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Wanted: A Witch's Cat

Wanted---a witches cat.
Must have vigor and spite,
Be expert at hissing,
And good in a fight,
And have balance and poise
On a broomstick at night.

Wanted---a witches cat.
Must have hypnotic eyes
To tantalize victims
And mesmerize spies,
And be adept
At scanning the skies.

Wanted---a witches cat,
With a sly, cunning smile,
A knowledge of spells
And a good deal of guile,
With a fairly hot temper
And plenty of bile.
Wanted---a witches cat,
Who's not afraid to fly,
For a cat with strong nerves
The salary's high
Wanted---a witches cat:
Only the best need apply.

~ Shelagh Mcgee

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The Witch Alone

Beyond the town,
Beneath the moon,
Beside the standing stone,
There lives a woman,
Fair of faith
We call the Witch Alone.

She sings to the sun and moon and stars
And gathers herbs and weeds,
With which she fashions ancient charms
And other magic deeds.

She worships not by altars built
By hands of mortal men,
But in the misty, magic glade
Beyond the furthest glen.

What need has she of flashing swords,
Of crystals glowing bright,
Of censers and of colored cords
That grace the Wiccan rite?
Her tools are fashioned from the earth,
And wind and fire and rain:
Her rites are dances, wild and free
That call the God a main.

When spring and summer pass to fall,
And twilight fills her eyes,
Sheíll lie upon the browning grass
And smile as she dies.

For though she leaves her mortal shell
Of flesh and blood and bone,
She knows she does not die,
But lives on as the Witch Alone.

~ Scott Cunningham

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Whispering Wind

Whispering wind, whispering wind
I feel your presence shall I begin?

If I tell you my troubles will you heal me?
As you blow your currents can you feel me?

Whispering wind, whispering wind
Ease my troubled mind as you softly sing

My load is heavy but my mind is clear
The pressures reduced when I feel you are near

Whispering wind, whispering wind
How will my luck flow?

As your random patterns that only you know
Settle my worried mind when I know you are there

Whispering wind, whispering wind
My problems are dissolving as you are revolving

My troubles are resolving as my mind is following,
Your wisdom as you blow your fresh clean air

~ Alwyn

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The Rainbow

You were there. Ever as a child I knew you.
Passing through my cells with the hot, flashing
Speed of coloured light, and the colours of all
Talked their own language. You spoke to me.

Then you spoke. And you still do with voices
Less easily heard by one who still tries to see
The faeries playing on the water and running
Round the huge blades of grass and sometimes

Does see. And it is all the more precious now
To these eyes who have known painful things
And tried to forget them because they hid the
Shining glimmer of the myriad spiraling light

That I could fall into as it whooshed through
The parts of me that vibrated along with it,
Following along the easy rush of energy that
Swooped me up into the air to twirl round and

† Round the colours of melted jewels that ran
Into my mind through every pore and cleaned
Each cell till it glittered like the crock of gold,
And I knew well the treasure and where it hid.

I followed you because your beckoning arm
Curved like a willow. Immeasurably strong in
The easy willingness to bend without any need
Of breaking to show your sweetly green sap

Round the curving of your supple spine to the
Bended coolness of the river with its playing
Insects as they busied themselves with the
Important things, skating on the sapphire skin

Of the motherís veins, breathed slowly upwards
To the greatest icing sugar coated peaks, only
To fall in the tiniest drops into her cleansing,
Renewing body and once more collect in her

Pockets as she sweetened them with scented
Violets and grass and sugar and spice to feed
The hungry children who stained kneed along
The dappled sunís rays on her shining greens.

The dreary rope of adulthood wrapped tightly
Round my neck and clung on, clawing at the
Little girl, strangling with lead weights all the
Rime, space and joy that gasped within her.

But she fought with the desperate strength
That comes at times when we know that all
Our treasures will be lost in the sucking sand
That so quickly creeps during our inattention.

The willow you are stood waiting for me so
Patiently on the safety of the riverbank that
Bordered straight onto that sucking sand and
Your bending branches reached deftly down.

My exhausted hands cried out to the green
And your supple limbs caught me in their
Braided cradle, drawing a mewing soul back
To the soft, grassy bank to revive and wash

† Herself clean of the grimy dust of that reality
That so many others embrace but she could
Not. The lapis waters rinsed clear and never
Again shall I allow those gray fingers near me.

~ Moon Songstress Copyright 2001

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The Feel of Rain

While standing naked in the rain under Tefnut's open space
She pours down on me and renews my spirit
Coolingly it runs down my face
Then teasingly rolls over my breast, down to where my love sits
Oh, I have become the Goddess of Rain's whore
As well as a slave to the inviting lush green below
That commands me to sit nor stand no more
But rather lie down under Her wet flow
With my defeated legs spread open wide
So as to drink in Her moist cool
As it flows down my more beauteous side
That makes me for Her a mere musing fool
Oh rain, rain, rain pour down on thee
Doth's fair truth does amazeth me

~ Savannah Skye

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