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Children's Spells
Promises Relaxation Safety


This spell should be cast on a Thursday to accentuate commitment.

Fill a small container with Jelly Beans (in mystical tradition, beans improve our ability to judge situations wisely), and bless the container by saying:

  “Help me do as I say,
Let this magick start today.
A promise kept is a promise made
Let my promises never fade.”

The child can then eat one or two Jelly Beans daily to improve their dedication to promises.


With children the concept of downtime seems to be almost non-existent. Yet, teaching children to relax is important so that they learn self-control. This spell is designed to improve a child’s ability to calm down.

A white or blue airtight container
7 almonds
7 pieces of sugar free blueberry flavored gum.

Have the child put the gum and almonds into the container by the light of a waxing moon, while saying:

  “When taken within
Calm will begin.
Like an anchor of tranquility
Self-control grows in me.”

They can then carry the container with them eating one of the candies and reciting the incantation whenever they need a more peaceful demeanor. Refill and recharge as necessary.


One cup of baking soda
One teaspoon each of dried mint (finely chopped) and powdered clove

  Have the child mix these things together on a bright sunny day, stirring in a clockwise direction, saying:

“Light without, light within
Let this magick spell begin.
Keep me guarded well, sage to be
Knowing the light walks with me.”

Whenever you or your child are feeling fearful sprinkle this mixture in their shoes before the leave the house.

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Meditations for Children
Confidence & Self-control Health Light Within Protection

Children have a hard time meditating, they are easily distracted. Nonetheless, short meditations can prove very beneficial, especially to those that are hyper or experience attention deficit disorder. Even a minute or two of thoughtfulness gives these children an opportunity to regulate themselves in a quiet sage environment. Meditation helps children discover themselves and there spiritual path over time. Even brief 2 – 5 min meditations increase a child’s natural connection to Spirit. Until a child gets older you’ll probably have to sit and walk them through these (they’re written for reading out loud). Your voice will become a mentor, a steady, guiding force. In helping the child achieve their goals. Since children have good imaginations, it’s easy for them to follow the imagery you create with words. Afterwards it’s good to talk to the child about their experiences. This helps with the integration process and gives them a chance to ask about symbols or feelings they don’t understand.

Confidence and Self-control: This meditation is designed to help children feel more self-governed and self-assured.

Close your eyes and relax. Shake out your hands and arms, then let them rest. Shrug your shoulders, then let them rest. Now I want you to imagine yourself as a tree. Your back is the tree’s trunk. It’s strong and has roots that reach way down into the ground (earth). Your arms are branches with leaf fingers that touch the sky.

While you’re standing in the woods, the wind picks up. The trees branches move, dancing with it, but the trunk stays firm. Next comes a storm. The winds sound angry and try to push you every which way. Your trunk still stands firm. Your roots hold you, hugging the earth (ground) with every ounce of strength.

So when other kids yell or push, even when fear or doubt seem to be wining, those roots are there for you. They connect you to the earth and to others so you can stand strong and stay in control, no matter what you have to face. When you feel weak or scared, think of the tree and let it give you strength. (Bring the child back to normal awareness.)

Health: Being stuck in bed actually affords a good opportunity to practice guided meditation with a child. It will also inspire sound sleep.

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re in a large pool of warm bubbly water. You’re floating on top of the water, which is glittery with stars. The glitter seems to tickle and warm your skin, like a fuzzy shirt.

As you float, part of the glitter slowly takes a solid form – one piece at a time like a puzzle. The shape isa bandage, but it sparkles like dew. The bandage moves to you and wraps (the afflicted region of the child’s body). As it does, any discomfort begins to fade away, and you feel sleepy and dreamy. Say, “I am healthy, I am well” with me (repeat at least 3 times). The waves rock you back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, gently and slowly (Repeat this part of the visualization until the child seems really relaxed or falls asleep naturally.)

Light Within: Children have a very simple concept of God, and it’s one of the things that should be fostered, along with an understanding of Spiritual energy. This meditation does both:

Light a candle. Get comfortable and watch the flame. See how it twists, turns, and dances. Watch this until you can imagine it clearly with your eyes closed, then close your eyes.

See the flame hovering over the area of you heart. Slowly the flame comes closer to your skin, but it doesn’t burn you at all. It’s just warm and tingly. Next the flame begins to twirl clockwise. It spins around and around faster and faster until it spins into your heart – just like water spins into a drain. As it does you feel very special and filled with energy. The flame inside feels warm like before, but fills your body.

This flame is your soul, what makes you very special and unique, and it’s part of the Great Spirit. It is always inside you – to give you strength whenever you feel you need it most. Whenever you feel bad, think about the flame and see it dancing happily. You’ll start to feel happier. (Bring the child back to awareness.)

Protection: The world being what it is today, children need spiritual protection, too. They are bombarded with images and thoughts that are not necessarily positive or life affirming. This visualization gives them the “hamster ball” of protection that they can easily see anytime.

See yourself in your mind, just as you are now. Above your head the sun is shining brightly. As it shines, the beams of light seem to pour down and begin forming a ball around you. More and more light seems to pour into the ball until a shimmering circle surrounds you – above your head, below you feet, to your right, to your left, in front of you, and behind you. Inside this sphere you feel totally safe. Nothing bad can reach you in here. Anything bad will bounce right off the wall and back to where it came from. So any time you feel scared, or like someone is trying to hurt you, see this circles and repeat, “I am safe” three times. This will protect you. (bring the child back to awareness.)

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Charms, Amulets & Talismans
Anti-nightmare Blanket Pay Attention Charm Courage Charm Healthy Vitamins

Anti-nightmare Blanket: Sit with the child and their chosen blanket. Both of you hug it tight while holding each other. Let all of your love pour into that cloth, and visualize it being filled with protective light. Bless the cloth by saying, at least three times:

“Things that go bump, the fears of the night
All go away with the Spirit’s light.
Magick in the blanket’s seams
Will bring only the best of dreams.”

Give them the blanket when they go to bed, or place on top of their pillow so they can put their head on the loving, protective energy you’ve created.

  Pay Attention Charm: Have the child make a bunch of paper book covers. When the covers are done, have them dab the four corners with a mixture of lavender and rosemary oil (peace and memory improvement) saying:

“North and South, East and West,
Help me do my very best!”

Teach the child to touch the four corners in the order given, and how to mentally recite the power phrase when they feel their mind wandering. When the aroma on the covers wanes, just add a little more oil and repeat the incantation to refresh the magick.

  Courage Charm: On a day when the moon is waxing, or when the sun is in Leo, take a box of black tea bags, and have the child hold the box in the palm of their hand. They should imagine it being filled with a color of light that they associate with courage, red is very common. Then, together, say:

“Courage within let the magick begin.
When placed in a cup, let courage erupt.
When I drink the tea, there’s courage in me!”

Give the child one tea bag to keep with them (possibly with a cup in their lunch box). They can make the tea anytime they want to internalize the magick. Keep the other bags at home in an accessible place.

  Healthy Vitamins: For this edible amulet you will need a container of children’s vitamins. You and your child will be energizing these together, so each day they can internalize the magick of wellness through the medium that emphasizes that goal (the vitamin). If you want to add special timing to this, energize the vitamins in sunlight, which is considered healthful, or by a waning moon so any malady “shrinks”. Visualize the vitamins being filled with spring – green light – and repeat this incantation three times (for physical, mental, and spiritual health):

“Good health to win, when taken within
sickness depart, good health impart.”

Have the child take one each day, repeating the power phrase with them as they do.

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Children's Blessing

“Bless me, Mother, for I am your child.
Bless my eyes, so that I may see your path.
Bless my nose, so that I may breathe in your essence.
Bless my mouth, so that I may speak to you.
Bless my breast, so that I may be faithful in my work.
Bless my loins, which bring forth the life of men and women as you have brought forth all creation.
Bless my feet, that I may walk in your path and in your ways."

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Bedtime Blessing
By Tannev

Lord and Lady,
Bless me as I sleep
Keep me safe within your arms
As round me nighttime creeps.
I ask you also, if you will,
To watch over the ones I love –
Here’s my list of those who need
Some blessings from above.
Blessings on…

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Children's Animal Guide Ritual

Animal Guide: Most children have a natural affinity for animals. This ritual is designed to help them find a personal animal guide that can stay with them and support them through the most difficult parts of growing up.

You’ll need a small piece of bread, a celery leaf, seeds and a bowl of water for each child. These are left on the altar until needed. You will also need one nine-inch strand of yellow yarn for each child participating.

Rhyming invocations help children remember them better. Older children can write some of their own. This particular invocation ends in the North to emphasize the earth and its creatures. If possible enact the circle outdoors – it proves far more successful.

In the East say: “Lord of the Wind, come dance and play, join us in sacred space today.”
In the South say: “Lord of the Fires, warm us within, so our magick can begin.”
In the West say: “Lady of the Water, fill us with cheer, cleanse and protect everyone here.”
In the North say: “Lady of the Earth, reveal your spirits, let them join in this circle with us.”

The Ritual:
Have each child take the seeds, celery, bread, and a bowl of water to a spot in the circle, facing outward. Have them pour out the water, sprinkle the seeds, break the bread, and toss he celery leaves out to the ground saying: “Spirit animals of water, earth, air and fire, take our gifts our dreams inspire.”

Next give each child the yellow yarn. Have them tie three knots into it saying:

“With the knot of one, my magick’s begun.
With the knot of two, let my dreams come true.
With the knot of three, bring my guide to me!”

Every night for the next three days the children should keep the yarn knots under their pillow and a dream journal handy. If a spirit animal is to come, it will reveal itself in these dreams.

Closing the circle:
The circle will close in the North to honor the earth again.

In the West say: “Waves and rain, waves and rain, merry part and merry meet again.”
In the South say: “fire and flame, fire and flame, return freely from where you came.”
In the East say: “Air and wind, wind and air, move our power, our magick bear.”
In the North say: “Earth and stone, earth and stone, stay with us, till we’re safely home.”

Take time after the ritual to let the children discuss the experience and verbalize what they think different animals might represent, and why.

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