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Thoughts of Enchanted

I believe, I believe,
For reality I propose,
Is a fleeting beat of gossamer wing,
Of faerie dreams cast o'er field and stream,
To spy at dawn that elven mask,
T'is pearls of love as dew on grass,
Where Mab last night her spell did cast.

I do believe, as should you,
That when you stir at break of day,
When twilight ebbs at dawns embrace,
Such dreams as had, fade with the night,
Stolen from mind in faerie flight,
And there, only there, such delights they weave,
For t'is only reality which deceives.

Enchantment they craft, faerie glamour abounds
Your minds true fancies... reality found!
Awaken now... Shhhh not a sound,
For in this moment you may chance to perceive,
Reality as t'was meant to be.

~Mark Turner~