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To Strenghten Your Love of Self:
Spell to Feel Loved A Real Love Spell Graffiti Magick A Love Totem Spell Real Love Candle Spell

To Attract a Lover:
Scarlet Love Bundle (Specific) Simple Herbal Smoke Spell Ring of Love Spell Old Germanic Love Spell
Moonbath Spell Love Tea Spell Braided Love Spell Love Spell to the Goddess Aine Apple Magick
Attracting a Soul Mate Birch Love Spell Faery Love Spell Extra Plate for Love Spell
Love Budding Spell A Love Philter Stone Circle Spell
Full Moon Triple Candle Spell (For Hetero- & Homosexuals)

To Improve Your Relationship with Your Lover:
Folk Magick to Stengthen Love Lover's Taboo Lover's Branch Spell
To Bring Harmony Into a Relationship Human Candle Spell Another Human Candle Spell
Nine-Day Candle Spell Dragon's Blood Love Spell Candle Magick for Rocky Times Love Cake Spell
Honey Spell Love Doll Spell Love Dance Spell A Love Growth Spell The Mirror Image
Pink Love Spell Ring of Hearts Spell Simple Copper Candle Spell (To strengthen family love) Salted Fire Spell
Sovereignty Stone Spell Folk Magick to Sweeten Your Romance

For Homosexuals and Lesbians:
The Dememter-Kore Lovers (For the Ladies)
The Oak and Holly Lovers (For the Gents)
Homosexual's Love Spell (For the Ladies and/or the Gents)

Miscellaneous & General Purpose Love Spells:
Wings of Love Spell (A man's spell) Love Glamour Love Feasts Fire Jump Spell
British Celtic Love Spell (For a safe & happy reunion) Lover's Breastplate
Magickal Caption Oak and Ash or Birch Spell Stirring Spell Tarot Card Spell
Get Laid Spell Sex Stone Spell (For Hetero- and Homosexuals)

Braided Love Spell

You will need:
Three 9-foot lengths of cord –
one pink, one red and one white

Cast a circle and invoke the elements.
Invoke the deity that you’ve chosen to work with.

Pick up the red cord. This represents passion.
Run it through your hands and think of the passion
you would like to have in a relationship.

Pick up the pink cord. This cord represents trust,
fidelity and spirituality. Run it through your hands
and think of these qualities and how they relate to the
relationship you would like to have.

Tie the tops of the three cords together and firmly secure the
knot to a broom handle or chair. Braid the three cords, visualizing
that you’re braiding passion, companionship and values together. While
you do this, chant,
“I lust, I love, I trust, I weave
Around the Loom, Around the Loom
I braid, I knot, gifts I receive
From the Loom, From the Loom.”
When you’ve finished, knot the end with a triple knot and either hang
it in your bedroom, right next to your bed, or by your front door.

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Nine-Day Candle Spell
To bring you and your lover closer together.

You will need:
3 candles (one black and one white, or pink)

Begin on a Friday during a waxing moon.
Cast a circle and charge the candles.
Draw down the moon and the energies of Venus to empower this spell.

Place the candles nine-inches apart on your altar, black on the left,
white or pink on the right.

Light the candles.

Visualize the type of person you’d like to meet, or the person you
already know but would like to draw closer.
Spend a few minutes projecting the image of what you want.
When the time feels fight, move the white or pink candle one-inch closer
to the black candle.
Visualize the distance between the two flames growing brighter and warmer,
and transfer this energy to the distance between you and your lover.

Repeat this spell for nine days, at the same time each day. After nine days
the candle-holders will be touching each other, signifying the close proximity
of your lover. Expect results and you will get them.

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Love Spell to the Goddess Aine

Aine is an Irish Moon Goddess who brings luck in love.
She is honored at Midsummer, at night when the faeries like
to frolic with humans and make mischief. Because she is the
Goddess of Good Luck, you can make any intention you wish for in
this spell, she will see to it that it comes true in a correct
way for you.

You will need:
Dried hay or cornhusks
Black string
Water or a shovel to put out a fire with

Tie the hay or cornhusks into a bundle with the black string, arranging
them so that the end of the bundle can be lit as a smudge stick. Go out
into the country, or into a garden, and light the bundle. Let the smoke
rise over the flowers or grass, and up through the branches of the trees
toward the stars, while focusing on your intention. Watch the smoke on its
journey as it blesses everything it touches. The Goddess Aine will see the
smoke. Sit quietly. When she is ready, she will send a procession of
Faeries to dance and play around you, beginning the magick to make your
love wish come true.

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Apple Magick

After every new moon, hold an apple in both hands, and sit
or stand where it can absorb the sunlight, or at least pick up
the light of day. Cast this spell before you take the first bite:
“O lovely lady, Goddess Might,
I honor your beauty and love.
Bring to me a love that is right
Sent by the stars above.”
As you take the first bite, think about of the Goddess and the
stars above (as well as of the five-pointed “seed star” in your
hand). Imagine the sweet, moist love-fruit turning into a wild,
juicy romance.

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Attracting a Soul Mate

Clean white clothing
Sandalwood incense
A red candle

The best time to perform this spell is on the night of a full moon.

Spend some time thinking about what type of personality and inner
being you feel would enhance and complement your life, and what type
of person you think you would be able to do that for as well. Once
you’ve figured out what it is you’d like to have in a mate, take a
shower and then get dressed in some clean white clothing.

Next, light the incense and the candle and sit quietly nearby while you
relax your body and focus your mind on the person you were thinking about,
and repeat this incantation:
“With the spirit of Avalon, through the wisdom of Merlin, I open my
mind and heart to receive true love.”

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Birch Love Spell
Birch is also known as the Lady of the Woods,
Paper Birch, and White Birch.

This spell is for attracting your true love, and can be
performed in one of two ways:

1. Carefully gather strips of the bark during a New Moon.
With red Dove’s Blood ink, write on a strip of birch: “Bring
me true love.” Burn this along with a love incense, saying,
“Goddess of love, god of desire, Bring to me my sweet passion’s fire.”
(The specific name of a God and/or Goddess may be used.)
Cast the bark into a stream or other flowing water, saying:
“Message of love, I set you fee, to capture a love and return to me.”

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