Flowers for Magick A List of Helpful Flowers Potted Magick

Flowers for magick

Flowers are great to use when there is a lot of emotion involved, especially love, naturally.
They are moderately easy to use, and most are available at any flower shop. The more flowers
you have, the more effective the spell will be.

In Air Magick
Visualize the flower encompassing you. Or write your wish on a piece of paper and place it
under the vase containing the flower until it blooms. To answer a question, place it beside
your bed for a revealing dream.

In Fire Magick
Wear or burn the essence of the flower while speaking your will.
Or burn a candle beside the flower until it opens.

In Water Magick
Throw the flower in a body of water and speak your will. Or soak the petals in water all night
under a full moon and drink it while calling the powers.

In Earth Magick
Surround yourself with flowers, or plant its seed while concentrating on your goal
(obviously this is a long term spell).

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Here is a list of helpful flowers:

Water Lily - Relieves emotional pain.
Daisy - Simplicity, clarity, playfulness.
Lavender - Honesty, truth.
White Lily - Spiritual awareness.
Cornflower - Abundance, fertility.
Sunflower - Strength.
Sweet Violet - Tenderness.
Jasmine - Sexual pleasure.
Rose - Love.
Tulip - Mends a broken heart.

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Potted Magick

Plant together:

For prosperity: Plant together in one pot, marigolds, moneywort, pennyroyal.
For love: parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme.
For protection: rue (don't keep rue near other plants or plant it in the same
container, except for roses); rosemary; fennel, patchouli.
Maiden energy: Parsley, the artemesias.
Mother: Rosemary, thyme.
Crone energy: Sage.
Lord: Tarragon, mint, yarrow, pansies, heart's ease.
Really great pasta: oregano or marjoram, basil, rosemary, a tomato and a bell pepper.

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