mix the ash from the incense into the glitter and salt. This part of the spell can be
cast at any time: before a proceeding begins, or while it is underway.

Part Two:

This next part should be done at a significant point, such as the start of the trial, the
beginning of the jury selection, or when deliberations begin.

Dress in blue clothes. Remove the Blue Justice Powder from the tray. Clean up, disposing of
the poppet and candle. Take the powder to the courthouse. (This is best done late at night,
or on a holiday weekend, when you are least likely to be noticed or interrupted.) Stand before
the courthouse and say these words over the powder:
If you are not of Celtic descent, change or omit the first part of the spell.
“My Celtic blood calls out to thee,
It cries for Celtic justice.
Hail Mabon, son of Modron,
I commend your Celtic justice.
I call you to this place
To command your Celtic justice.
By your power I transform this building into a Palace of Justice.
By your power, this building is transformed.
I make it a place where right is known from wrong,
A place where truth is known from lies,
A place with judges fair and honest.
By Mabon’s power, I enchant this powder.
By the power of Mabon,
I command justice be done here.”
Sprinkle the powder every place that the judge, jury, and defendant or plaintiff are likely
to walk: on the steps, outside the courtroom, at the entrances and elevators, whatever places
you have access to. Make an invoking circle around the entire courthouse (by sprinkling the
powder as you walk clockwise), if possible. Say, or think, “Blue Justice!” as you sprinkle
the powder. When you have finished, return to the front of the courthouse and pray, again,
to Ma’at. Thank her and Mabon for considering the case, and for their intercession. The
poppet could be buried or destroyed. If you like, and if it is possible, it could be left
outside the person’s home in a place where they will be sure to see it, mailed to them, or
buried on their property, or near the courthouse. For urban magick, consider throwing it
away in a trash receptacle at the courthouse. Keep the phrase “Blue Justice” in your mind
until the legal proceedings have concluded. Get everyone else who wants the same outcome to
also keep thinking about blue justice. If the attorney or prosecutor who represents your
interest is open to such a thing, tell her or him to think “Blue Justice” every time the case
seems to be going against them. Dress in blue, if you attend the trial.

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Chicory Barrier Breaking Spell
If there is something that you need to retrieve or an obstacle
you need to overcome, chicory provides you with the tool.

Just break off the stems of chicory and rub the juice over your limbs while
thinking of the barrier you want to break through. If you need to retrieve
something, chicory can provide both invisibility and lock disposal. To craft
the charm, the chicory root must be gathered in utter silence during Midsummer
at one of the two high points of the clock – noon or midnight. Use a gold knife
to cut the root and chant:
“As eyes glance my way, they see me not.
They turn away.”
Use the empowered root to break the lock by holding it against the keyhole.

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