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7th: Crown 6th: Third Eye 5th: Throat 4th: Heart
3rd: Spleen 2nd: Solar Plexus 1st: Base of the Spine
The Clown Chakra

Aealliah’s Guide to
Activating the Seven Chakras

1st Chakra

Energy Center Location: Center of Spine
Color and Activity: Red – survival, primal fire/life force essence, pure energy and vitality.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: White – cosmic purity.
Negative Polarity: Unconsciousness, fear of survival.
Gland: Adrenals.
Associated Musical Instruments: Deep and low drums, bassoon, primitive drum rolls (Polynesian, Samoan, etc.)
Keynote: C
Corresponding Elements: Earth and Fire.
Healing Gems and Crystals: All red stones and clear quartz.
Affirmations: I am filled with vitality and my energy is grounded, centered, and firmly connected to the center of the Earth. I now claim my birth right to maintain a health, balanced relationship with my body and the Earth, using my life force creativity to receive all the nourishment and abundance I need. I claim my full power as co-creator of all that I need physically, as well as spiritually, thought the purity of my intentions. I am cosmic purity in thought, feeling, and action.

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2nd Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Sacrum (middle of pelvis)
Color and Activity: Red-Orange – regulates sexual functions, generative organs, creative and pro-creative life force energy.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Violet – transmutation, acceleration, invocation, and freedom.
Negative Polarity: Lust, misuse of sexual energy, desire to destroy.
Gland: Ovaries, prostrate, testicles.
Associated Musical Instruments: Electric guitar, marimbas, saxophone, and other rhythm instruments.
Keynote: D
Corresponding Elements: Fire and Air.
Healing Gems and Crystals: Any red-orange stones, such as Red Jasper, and clear quartz.
Affirmations: I am the harmonizing presence balancing my creative male aspect with my feminine, receptive aspect as I allow myself to experience the balanced union of these poles within me as an unfolding Cosmic Dance of Creation. I am whole and complete within my sexuality. I no longer look to others for my fulfillment. I love and embrace all the feelings and emotions that surface from loving and accepting my sexuality as a healing tool for harmonic union between Heaven and Earth. I am a being of violet fire, transmuting into God’s desire.

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3rd Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Solar Plexus (upper stomach, just below the rib cage).
Color and Activity: Orange-yellow – seat of our emotions, solar energy, warmth, radiance, balance expression of personal power.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Ruby-Violet and Gold – peace, ministration and service to humanity, love of nature and the elements.
Negative Polarity: Anger, fear, greed, jealousy, judgment, and criticism.
Gland: Spleen.
Associated Musical Instruments: Cello, violin, piano, oboe, and guitar.
Keynote: E
Corresponding Elements: Water.
Healing Gems and Crystals: Any yellow-orange stones and clear quartz.
Affirmations: I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I am radiating solar energy from the peaceful center of my being, harmonizing and healing all my emotions, and embracing all of my feelings with loving acceptance. I am recharged in the loving embrace of Mother Nature and Her healing elements. I am the presence holding divine peace in my heart, mind and actions.

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4th Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Heart (center of the chest).
Color and Activity: Green – qualifying our feelings, thoughts, and activities with love and acceptance.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Pink – all-embracing love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and acceptance, love for all of life and creation.
Negative Polarity: Attachment to personal Self, selfishness, envy.
Gland: Thymus
Associated Musical Instruments: Harp, flute, violin, and piano.
Keynote: F
Corresponding Elements: Air and Fire.
Healing Gems and Crystals: All green stones and clear quartz.
Affirmations: I am the presence qualifying all my thoughts, feelings, and actions with Divine love. I am filled with love, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness for humanity and life. I am loving self-acceptance of all my human qualities, as well as of my Higher Self. I love the Earth for the opportunity to learn, serve, and master all forces of illusion. I love and accept the Master in me, as I open myself farther each day, knowing the light and love within me is always expanding, as I express more love to myself and to the world around me.

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5th Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Throat (slightly above the hollow at the base of your throat).
Color and Activity: Sky Blue – projection of power and creative energy, communication.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Electric Cobalt and Royal Blue – manifestation of Divine will, expression into form, protection, and leadership qualities.
Negative Polarity: Egocentricity, manipulation by “Lording it over” others, insecurity.
Gland: Thyroid, parathyroid.
Associated Musical Instruments: The human voice, flute, and other woodwinds.
Keynote: G
Corresponding Elements: None
Healing Gems and Crystals: Celestite, turquoise, aquamarine, gem silica, chrysocholla, and amazonite.
Affirmations: I am expressing the full potential of my creative being by allowing myself to flow as freely as a river by learning to communicate my ideas. I align myself with Divine Will, knowing that I can fully trust myself to project all that “I Am” into the world of manifestation which allows my ideas to come into form. I claim all the power of being that I am to fully serve humanity and myself in alignment with Divine Will. I am cosmic victory and master over all situations in my life.

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6th Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Third Eye (between your eyes, in the middle of your forehead).
Color and Activity: Indigo – focus, intuition, and healing.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Emerald Green – advanced healing, consecration, visionary powers of one-pointedness, precipitation, and psychic development.
Negative Polarity: Misuse of psychic powers, misguided fantasy, inaccurate projections, predictions, and interpretations.
Gland: Pituitary.
Associated Musical Instruments: Higher electronic instruments, synthesizers.
Keynote: A
Corresponding Elements: Air and Ether.
Healing Gems and Crystals: Any stones with a purplish blue tint, and clear quartz.
Affirmations: I open myself as a visionary, and from the stillness of my being, I journey into inner realms discovering the hidden mysteries of life. Through focusing my energy on a one-pointed endeavor, I unleash all the mystic powers of my being, opening my ability to see and hear the power and energy behind all creation. I open myself to the ability to heal, by accepting the Christ within every cell, atom, and organ of my body. I am the spirit of consecration, blessing everything that I wish to bring into manifestation.

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7th Chakra:

Energy Center Location: Crown (top of your head).
Color and Activity: Electric Ultra-Violet and Iridescent Mother-of Pearl Rainbow – wisdom, integration of experiences.
Higher Octave Color and Activity: Golden-yellow – integration of all the seven energy centers, Divine wisdom, illumination, enlightenment, and conscious understanding of the universe and creation.
Negative Polarity: None
Gland: Pineal.
Associated Musical Instruments: Organ, electronic synthesizers, and sounds.
Keynote: B
Corresponding Elements: Air and Ether.
Healing Gems and Crystals: Heliodore, clear quartz, diamond, selenite, and golden topaz.
Affirmations: I am God’s wisdom in action. I am the illumination and understanding of the universal laws of creation. I am the discerning presence of my Higher Self, manifesting in the right choices in my life in all situations or my highest good and for the enlightenment of the planet. I am the spirit of enlightenment.

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