Gypsy Magick is based in the knowledge and use of mi douvals zee - the heart, or life, of God. Zee energy is a great primeval intelligence that grants life and form to all creatures and ideas. In other cultures it is referred to as prana, earth energy, the Tao, etc.

The first step to performing Gypsy Magick is learning to recognise and control zee energy. In order to do this, one must practice relaxation, what the Taoists refer to as non-action, and must of us know as meditation.

*Just a suggestion - Practice this form of meditation before attempting any of the techniques on the following pages.*

In this form of meditation one begins by allowing one's mind to become quiet. For practicing Gypsy Magick, this is best performed outdoors. Find a place where you can lie comfortably in the grass, or recline against a rock or a tree, allowing your body to be, literally, connected to nature. If being indoors is your only option, create a space filled with harmony and life. Surround yourself with plants. Burn some relaxing incense, and maybe even some candles. Create an atmosphere that allows you to feel relaxed and separate from the rest of the world. Once you are situated and comfortable, simply allow your mind to wander. You may do this with your eyes opened or closed, which ever is easier and more enjoyable for you. Notice the flowers and trees, listen to the sounds of the birds and frogs, hear the wind rustle the leaves of the trees, allow the distant sounds of vehicles and people to blend into your subconscious.

Slowly your mind will become silent. As your mind begins to quiet, feel your body becoming less solid, your skin dissipating, until it no longer forms a barrier between you and the outside world. See the zee energy surrounding you, flowing through the sky above and the ground below you. Feel it vibrating all around your body, a soft and warm blue light gently carressing your entire being.

Slowly and deeply inhale, feeling the mi douvals zee filling you with its warmth and energy. Feel it tingling as it permeates your every pore, your entire being breathing its essence into your very soul.

Continue breathing in this way until you feel your entire being filled to bursting with this vibrant, glowing light. Then, slowly, feel your skin becoming solid again, forming a barrier to hold this energy within you. See the light moving from your hands, feet and head, through your arms and legs and chest, into the center of your torso. Form this light into a bright blue ball over your solar plexus. Focus on the ball of energy, taking comfort in its presence as your personal store of universal energy, then form a protective cover to seal the light securely and deeply within yourself until you need to use it.

If you can, perform this meditation once a day, otherwise just do it as often as you can. Even if you aren't able to complete the exercise each time, because of outside interuptions or because you fall asleep, it is still good to spend a few moments of each day sitting in quietude.

The next step in the meditaion is for one to activate their chakras. Chakras are concentrated points of energy located throughout the human body. The most common chakras, and those that will be focused on here, are the seven major energy points located at intervals down the center of one's body.

Each chakra has its own color and function, as follows:

Crown - Violet - Spiritual lessons, psychic power, clairty, fulfillment.
Brow - Indigo - Telepathy, mediumship, psyhic communication, intuition.
Throat - Electric Blue - Psychic change and control, creativity, healing.
Heart - Green - Love, growth, wealth, generosity, nature.
Solar Plexus - Yellow - The most important chakra for effectively controling and directing energy.
Spleen - Orange - Will-power, intelligence, logic. Base of Spine - Red - Vitality, sex-drive, personal attraction, power.

For more about chakras, including how to activate them, click here.

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