Any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between
numbers and physical objects and/or living things.
The information presented here will help you to better understand yourself and your life's path.

Number Assignments Numerology Diagram Number Characteristics Energy Patterns
Masculine & Feminine Numbers General Features of Energy Lines Name Numbers
Borrowing Names Psychic (or Fate) Numbers Archetypes

General Features of Energy Lines

The Physical Body Line The Intellectual Line The Spiritual Line
The Material World Line The Emotions Line The Creativity Line
The Communication Line The Effectiveness Line Short Lines Defective Lines Vertical Lines Horizontal Lines Diagonal Lines

1-2-3, The Physical Body Line: Indicates to what extent the physical world play a role in one’s life, their personal resources and their expression of personal identity and their degree of body consciousness. 1 is one’s ability to know their identity; 2 reveals the extent to which one feels with the conscious mind; 3 represents the performance of activities. Physical beings.

4-5-6, The Intellectual Line: Indicates the extent to which intellectual processes play a role in one’s life, or how much one relies on instincts and intuition. A lot of circles indicates that one is mainly intellectual, a few circles indicates that one is highly instinctual. 4 One’s ability to express logical thoughts or instincts; 5 represents the use of one’s senses; 6 represents the use of the higher abstract intellect capable of imagination, theory and creative thought.

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7-8-9, The Spiritual Line: Indicates a person with strong spiritual resources rooted in self-discipline, a sense of fate and contact with the unconscious mind, as well as an awareness of their innate talents. Reflects the degree to which one has access to their unconscious mind. A weak line indicates that one puts emphasis on their body or intellect. 7 one’s grasp of the limits of the material world; 8 one’s transformative powers & their unconscious mind; 9 the spiritually creative awareness of our innate talents.

1-4-7, The Material World Line: A lot of circles here indicates a person with a strong awareness of material reality. One who is aware of their identity. A few circles here indicates one who is less attached to the material world. 1 how the individual is viewed as a physical being; 4 how well equipped one’s logical intellect is; 7 how deeply one is bound by the limitations of matter.

2-5-8, The Emotions Line: Indicates the emotional life and one’s response patterns. The interaction of the conscious mind, the senses and the unconscious mind (the source of all our deepest feelings). A lot of circles here indicates one whose emotions play a conscious role in their life, and one who has a strong urge to express their emotions without control. A few circles here indicates one who has inhibited or repressed their feelings for some reason or other, one whose feelings and emotions are consciously controlled as much as possible. 2 how conscious one’s mind is of one’s body; 5 one’s sense of intellect; and 8 how aware one is of the transformative powers of the intellect.

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3-6-9, The Creativity Line: Indicates one’s creative resources, and of what kind they are (indicated by the number with the most circles). 3 the forces of physical creativity and bodily functions; 6 one’s intellectual creativity related to their thought processes; and 9 one’s level of spiritual creativity and one’s unconscious mind.

1-5-9, The Communication Line: Indicates the strength of one’s communication skills with others and with one’s self. A lot of circles = strong communication skills, a few circles = weak communication skills. A transverse line linking 1 awareness of personal identity via 5 the senses to 9 awareness of innate talents. Energy flows through all three levels (material, mind and creative) and all three worlds (physical, intellectual and spiritual).

3-5-7, The Effectiveness Line: Indicates one’s administrative resources. Too much strength here tends to encourage one to ride roughshod over those with weaker lines. A transverse energy line linking the three levels of 3 creativity, 5 mind and 7 the material through the three worlds.

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Short Lines: Lines that connect the number pairs 2 & 4, 2 & 6, 8 & 4 and 8 & 6: When energy flows here it indicates how feelings (2 & 8) flow into thought (4 & 6).

Defective Lines: When name diagrams only contain 2, 3 or 4 numbers that are connected in some way (since energy flows between all of the numbers) but containing no full energy lines they are dominated by a specific number, rather than a line. These lines are special, perhaps even unique.

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Vertical Lines

1-2-3, Physical Body World - Indicates one's ability to know their identity (1),
feel with the conscious mind (2), and perform actions (3). These are physical beings.

4-5-6, Intellect World - Indicates one's ability to express logical thoughts or instincts (4),
use their senses (5), and use the higher abstract intellect capable of imagination, theory and
creative thought (6).

7-8-9, Spiritual World - Indicates one's grasp of the limits of the material world (7),
transformative powers of the unconscious mind (8), and the spiritually creative awareness of our innate talents.

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Horizontal Lines

1-4-7, Earthbound World of Material Reality - Indicates how one is seen as a physical being (1), how
well equipped one's logical intellect is (4), and how deeply one is bound by the limitations of matter (7).

2-5-8, Transformative Energy of the Mind - Indicates how conscious one's mind is of one's body (2),
one's sense of intellect (5), and how aware one is of the transformative powers of the intellect (8).

3-6-9, Creativity World - Indicates the forces of physical creativity of bodily functions (3), one's
intellectual creativity in relation to thought processes (6), and one's level of spiritual creativity
in relation to one's unconscious mind (9).

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Diagonal Lines

1-5-9 - A transverse energy line that links awareness of personal identity (1) viat the senses (5) to
awareness of innate talents (9). Energy flows through all three levels (material, mind and creative) and all
three worlds (physical, intellectual and spiritual).

3-5-7 - A tranverse enrgy line that links the three levels of creativity (3), mind (5) and the material (7)
through the three worlds.

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Name Numbers

To calculate your name number, transform the letters of your name into numbers
using the chart here and then calculate the sum of those digits.

The following descriptions are very general in scope:

1 People who are remembered – they attract attention in some way, as their identity reveals itself through their name diagram. They bear their name with certainty and self-awareness. They manage reasonably well in life, especially if their fate number is also 1. They would not perceive themselves as losers. The number one carries strength with it and these people can’t be distracted from their main task in life.

2 People who express gentleness and mildness, peaceable by nature. They have a calming effect on their surroundings and always offer words of comfort. Those with the same fate number experience great changes in their lives because the number 2 has a built-in element of instability. This name number is a stabilizing influence for those lacking harmony in other spheres of life. The number 2 brings success to one’s private life in particular.

3 People whose number encourages them to be successful in life, three gives them courage. They are convincing and often masters of their chosen field. Those with the same fate number will be capable of reaching a high position in society. Those with the same psychic number may even find fame. These are people who are always capable of action.

4 People who face obstacles to success in life. The cautiousness of number four prevents one from taking the necessary chances to make a breakthrough. They are slower in their reactions than average and often suspicious of people and situations. They have few friends and may have difficulties trusting even these. They ask many questions and don’t have an overall view of things; however, they are very good at details. They are hardworking and reliable, but lack trust in themselves.

5 People who are communicative, friendly, lively and popular. Those with the same fate number will find success. They almost take material comfort for granted and a pleasant life is the norm. Education and work come easy and can’t imagine living without an active social life.

6 Suitable for musicians, artists and poets. People who are likeable and charming, but somewhat unstable. They love beauty (shapes and colors) and are interested in their fellow human beings and in nature, the occult and spiritual sciences.

7 People who are serious, loyal and stable. Those with the same fate and psychic numbers often suffer from sadness and depression. The psychic sets limits to seven’s faith. Those with only the same fate number can have a good life, especially those who are interested in mysticism. Those with five as a fate or psychic number have strong internal conflicts. All other numbers go well with seven.

8 People with the same fate and psychic numbers will be troubled with a difficult life full of unpredictable events. The number eight isn’t always easy to handle. Those with the psychic numbers 1, 3 or 6, are friendly and popular. The number one increases their sense of their own identity, the number 3 gives one courage in their convictions, and the number six gives them a general view of things and charm. Difficulties are easy to bear for number eights.

9 People who are honest, creative and independent. This number facilitates progress on the spiritual level. People who develop their own spiritual awareness by encountering others with a high level of spiritual awareness. People who benefit from doing ritual and religious exercises. They have a natural ability to tap into their unconscious knowledge of former lives and use this to sort out many difficulties in this life. Their routines of life are lighter than most people’s. They are capable of loving with a pure heart.

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Borrowing Names

In Relationship to Others:

To study a relationship between two people, first draw name diagrams for each of the individuals. Then make a new diagram by swapping their surnames. For example, Jane Doe and Tom Jones would become Jane Jones and Tom Doe. Comparing the two diagrams show what energy resources each individual gives and receives to and from the other.

Inner Partnership With Self:

Your inner partner is symbolized by that part of our name diagram that is undeveloped – those numbers that have only a few circles around them, in comparison to the other numbers in the diagram.

When someone’s name changes, as in marriage, the name number often changes too. This change may satisfy some needs of the person, but it does not change the psychic or fate number. The exchange of energy attached to the new name only occurs while the relationship lasts in terms of physical, intellectual or spiritual bonds.

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Psychic (or Fate) Numbers

The psychic number is calculated by adding the numbers of the day and mot of one’s birth together.

Ones Twos Threes Fours Fives Sixes Sevens Eights Nines

Ones – People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th are folks who are extroverted and posses marked leadership potential. They are active in their masculine characteristics predominate. They invariably draw attention to themselves in some way. They behave in a clear, unambivalent manner. They are excellent candidates for management. They are resourceful and have a clear sense of their own identity. They are the most flamboyant of those with this psychic number. This is often expressed through clothes, body language and habits. Their ego is more obvious than with other types of the number one.

10th - People who are the least independent of the one’s. The number 0 instills a lack of desire for leadership obligations. They don’t mind letting others get the honor for being the leader. The number zero adds an element of chaos of these individual’s independence, who are often distracted from being leaders but are still resourceful nevertheless.
19th – People without the clarity of ego of those born on the first. They are easily distracted from their ambitions and may be very idealistic in aiming at higher, unrealistic goals. The lack of clarity in ego may raise their consciousness in other respects, but may also make them less effective. They tend to be distracted by their innate talents and often neglect the resources available here and now. They tend to rest on their laurels and not pay much attention to their present tasks. They should remember they are ones and try to keep a balance between talents, which can be left to look after themselves, and resources, which should be cultivated and exploited.
28th – People with the psychic number one who are the most talented and least competitive. Behind the strong masculine value of one is a strong contrast to the femininity of the numbers 2 and 8. These people tend to lack ego consciousness (positive), yet are the personification of ego consciousness (negative). Passivity and an overemotional reaction pattern makes reaching personal goals difficult. They dress more discreetly than other ones.

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Twos – People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th.

2nd – Pure twos are sensitive, protective and reserved because feminine characteristics dominate here. They are loving and open, but if treated unfairly, they never forgieve and forget. They usually have a far better memory than average. They are loyal and hard workers, but have difficulty in maintaining a sense of their own identity and so are clearly less ego conscious.

11th – People with complex characteristics. This number is best compared to those born on the 28th, because it’s equal to number ones with the lowest and highest feminine numbers (2 & 8). For elevens, it is the other way around. Number eleven consists of two ones, double-ego consciousness and masculine characteristics, and their sun is psychic number two, showing strong feminine characteristics. They may be feminine, but usually with a stronger ego than other twos. Women of this number are more feminine than men, whose masculine attributes tend to be very strong.

20th – People with an almost boundless sensitivity from the number zero. These people show tremendous human warmth and kindness. They tend to not be aware of their own egos, as zero with two adds an element of chaos to their psyche. Self-control isn’t easy for 20ths, but it is normally easier for females than males.

29th – 2 + 9 = 11, 1+ 1 = 2. These are the most ambivalent of the twos. People who possess a mix of sensitivity and idealism, characteristics often associated with social work and service to humankind.

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Threes – People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.

3rd – People of action. They need not be the most ambitious, because they know what they want and reach their goals without using much conscious energy. Their gender, here, is important. Men usually get further than women, even without a three in their name. The competitive three is best suited for men in our society. Women with the psychic number of three almost always need a strong three in their name to attain success, in order to have the necessary drive and to act creatively.

12th – People who are ambivalent. A highly complex person who is mainly active and extroverted. Distractions caused by emotions and feelings prevent an unconditional desire to act. Upon maturing and gaining self-understanding, they achieve greater satisfaction than those born on the third, because both halves of their brain are active. They are capable of experiencing the world in a greater variety of ways than third borns.

21st – People who are similar to 12ths, but more feminine and with an ego presence. They must find a balance between positive and negative forces, so that the focus is more on philosophical, introverted, feminine, well-considered and creative things.

30th – People with great personal creativity. There is not necessarily an emphasis on the personal element in that action is strongly influenced by uncontrollable impulses. People with a devil-may-care attitude; one who always ends up in a fight, is not necessarily aware of their own drive, and is kept going by an irresistible desire to act. The urge to act for the sake of acting, not necessarily to reach a goal.

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Fours – People who are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st.

4th – People who are practical, logical and analytical. Their intellect controls their feminine and introverted psyche. They may have such well-developed logical abilities that they find it hard to express feelings and be creative on a personal level. It may be hard for these people to develop deep, intimate relationships, because they always use up energy protecting their integrity. A strong two in their name diagram will help to balance this.

13th – People who have trouble combining the two masculine, extroverted characteristics awareness of ego an ability to act with the feminine, to give an intellectual characteristic that makes them logical and analytical. The ability to act is ruled by the intellect. The decisive factor whether their name diagram is dominated by a 1, 3 or 4.

22nd – A very strong number, consisting of 2 + 2 (the emotional) and the sum, four (the intellectual). This number is essentially feminine, introverted and passive. The number of Tao – a mystical number requiring a high degree of consciousness for the psyche to manage in the material world. How this number finds expression depends greatly on the numbers in the name diagram – the tools available for handling the psyche. Their potential is great.

31st – These people are the same as those born on the 13th, but with fewer difficulties because of a greater ability to act that helps them to handle any perceived limitations of personal resources. The basic element of their characters is logic, supported by a strong, ego-driven desire to act.

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Fives – People who are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd.

5th – The number of the senses and the essence of being human. Symbolizes spaciousness, desire to learn, generosity and the expansive. Being central in the thing that is human. They may be too tolerant: to err is human. They may also lack a sense of discrimination and fall prey to their senses.

14th – People with an awareness of ego and logic, and practical and analytical abilities. A balanced number combining two earthbound elements. Unlike 5th borns, they don’t use their sense without discrimination, intelligence is an aid to the senses, they have an eye for detail and usually have a better memory.

23rd – Sensitivity and an ability to act combine here, and can satisfy the needs of the senses. They are relaxed, but also dynamic and creative people. They are open, tolerant and require a lot of space, yet also leave room for others. They are well-balanced and can be very inspiring to others, as well. They are also relatively energetic and can be impatient when faced with delays. The feminine two ensures awareness of their emotions; the masculine three ensures awareness of personal creativity and the need to act with conviction.

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Sixes – People who are born on the 6th, 15th and 24th.

6th – People who want to avoid conflict by seeking harmony and perfection. They are not interested in details; they concentrate on the overall picture. They have a good imagination and see things clearly. Shape, color and creativity matter to them – contents not so much. They find it easy to give and receive love because ego isn’t important to them.

15th – People similar to 6th borns, but with an awareness of their own resources and the senses distracts them from finding balance and harmony in their endeavors, and may be disturbing for them in their attempts to reach perfection. Their ego makes it hard for them to control their senses.

24th – People who are sensitive and rational. They are more like pure sixes because the are less aware of their personal resources. They have an unstable mind and have difficulties in finding peace of mind (the ultimate goal of sixes). They may have more contact with reality and 6th borns. They can find an easier balance between form and content. This balance can be complicated by their wish for an overall picture of things while at the same time attending to every detail. Logic plays a role (the number four), but doesn’t harmonize well with 6’s nature.

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Sevens – People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th.

7th – People who insist that everything be in the right place. They have less scope than other people. They also have a sense of responsibility and wish to be seen as reliable. They tend to judge others in the same way. Their weakness is their unshakable faith in the reality of the material world. A belief in transformation is hindered by the belief that material values are supreme. They can be easily disappointed when order of plans are disrupted.

16th – 1 + 6 = 7, creating a higher awareness of their own resources an of the overall view of things in general. Harmony is essential here (the number 6), but not at any cost. The psychic number 7 demands perfection and harmony with limitations: not too much scope is allowed. Tolerance is lower than average for sevens.

25th – people whose combination of emotions, the mind and awareness of senses determines their limits. They sometimes lose their comprehensive view of things and there are no set limits. They are less stable with a wider scope than pure sevens. Limits may be adjusted according to emotional criteria and desire. Because 25 is 5 squared, a higher awareness of the senses is an aid to the setting of limits.

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Eights – People who are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th.

8th – These are the most difficult people to describe. Their limits are never fixed so time is not important to them. They don’t understand themselves very well, yet expect and demand understanfing from others, without revealing too much about themselves. They are content with keeping their spiritual nature a secret, sometimes even to themselves. They is a risk that they will live in a material reality (often very successfully) and forget that what they are actually aiming for is transformation.

17th – People who are less extreme than pure eights, because limits are constantly kept in mind and this makes them more stable. They are also more aware of their ego which makes it easier for them to come to terms with material reality.

26th – More high-flying than other eights. Their creative way of thinking and feelings equal a more varied view of transformation, but they may lose contact with reality. They are passive, flighty and more careful, therefore they don’t normally achieve as much as 17s. How they may succeed if they concentrate on their intellectual creativity and ability to find the right balance.

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Nines – People who are born on the 9th, 18th and 27th.

9th - Karma plays such an important role here that the psyche is hard to assess. They usually have a low awareness of ego. They have ingrained habits which are decisive. In an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, depending on their level of personal karma. They tend to rely on innate talents. Their sense of their own resources only develops later on.

18th – They are more conscious of their ego than pure nines. They have above average capabilities because of their awareness of dharma. An awareness of personal resources helps them to concentrate on their present life (the number 8) rather than dwelling on past lives (the number 9). Innate talents don’t weigh as heavily as with pure nines.

27th – People with the possibility of getting somewhere in life. 27 is 3 cubed, so symbolizes the highest level of personal creativity. Such people have an awareness of the highest ideals of spiritual creativity, as well, since 27 also = 2 + 7 + 9. Here it is “either/or:” if the person has attained transformation, the seven doesn’t prevent growth. Wisdom is put to the test and these beings have to ask themselves, “What have I learned this time?”

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These are patterns that describe the accumulation of energy in isolated clumps.
In these patterns, the energy often has nowhere to consciously go and so spreads
everywhere unconsciously. These are patterns where one or more of the numbers is
isolated from the others.

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