Any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between
numbers and physical objects and/or living things.
The information presented here will help you to better understand yourself and your life's path.

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Number Assignments

Use this chart to assign a number to each of the letters in your full name.
The sum of the numbers is your Name Number.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z -

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Numerology Diagram

3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7

For personality analysis, copy this diagram onto a sheet of paper and
draw one circle around each number as it appears in your name.
The number of circles around the number indicates the power of
that number and any lines that it is a part of and therefore, it's
influence on your personality. Read on to find out just what this means.

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Number Characteristics

Number Characteristics
1 Being, ego, leadership, personal resources and personal identity.
2 Duality, feelings, caring, either/or – imbalance. The conscious mind.
3 Personal creativity, action, forcefulness, initiative and service.
4 Logical thought, practicality, instincts, the concrete and the material world.
5 The senses, expansion, flexibility, tolerance and learning.
6 Intellectual creativity, imagination, fantasy, abstract thinking and theory.
7 Setting limits, time, material attachments, the limits of the material world and the bridge to the spiritual realm.
8 The unconscious mind, transformation of the material, timeless space, both/and – balance and Dharma: doing what has to be done.
9 Humanitarian, compassionate, romantic, selfless, generous, philanthropic, loving, wisdom, idealist, artistic, spiritual healer, all-allowing, otherworldly, blending.

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Energy Patterns

Energy patterns are restricted in the range of energy sources of which one is
aware and represent intense energy forms – usually entirely dominated
by a single number. Examine your diagram carefully to determine where
problems are the greatest. Where there are no full lines there are
always problems with effectiveness and communication (if masculine numbers
are missing), or problems relating to feelings and thoughts (if feminine
numbers are missing).

Click on the chart that resembles yours. If none of these charts looks like yours, click here
to analyze your chart line-by-line, or here to analyze it by archetypes (isolated numbers).

The Effective Earthbound Body

1-2-3 = Physical Body Line
1-4-7 = Material World Line
3-5-7 = Effectiveness Line

This pattern indicates the energy available to one and how easy they
find it to use. The ability to communicate, their creative consciousness
and their understanding of spiritual resources are areas where they would need
to improvement. Their awareness of the energy of the numbers 6, 8 and
9 and the lines with these numbers are a part of what is underdeveloped in some way.

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The Creative Communicative Body

1-2-3 = Physical Body Line
1-5-9 = Communication Line
3-6-9 = Creativity Line

The energy here is easy for this one to use, relatively speaking.
Awareness of the earthbound and practical energy involving the setting
of limitations; and spiritual energy needed to satisfy the longings of the
soul, preparing for the acknowledgment of self: these areas need improvement.

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The Thinking Body

1-2-3 = Physical Body Line
4-5-6 = Intellectual Line

Such people need to learn to improve their consciousness of spiritual values,
such as acknowledgement of their spiritual goals, a sense of their destiny and
an awareness of their responsibility for themselves. Otherwise, they will have
difficulty in communication, among other things. Such people tend to inevitably
be unaware of where they’re actually going. However, Body consciousness is high
and the intellect is well developed.

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The Effective Creative Spirit

3-5-7 = Effectiveness Line
3-6-9 = Creativity Line
7-8-9 = Spiritual Line

Difficulties lie in developing an awareness of the importance of
their bodies and consciousness of their identity and personal resources.
They also need to learn to take the material world into account in their
daily lives, developing more practical skills.

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The Communicative Earthbound Spirit

1-4-7 = Material World Line
1-5-9 = Communication Line
7-8-9 = Spiritual Line

Such people have difficulty in developing body consciousness and
control of the conscious mind, and so freeing themselves from their
attachments to the material world (by being aware of their creative
resources) and resisting the temptation of getting bogged down by details.

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The Thinking Spirit

4-5-6 = Intellect Line
7-8-9 = Spiritual Line

Those with difficulty in being aware of their egos and thus find it
hard to respect those of others. They struggle to acknowledge the
vulnerability of their conscious mind, by which they often tend to be
ruled. They find It difficult to control their urge to create and so
therefore reduce their level of activity. They tend not to respect their
own bodies or the bodies of others.

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The Emotional Earthbound

1-4-7 = Material World Line
2-5-8 = Emotions Line

People with this chart have difficulty inn controlling their irresistible
urge to create, in spite of being so bound to the material world. They
find it hard to clearly see their spiritual goals and to realize their
innate talents.

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The Emotional Creative

3-6-9 = Creativity Line
2-5-8 = Emotions Line

Ones with difficulty in having a realistic idea of the way in which the
real world works. They struggle to practice what they preach and are
unable to assess their personal resources (as opposed to their innate talents
which they understand too well). They have to strive to make their excessive
creativity into tangible reality. They find it hard to discover who they
really are and can’t easily set limits to anything other than their own desires.

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The Full House

All the sources of energy are active in the awareness of this individual.
May express the concept of a “jack of all trades,” as well as the possibility
of mastering any one of them. There could be too many resources to choose from here.

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Masculine and Feminine Numbers

Masculine: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. These numbers characterize active and extroverted energy.
Feminine: 2, 4, 6 and 8. These numbers characterize passive and introverted energy.

These terms aren’t sexual determinants. However, women without a numerological awareness of
the dimension of emotions have difficulty controlling their emotions, and men lacking masculine
numbers have a hard time communicating.

Masculine: Where masculine numbers dominate, more dynamic forces govern the name diagram:
1) identity and resourcefulness
3) personal creativity and performance
5) the senses
7) strict observance of rules and the setting of limits
9) the exploration of innate talents.

Feminine: Where feminine numbers dominate, the more passive forces of the
emotions (2 & 8) and the intellect (4 & 6) tend to come to the fore. The numbers form
a diamond pattern and represent the introvert, human, receptive characteristics of feeling
and thought (emotion and intellect).

Males with a strong emphasis on feminine numbers in their names usually have an easier time
at expressing their feelings. Females with a strong emphasis on feminine numbers usually have
great strength in personal creativity.

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