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Truth Spell

1 white candle
White flower petals
A spell box
1 picture, or the person’s name on a pc of paper

Cast a circle. Light the candle and lay the picture down in front
of it. Put the petals in the spell box and, then, say:
”Silence now thy lying tongue
Only truth and honesty come
From thy lips and from thy tongue
Til the next full moon doth come.”
As you say this burn the picture in the candle’s flame.
Once it is turned to ash, put the ashes into the spell box,
with the flower petals. Keep it until the next full moon, and
then throw it’s contents to the wind.

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Another Truth Spell
By Kahat

Take some dried yellow roses and to them equal parts of
dried mint and nutmeg. Dress a candle with olive oil, or
cooking oil. Rub a yellow candle with the oil so that it
is slick so that it will be able to easily pick up the dried
herbs. Roll the candle in the herbal mixture while thinking
of the truth or truths that need to be told for clarity. Light
the candle and say or think,
"May the truth be known,
this is what I require".
When you cast this spell be aware of two things: one, in casting
a truth spell, you are also bound to tell the truth - if you lie
the spell won't work, and two, be prepared for not liking the
truth that you discover.

The herbal powder can also be rubbed on your hands and then, when
you touch the person you feel may be lying to you, he or she will stop.

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Longevity Spell
By Lady Sheelin Snowflower

Materials needed:
Yellow candle
sea salt
olive oil

Time to perform spell: Waxing Moon
Carve the person's name in the candle that you wish to be truthful.
Carve the words: Truth & Honesty into the candle. Lick your thumb and
rub over the words to seal the intent. Make a circle around the
candle with the sea salt. Anoint the candle with olive oil and burn.
While the candle is burning, visualize the person telling the truth
and being honest. Chant the following:
"Circle, circle, truth, truth,
truth, truth, circle, truth."

"Tell no lies,
tell me truth."
Let the candle burn out completely. The spell is done.

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What is a Spell?

A spell is a ritual that you perform alone or with other people who
are focused on the same goal as you, and tool that helps you to direct your
energy towards a desired outcome. It is just one way of performing magick.
There are certain standards when it comes to spell casting that some believe
should dogmatically be adhered to:
Remember the Law of Karma: as you give so shall you receive.
Therefore, always ensure that you magick will harm none. Remember the Rede:
Unless in self defense it be, always mind the Rule of Three:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
Believe in your ability to manifest the outcome of a spell.
It's not the herbs or stones or candles that do it - it is you,
using your Will to manifest your desired outcome.
Always perform magick in a respectful manner,
in properly prepared sacred space.
Remain silent: do not speak of your magick to others,
or you will dissipate the energy.
Perform your magick with perfect love and perfect trust.

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Creating Spells

Write spells on parchment or loose, unlined, paper (unbonded and not
recycled) about 4 x 5 inches in size. A good formula is:
“I ask in the name of (God or Goddess or The All)
that I, _______ be granted __________.
I ask that this be correct and for the good of all.
So mote it be.”
Using images and rhymes that sound powerful to you is also a good idea.
Also remember that timing is another important element of spell casting.

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Tips for Spellwork

Fashion Bread Dough into Dollar sign and bake. Serve as a symbolic altar
offering for money spells.

To terminate a marital feud, cut and cook cabbage during a waning Moon.

To keep the evil eye from casting its glare on you, carry a mojo bag filled
with sage.Be sure to let your hair flow loose during ritual work to enhance
the power of the act.

Call on the crone goddess Bellona when attempting to communicate with
spirits of the dead, offerings on your altar should include apples and

Accentuate the potency of a pomander love charm by including orris root
powder as an ingredient.

When conducting a protection spell, light a black candle to absorb the
negative energy.

Use black licorice as a deity offering.

Scatter black cohosh leaves in the corner of a room to evict a negative
energy force.

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How to Make Fire in a Cauldron

Cast-Iron Cauldron
Epsom Salts
Rubbing Alcohol (70% isopropyl, safer – 90% isopropyl, hotter)
Fire proof surface, preferably not heat conductive
Long wooden matches (fireplace matches)

It is best to use a cast iron cauldron because they are easy to find and able
to withstand the heat. Do Not use aluminum! Never make an indoor fire in a
cauldron that is painted, since burning or even very hot point will produce
dangerous fumes.

Some practitioners recommend half Epsom salts, half rubbing alcohol by volume
(not by weight), for example, 1 cup of each (depending on the size of your cauldron,
adjust accordingly). 70% isopropyl alcohol will burn, and it doesn’t burn as hot
as 90% isopropyl, which can be a very important consideration when indoors, for both
comfort and safety. Cover the bottom of the cauldron with a layer of Epsom salts, about
1-1/2 inches deep, pour in the alcohol so that it’s a little deeper than the salt (so
that it cover the salt by ¼ - ½ inch).

To ignite, light a long match, and hold it just above the surface of the alcohol. The
fire will burn brightly, at first, then, the flames will seem to skim the surface of the
liquid. This fire is safest for indoor use, than one made from charcoal. Its byproducts
are carbon dioxide and water vapor, where as charcoal produces smoke and dangerous carbon
monoxide. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure the room is adequately ventilated –
crack a door or window.

Always put the cauldron on a fireproof surface (such as a hearth, tiled surface, hot-plate,
or trivet). Make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby and that the only nearby
objects are reasonably heat-resistant. Taper candles will bend or even melt, if too close.
Votives and other kinds of candles in glass holders are ok.

You can burn small pieces of paper in the cauldron, if you toss them in one at a time. Larger
pieces or several at once often won’t burn, or won’t burn completely. If the fire is really
hot, however, you might get pieces of glowing ash floating around the room, so use caution.
Be sure to keep a large box of baking soda handy, as well as a lid large enough to completely
cover the cauldron. If the fire should get too hot, or flare dangerously, dump in the baking
soda and slap down the lid. Don’t touch the cauldron with your bare hands. Leather all-purpose
work gloves or an oven-mitt would be good to have nearby. It is also a good idea to have a bucket
of water handy, just in case. Let the cauldron burn itself out. How long this will take will
depend on how much fuel you have put into it. Wait until it’s cool, and then fill the inside with
water to loosen the grayish mass of salts that have been fused together by the fire. If you put
the water in soon after it is cool enough to handle, and let it soak overnight, it won’t be too
hard to clean.

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