Painting by Cebarre


Direction: South
Time: Noon
Season: Summer
Faeries: Flame Dancers & the Phoenix
Animals: Salamander, Lizard, & Snakes
Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Aries & Leo
Colors: Red, Orange, Gold, Crimson, White & Peridot
Tools: Wands & Candles
Oils: Lime, Orange, Neroli & Citronella
Gods: Vulcan, Horus, Ra, Agni & Hephaestus
Goddesses: Pele, Freya, Vesta, Hestia & Brigid
Rulership: Creativity, passion & energy. Blood & healing. Destruction & temper. Faery fire, phosphorescence and Will O-the Wisps. The sun, volcanoes, flame, lava, bonfires & the desert.

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Elemental Symbols

Greek God: Hephaistos & Hades
Roman God: Vulcan
Plants: All scarlet flowers represent fire, only because of their stimulating perfume.
Stones: Fire Opal suggests the appearance of fire rising from the blackness of the matter which it consumes.
Perfumes: Olibanum = Fire in the incense of Moses.

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Spells & Rituals

Fire Reading the Gypsy Way

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