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The Creator

Weaving round the weft, warp taut upon tightened skin-dew
She makes her way. Softly on the falling mountain streaming
Dance of laughing water she laps her leaf green curling boat
As the paddle writes full-bloom roses in the silver blue below.

The silky green cups round and under, supporting with deftly
Hand-sewn living twigs and supple grass braided glossily round,
And a single drop of that crystal quivers on the bowing blade.
Suspended in time the rolling sphere is bright in the rainbow

Rays smiling down upon its outer smallness so blue, complete.
She looks through the skin into the colours beneath, watching
It play its long moment of falling. Part of all you are, she says,
Alive in the whole. As joining brothers enfold its blue within.

Shimmering tides gently kiss the sweet bodied fingertips of she
Who greens the leaf with living source and glosses long the
Shining lengths of woven stemming tides. With fragrant fruit
Her hair falls washing, waving onto the dipping mirror down.

Flowers dance in her laughter and silver rays rest in thoughts
Of pensive silence singing through space, arcing straight curves
From her bow. Fingers dip into blue coolness and feel life there
Between waves nuzzling delicately cell to cell, talking touch.

I am you, she says. We are all one. As flowing water currents
Pass through the edges of her she becomes river and merges
Life with life. The little boat lies quiet now in her arms as they
Sail on together, creator and created, circles spiralling onwards.

Copyright MoonSongstress 2002

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The Celts

Long, long ago, beyond the misty space
Of twice a thousand years,
In Erin old there dwelt a might race,
Taller than Roman spears;
Like oaks and towers they had a giant grace,
Were fleet as deer,
With wind and waves they made their ‘biding place,
These western shepherd seers.
Their Ocean-God was Manannan Mac Lir,
Whose angry lips,
In their white foam, full often would inter
Whole fleets of ships;
Cromah, their Day-God, and their Thunderer
Made morning and eclipse;
Bride was their Queen of song, and unto her
They prayed with fire-touched lips.
Great were their deeds, their passions and their sports;
With clay and stone
They piled on strath and shore those mystical forts,
Not yet o’erthrown’
On cairn-crowned hills they held their council-courts;
While youths alone,
With giant dongs, explored the elk resorts,
And brought them down.
Of these was Fin, the father of the Bard
Whose ancient song
Over the clamour of all change is heard,
Sweet-voiced and strong.
Fin once o’ertook Grania, the golden-haired,
The fleet and young;
From her the lovely, and from him the feared,
The primal poet sprung.
Ossian! Two thousand years of mist and change
Surround they name –
Thy Finian heroes now no longer range
The hills of fame.
The very names of Fin and Gaul sound strange –
Yet thine the same –
By miscalled lake and desecrated grange –
Remains, and shall remain!
The Druid’s altar and the Druid’s creed
We scarce can trace,
There is not left an undisputed deed
Of all your race,
Save your majestic song, which hath their speed,
And strength and grace;
In that sole song, they live and love, and bleed –
It bears them on through space.
O, inspired giant! Shall we e’er behold,
In our own time,
One fit to speak your spirit on the wold,
Or seize your rhyme?
One pupil of the past, as mighty-souled
As in the prime,
Were the fond, fair, and beautiful, and bold –
They, of your song sublime!

By Thomas D’arcy McGee (1825-1868)

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The Beauty of Her Face

Stand open upon Mother Earth right where you are
my luminous one
For there you will receive the loving warmth

of the golden sun

Walk upon Mother Earth gently my dear companion
For her outer layers are delicate with contusions
from human consumption

Hold Mother Earth lovingly in your heart
my sisters and brothers as you would
your own Mother
For she can give you tender love like no other

Live simply on Mother Earth my sweet child
So that you can live with your mind free
and your spirit wild

Let all of Mother Earth's creatures live
my dear friends
For it is she who should decide when a life ends

Hug Mother Earth fully in a caring embrace
While gazing lovingly at the beauty of her face

~ Savannah Skye

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Spirit of the Wind

I sit upon the hillside
As my gaze looks up above
The breeze that blows around me
Fills my heart with love

Reflections of my life
As I gently begin to sing
A wisdom that is blowing
Is the spirit of the wind

A completion of a cycle
On a wheel of no return
A moment of recognition
For a heart that begins to yearn

Reflections of my life
As I gently begin to sing
A wisdom that is blowing
Is the spirit of the wind

I sit upon the hillside
As my gaze looks up above
The breeze that blows around me
Fills my heart with love

~ Alwyn

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Sitting by the sacred stream, memories of yesterday,
My head floats into a mysterious dream.
Mother Nature speaks today.
A magical energy reflects from the water gray.

I have many memories from long ago
They’re real to me, how could this be so?

Wisdom transpires to this place in time
The experiences of old are truly mine

Shimmering moonlight on the water glows
A connection in nature from the one that know

A special order from the thoughts that flow
Much more than wisdom from the winds that blow

~ Alwyn

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