Magickal Clay

1 Cup Flour
2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1/4 Cup Consecrated Sea Salt
1 Cup Water (infused with herbs)
1 teaspoon Anointing Oil
Food Coloring

Charge herbs with specific energy. Pour 1 cup boiling water over
herbs and steep 10 min. Strain out herbs and tint water corresponding
color with food coloring. Pour water in a saucepan and add flour,
cream of tarter, salt and oil. Stir deosil over medium flame until it
resembles play dough. Remove from heat and cool to touch. Kneed,
charging with positive energy until smooth. Sculpt dough into desired
shape, i.e. Goddess figure,and then let dry overnight. This clay is
great for God and Goddess figures and talismans. You could even use it
to make your own set of

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Magick Bags
Money Bag Protection Bag Divination Bag
Prepare “money bags” during a new moon. Protection and divination bags
can be made at any time. Use at least 3 of the following herbs, if not all
of them, in equal amounts:

Money Bag

High John
Irish Moss

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Protection Bag

Dragon’s Blood
Holly wormwood

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Divination Bag

Uva Ursa

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Psychic Herbal Jar

Fill one jar with the following items:

Allspice (healing)
Basil (protection)
Cloves (protection)
Cinnamon (dream magick)
Fennel Seed (spiritual healing)
Garlic (spiritual purification)
Ginger (Lunar magick)
Marjoram (protection)
Mustard Seed (protection)
Nutmeg (good luck)
Sage (spiritual purification)

The Psychic Herbal Jar is used to enhance your powers both mentally and
physically. Use before scrying or any other type of divination. Inhale
the scent from the jar deeply and shake the jar gently, then cover.

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Psychic Spell Box


A blessed and consecrated box (small wooden box, cigar box, craft box, etc.)
1 large bowl
¼ C lemon grass
1 tsp whole cloves
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp dried orange peel
3 small polished aquamarines
1 small polished citrine
1 small quartz crystal
1 small bottle of rain water (tightly capped)
1 blue candle

Mix the herbs together in the bowl, smell, them, meditate with them for
a couple of minutes as you stir them together with your fingers.

As you do, chant,

“Herb and seed and flower
Lend to me your psychic power.”

Add them to your box.

Next, hold the stones in your hands, visualize and center yourself, and, as you do, chant,

“Moon light, moon bright,
Waterfalls of trembling white
Mirrors of the unseen plain,
In my visions I shall gain.”

Place them in the box with the herbs.

Finally, do the same with the bottle of water chanting,

“Dew and rain, fog and sea
Awaken psychic energy.
This is my will,
So mote it be!”

Place the bottle in the box with all of the other things.

Charge the blue candle. Let it burn for 9 minutes in front of the “open” spell box.

Close the lid of the box. Burn the candle before the spell box everyday, for nine
minutes, until the candle is gone.

Whenever you have need of the box, to help enhance your psychic powers or dreams,
place a blue candle in front of it, open the lid, and slowly chant,

“Conscious mind
Is now blind
Psychic mind
Is now mine.”

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Witch Balls

Witch balls have been around for centuries, but it is nearly impossible (and very
costly) to by one. These silvery balls were once common fixtures in windows,
particularly in England, where they were said to repel evil thoughts and curses. Most
Pagans don’t feel they can spend several hundred dollars to purchase such a ball, even if
they could find one, so here are the instructions to make your own.

You will need:

One clear glass ball or Yule ornament with an opening in one end. If the glass ball
has some kind of design, choose one you like or one you can change with further decoration.
One bottle of silver paint
A few drops of frankincense or patchouli oil
A spool of red thread
A pair of scissors

Cover your working space with newspaper to protect against spills. Take the
metal cap off of the ornament. Carefully pour a little of the silver paint into
the ball and swish it around, until the inside is completely covered. Set it
aside to dry.

When the paint is completely dried, cut the red thread into 3” lengths. Carefully
poke this thread into the open end of the ball. Continue cutting and putting the
thread into the ball until the ball is nearly full. Put in a few drops of oil.
Then put the cap back on the ornament. If it has no cap, seal it with candle wax.

When you hang the ball, chant:

“Symbol of the moon,
symbol of the Lady divine,
reject all negativity,
defend this home (car), me and mine”
(or a similar chant).

This ball can be hung in the window of your home or car. Any negative thoughts
or ill-wishes directed against you are reflected back to the sender. You can also
decorate the outside of the ball with appropriate designs. You can put them onto
wreaths or make them a part of a dried flower arrangement. Programmed for protection,
these little Witch Balls do a very good job.

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Witch Bottles
Cauldron & Candle
The History Of On The Original Uses Modern Witch Bottles
What Do Modern Witch Bottles Contain? On The Hiding Place Some Instructions
Basic Bottle for a Modern Witch For a Capturing Bottle Wiccan Version
Witch-Bottle to Display Final Words

The History of:

The history of Witch-bottles goes back hundreds of years. The origins of this
tradition have been traced back to the 1500’s. They were used most actively
for a couple hundred years, during the same time as the Witch-hunts. After this
period, the tradition slowly waned. The last historical Witch-bottle was found
in a cabin built in the mid 19th century, in Pershore, Worcestershire, UK.

The actual bottle of a traditional Witch, during the 16th and 17th centuries, was
a German stone bottle called a “bartmann” or “bellermine” bottle. Similar bottles
of stone material were also manufactured in Holland and Belgium. The technique
wasn’t mastered in England before the 1660’s, and bartmann bottle manufacturing
was rare in Britain.

The bottle got its name from a cardinal called Bellarmino, only after the Witch-bottle
tradition had already begun. These bottles had a round belly and they were decorated
with a facial image of a grim-looking bearded man and a medallion of stylized floral
or natural imagery.

Even though these bottles were being manufactured actively in Germany long before the
time of Bellarmino, who was against the Reformation, these bottles were given their
familiar name as a satirical comment on the cardinal. His bearded figure even resembled
the typical bearded man depicted on the bottles. Later, the bearded image was taken
to represent the Devil, which was well suited for Witch bottles – after all, Witches
were considered to be people allied with Satan.

Glass bottles were also used, but they weren’t as popular as the bartmann bottles.

Old Witch-bottles contained things like bent iron nails, human hair (head and pubic),
and urine. Urine as an important ingredient of a Witch-bottle has long been known in
folk traditions, but actual findings, with the bottle still containing the substance,
have been rare. However, all of the Witch-bottles founding England, that were tested
for urine, did prove positive. Other traditional items found in Witch-bottles include
small bones, thorns, needles, pieces of wood, and, in some cases, heart-shaped pieces
of cloth.

The bottles were most often found buried under fireplaces, though they were also
found buried in the ground under floorboards, and plastered inside walls. The
fireplace is, from a magickal point of view, a security risk, as it has a straight
connection with the open skies above. It was believed that the curse of a Witch, or
even a Witch herself, in a shape-shifted form, could get into a house through the
fireplace. Another security risk was the doorway, as doors are opened and closed
several times throughout the day. In addition to the fireplace, the bottles were
often hidden near the doorway.

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On The Original Uses

The most active period of Witch-bottle usage and the Witch-hunts don’t coincide by
accident. The fear of Witches produced ways of protecting oneself against them during
times when the slightest misfortune was easily interpreted as being caused by a curse
put on one or another member of the family. Form the point of view of a present day
Witch, the original purpose for building a Witch-bottle wasn’t that pleasant: they were
intended to keep Witches and Witches’ curses away. The contents of a Witch-bottle were
designed to not only divert an attacking Witch, but also to cause her to suffer the agonies
brought on by all the nasty things inside the bottle. To put it simply: to turn the curse
back to the curser.

The urine in the bottle symbolizes the target of the curse. The curser and the target
of the curse were believed to have a strong connection and the curse was believed to
target not only its intended victim, but also the bodily fluids of the target. When the
bottle was placed in a way that made it easier for the curse to meet with the urine (in
the Witch-bottle) before the actual target, the curse hit the bottle and not its intended
victim. This is why the bottles were usually hidden where they were. The importance of
pubic hair and hair, in general, was similar to that of the urine.

Witch-bottles are very much a part of age-old traditions of sympathetic magick with its
intentions of causing pain for the Witch with the contents of the Witch-bottle. According
to folk beliefs, the use of Witch-bottles sometimes brought the Witch herself, writhing in
agony, knocking on the door, begging for somebody to break the Witch-bottle, and promising
to reverse the curse.

The Witch-bottle was believed to be active as long as the bottle remained hidden and
unbroken. People did go through a lot of trouble in hiding their Witch-bottles. Those
buried underneath fireplaces have been found only after the rest of the building has been
torn down, or otherwise disappeared.

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Modern Witch-Bottles

Very generally speaking, the modern day Witch-bottles are very similar to historical
Witch-bottles in their basic structure, even though their intended purpose has changed.
The most common purpose for constructing a Witch-bottle today is capturing negative
energies targeted at the constructor of the bottle, her family, or her home. Even
though some bottles are “mirroring” in nature, they aren’t normally built to cause agony
to the sender of negative energy or the caster of the curse. Some Witch-bottles are
intended to change negative energy into positive and, then, release it into the surrounding
area. This kind of bottle could be classified as a “guard-and protect-bottle.”

The basic structure of Witch-bottles can be used for purposes other than protective:
for financial gain, for helping with artistic creativity, to call forth positive energy
(instead of just filtering out negative energy), for improving health, etc. One could say
that the basic principle is the following: practically speaking, a Witch-bottle is a container
of some sort, usually a jar or a bottle, that is filled with objects and, often, liquids, that
fill a given magickal purpose. The person making the Witch-bottle, or, in other words, the one
casting the bottled spell, can charge the objects, magickally, beforehand, and build the bottle
to work on this charging until the need of renewing the spell arises. Witch-bottles can also be
built to recharge themselves by the energy they “capture” for as long as the bottle stays unbroken,
whether it be years, or centuries.

Instead of magickally charging the items, one can build a bottle that contains powers based upon
its contents, but cumulatively so, resulting in powers greater than the sum of its parts. Also,
this version can be designed to be seasonal or “one time lasts a life time.”

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What do Modern Witch-Bottles Contain?

The typical contents of the basic protective Witch-bottle today is quite similar to that
of the traditional one: bent iron nails (some say they are better if they are old and rusty,
while others say clean and unused are best), thorns, rusty razor blades, broken glass, or
pieces of broken mirror (some say breaking a mirror for Witch-bottle use causes bad luck, others
say that it will only cause bad luck to the people sending the negative energies to the bottle’s
creator), or other sharp and dangerous “nasties”, urine of the bottle’s builder, and even blood
(menstrual and other). One could also use semen as the masculine counterpart for menstrual blood.
The bottle is often a common tight-lidded glass jar, or a bottle with a rather wide mouth.

Other types of Witch-bottles may contain sand, or different colored sands, crystals, stones,
knotted threads, herbs, spices, resin, flowers, candles (no, you won’t burn them inside the
bottle), incense (you won’t burn it either), votive candles, salt, vinegar, oil, coins, saw
dust, ashes, etc., etc. Actually, everything used in “normal” spells can be used in this bottled
version of a spell, the Witch-bottle.

Additional materials include candles and/or wax to seal the bottle or jar with. The rest
of the materials depend on the ritual in question (if any) and the religion of the bottle’s builder.

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On The Hiding Place

A pagan living in their own house may be able to hide the Witch-bottle in the traditional
way, under the fireplace, under the floor, on in the walls. However, it is more common to
buy the bottle in the yard, in a place where nobody will accidentally break it while digging
in the garden. One such place is behind stones under the stairs. For a pagan living in a
terraced house, burying the bottle in the garden should work well – as long as you are careful
not to attract too much attention to yourself while you are burying it curing the correct phase
of the moon, at night, with just a candle for light, while wearing suspicious looking garments.

Apartments can be a difficult place to live in when you’re trying to find somewhere to hide
a Witch-bottle. Or, at least it may seem like that! Digging a hole and burying the bottle
in the yard may not only be difficult, but also, quite likely, not allowed. Nosy kids can dig
the bottle up and hurt themselves on its contents. Not to mention that in the right (or wrong)
neighborhood it could cause lots of trouble for the pagan attempting to hide a bottle in the yard.

However, the situation is not that impossible! The bottle doesn’t need to be situated near
the home in order for it to work. If you are constructing a bottle intended to be a personal
safety guard, it can be buried in a forest or sunk in a swamp. With a Witch-bottle designed to
guard a given home and those living in it, you can use a large flowerpot placed by the front door,
or on the windowsill, to bury the bottle in. In this case, the bottle should be small enough to
fit into the flowerpot with the plant.

Another idea I’ve heard is putting the Witch-bottle into a closet next to the front door, where
it could easily do its job as a guardian and protector of the home and its inhabitants. However,
this solution might cause some trouble if the same thing that happened to the pagan happens to you:
the Witch-bottle she kept in her closet worked very well – until one day it literally blew up.
The bottle was of the very traditional type, so cleaning up after this wasn’t that pleasant, as
you can well imagine! While refining the idea further, we ended up putting the bottle in a
covered bucket filled with soil, and then putting the bucket in the closet.

For a pagan still “in the closet” or living in something like student housing with a room
mate these ideas may not be that practical. There’s still no need to panic, as Witch-bottles
can be made in miniature size, too. One Witch working with test tubes in her professional
life worked out recycling methods for them as miniature Witch-bottles. They are small enough
to fit into flowerpots. If you want to use test tubes, make sure you can close them tightly.
There are also miniature bottles and jars available at various gift shops that can also be used.

It should be noted that not all Witch-bottles are designed to be hidden away. Some are
intended to be left out in the open, for example on a windowsill, on your altar, or on
your work desk.

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Some Instructions

The next part contains some instructions for making Witch-bottles. I won’t be including
any particular instructions for rituals. First, because the exact rituals used depend on
the religion of the person crafting the Witch-bottle and, second, because rituals aren’t
even always necessary. One doesn’t even have to be pagan to construct a Witch-bottle.
Third, planning the ritual, if one decides to have one, can be considered and important
part of constructing the bottle. As important as planning and gathering the objects used.
Fourth, if you are using a pre-made ritual, you can easily end up repeating somebody else’s
words and copying somebody else’s motions, without interning proper emotions. And, finally,
modifying things to suit you better is, in this context, not only allowed, it’s recommended!

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Basic Bottle for a Modern Witch

This is the tried and true basic Witch-bottle, suitable also for modern day pagans.
The bottle is intended to be one that protects its maker, often also the maker’s home
and family, from negative energies. Depending on how the bottle is made, and on the
maker’s will, it can be one that gathers the negative energies (capturing) or one that
mirrors negative energies, sending them back to where they are coming from.


Glass, earthenware, or stone bottle or jar, with a tight-fitting lid. Size depends
on where it is you intend to hide it.
Protective gloves, for handling the items you’ll be putting in the bottle.
Wax or a candle for sealing the bottle. Black is a good choice for protection.
Another jar for you to urinate into and your urine.
All kinds of “nasties”: nails, rusty and bent (you can bend them yourself, too),
pieces of barbed wire, thorns, burrs, pieces of glass and/or mirror, needles, etc.
Some other things for you to choose from: menstrual blood (if you are female) or semen
(if you are male).
Other blood (you can get a sterile needle from your pharmacist), pubic hair, or other
body hair to represent yourself, and/or an egg.
Bandages should be readily available, just in case you cut yourself while constructing the bottle.

Preliminary preparations

Gather all the necessary items, your bodily fluids being the very last ones, as you don’t
want to store them, even for a day. You can collect the other items over a long period of
time, storing them until you have all that you need. Items found on the ground suit the
purpose well. Cut metal items into smaller pieces, if necessary, so that they fit into your
chosen bottle. If you’re using a very small bottle, remember that you will only need a very
small number of each item, or, alternatively, small items.

Choose a date that is best suited to your magickal intentions, and plan your ritual, if
these things are important for you. Waning moon is often considered a suitable time for
building a Witch-bottle. The ritual can be as simple or complex as you desire.

The following will help you with your visualization:

Your bodily fluids represent yourself; they are part of your essence and are traditionally
used in magick. Instead of having negative energies hitting you, they hit your “representative”
in the Witch-bottle, that part of your essence.

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For a Capturing Bottle

The “nasties” inside the bottle are intended to capture the negative energies – the metal
captures them, the glass confuses and cuts them, the thorns puncture them, and iron (and
egg) dissolves them. You can visualize the negative energies drowning in the urine. For
a mirroring bottle, visualize the glass and mirror reflecting the negative energy back to
its sender or grounding it into the earth.

Choose a place to hide your Witch-bottle before you make it. Be sure you have all the
necessary equipment, like a shovel, on hand. By the time the bottle is finished it’s too
late to start pondering where to put it. If you are going to bury the bottle in the ground,
be sure to choose a place where people and/or animals won’t dig it up.

Constructing the Bottle

Have all the necessary equipment and items on hand, in a place you consider best suited
to the task, at a time you feel is appropriate. Cast a circle, if you are so inclined.
You can build the bottle, and have your ritual at the site where you will be hiding it, or
hold the ritual in a separate location and then take the bottle to its grave.

Fill the bottle with the items you’ve selected until they form a disgusting mixture. Shake
the bottle to mix the items, if necessary. If you are including an egg, don’t break it – add
it as the last of the solid items. Remember to save room for it.

After this, add the urine, menstrual blood or semen, or prick your finger with a sterile
lancet, and add a few drops of your blood, as the very last ingredient. You won’t need
large amounts of blood or semen – they are considered to be very potent in small quantities.

Close the cap, or lid, and seal the bottle. You can carve symbols into the wax, being careful
not to break the seal. If you do, accidentally, crack the seal, remove it and start the sealing
process all over again.

If you are going to another place to bury the bottle, clean up after yourself, especially if
there is a chance that someone may see the mess before you return. If you cast a circle be sure
to close it, remembering to ground yourself. If you are creating the bottle at the burial site,
you can do all of this afterwards.

Travel to the hiding place and hide your Witch-bottle. Banishing words suit the situation
well, and, if you don’t know how, or don’t want to use traditional banishing spells, or
something similar, you can even swear like a drunken sailor! You can bury the bottle upside
down, putting more “nasties” in the hole along with it before covering it up, if you’d like.
If you’re hiding the bottle somewhere inside of your home, hid it right-side up.

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Wiccan Version

The Wiccan versions of Witch-bottles that follow are better suited to the Wiccan view
of the world, magick and ethics. They are often intended to capture the negative energies,
or prevent it from ever arriving and, most important, prevent it from harming the home and
its inhabitants. Many of these Wiccan versions are very much like the basic bottle described
above, so it isn’t necessary to repeat all that was said before. However, you can use wine,
apple vinegar, or blessed (salted) water instead, or in addition to, urine. The nails used
may also be new, etc.

Many Wiccan Witch-bottles use herbs, with the herbs being chosen for their magickal properties.
There are sometimes very specific instructions given for the gathering of each of the herbs and
other items, including correct phases of the moon. The herbs and other objects may be put in the
bottle on the previous day, letting the bottle stand by the Witch’s be overnight. In the morning,
you can add morning urine to the bottle – morning urine being considered the most potent of all –
after which the bottle is then closed and sealed utilizing Wiccan rituals. Some instructions state
that the bottle will be placed in a cupboard or closet, so you don’t necessarily have to hide it.

The following instructions are a basic version of a Wiccan Witch-bottle, using herbs. You can
do everything using a longer, more complex, or shorter, simpler route, depending on your own
inclinations. As always, it is up to you.


Bottle or jar with a tight-fitting lid.
Sea salt
Crystal or stone
A few nails or needles
Wine, apple vinegar, and/or urine
Black candle, for sealing
Your ritual tools

Preliminary Preparations:

Select the herbs and crystals you will be using according to their ascribed magickal properties.
You may also use essential oils, instead of herbs. Choose the number of herbs and solid items
(in this case essential oils are considered solid), in general, to put in the bottle using
numerology. Suitable numbers are 7, for its powers of protection, and 9, for its connection to
the Goddess.

Gather all the necessary items. Clean the bottle or jar by washing it with warm soapy water
(if you can use a specific soap made for protective purposes, all the better) and dry it well.
If you’d like, leave the bottle overnight to charge in the light of a full moon. Choose a place
to hide the bottle. For a bottle to be filled, as part of a ritual, or ritually, it is good to
have all your ritual tools ready and in place, on your altar. You can also construct your ritual,
spells, and chants beforehand.

The purpose of the crystal (which is optional, as are all the items listed) is to use its
magickal properties, the same applies to the herbs, oils, and all other objects you select.
The salt is used to purify and bless the bottle’s target (the person, or persons, and home to
be protected). The nails and needles ground the negative energy and you can also visualize it
being, then, returned to its sender, three-fold. The thread tangles the negative energy into a
knot similar to the knot you tangle the thread into, and also bends the energies away from the
creator of the bottle. You can also visualize the negativity tripping over the thread. The
urine represents the bottle’s creator. When using wine or vinegar you can visualize the negative
energies drowning in the liquid, with the vinegar acting as a purifying agent as well.

Making the Bottle

If you are constructing the bottle as part of a ritual, perform your usual opening.

Start filling the bottle with the salt. Then, add the needles and/or nails (bent or straight),
and, then, the herbs. Next, add the crystals and/or stones and the tangled ball of thread. If
you are adding liquids, add them last.

When the bottle is otherwise finished, you can raise energies with a suitable chant and, then,
direct them into the bottle, after which you should close and seal it. A good chant to use is:

“Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna.”

Repeat until you can feel their energy coming to your aid.

End your ritual in your usual manner and bury the bottle in a suitable place, or otherwise
hide it. You can burn incense on the hiding place to help seal the spell properly.

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Witch-Bottle to Display

Witch-bottles that are intended to be left in plain sight are not usually made for protection,
but rather for the attraction of things such as love, money, happiness, creativity, etc.

Select the bottle or jar to be used according to its color, shape, or just because it’s pleasing
to the eye. Then, select a few herbs, crystals, oils, metals, etc., according to their magickal
properties, to find the ones that suit your purpose. You won’t, usually, use any liquids (except
perhaps a few drops of essential oils) in bottles that are to be left out in the open; they are “dry
bottles.” Aim for a harmonious whole. That means: don’t try to squeeze in all herbs, crystals, etc.,
that are associated with your desire. Too much is too much!

You may also use a piece of appropriately colored silk ribbon, to use in or on the bottle, or paint a
symbol representing your goals, in a corresponding color, on the bottle. You could also create a cloth
cap, either black or color appropriate, for the bottle, and paint a symbol on it, as well. You can also
use color in colored sands or salts. Even metals have magickal correspondences that may suit your
purpose, so you may want to use some metal dust or chips, as well.

If you are following the phases of the moon, or other celestial objects in your magick,
take them into consideration when determining when to construct your bottle. It is up to
you whether or not to use a formal ritual.

As a basic principle, it could be suggested that the sands, and metal chips or dust,
be placed in the bottle first, followed by the herbs and oils, and, then, the crystal
and any other solid objects.

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Final Words

There is no one “true Witch-bottle,” only bottles morel like the traditional ones and
bottles of the more modern variety. So, allow your imagination to run wild, and create
as many bottles, for as many different purposes, as you would like.

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