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Choosing a Magickal Name Your Temple
Finding the Best Time For You To "Generate"
From Raymond Buckland's
Complete Book of Witchcraft

Choosing a Magickal Name

Find your birth number, using numerology.
Find the number of the name you’ve chosen.
They should be equal.

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Your Temple
For an Entire Room For the Corner of a Room Your Altar & Other Furniture

For an entire room:
Use a compass to find due north, south, east and west.
Place your altar in the center of the room, so that when
you stand before it you are facing the east. On the floor
around the altar, make a circle. When entering the circle,
you will do so from the east, so if the room is rectangular,
rather than square, you may wish to leave extra room on that side.
Closets for storing Craft supplies, may also be placed in this
larger area. Decoration is a matter of individual taste. Thoroughly
clean the floors, walls, and ceiling with a solution that
incorporates sea salt.

Once any decoration of the room is complete, other than the marking
of the circle, you should perform an initial purification, as follows:

On the night of a full moon, fill a dish (a saucer will do) with water
and, while kneeling, place it on the floor in front of you. Place your
right forefinger into the water. Imagine a bright white light streaming
down from above, into the crown of your head. Feel it surge through your
entire body and then, direct it down your arm, down the your finger, and
into the water. It may help to close your eyes. When you feel you have
directed all the power you can manage into the water, keep you finger there and say:

“Here do I direct my power,
Through the agencies of the God and the Goddess,
Into this water, that it might be pure and clean
As is my love for the Lord and the Lady.”

Take a teaspoon of sea salt and put it into the water. Stir it nine times
with your finger, in a clockwise direction, and, then, three more times, whiles saying:

“Salt is life. Here is Life,
Sacred and new; without strife.”

Use your fingers to sprinkles the water in each and every corner of your room.
Sprinkle every closet and alcove, also. As you sprinkle, write something to say, or recite:

“Ever as I pass through the ways
Do I feel the presence of the Divine.
I know that in aught I do
It is (they are) with me
It abides (they abide) in me
And I in it (them),
No evil shall be entertained,
For purity is the dweller
Within me and about me.
For good do I strive
And for good do I live.
Love unto all things.
So be it, Forever."

Light some incense and, using a censor or your hand, swing it into all
of the corner, closets and alcoves, repeating the above lines.

For the corner of a room:
Ideally, an area that is five square feet and in the east of the room.
Keep your altar set up here, putting tools elsewhere. Cleanse the corner
as you would an entire room.

Outdoor Temples don’t require cleansing.

Your Altar and Other Furniture

You can use virtually anything, but steel in any amount should be avoided,
including nails and screws. If there has to be metal in the table, brass is
o’kay. The Knife and Sword are used for storing and directing energies. They,
then, can be made of a conductive metal, such as iron or steel. All other items
should be non-conductive – silver, brass, gold, stone, wood, etc., because they
won’t be used in such a manner.

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Finding the Best Time For You To "Generate"

Have a friend strip to the waist and sit with his back to you.
Now, extend your hand, with the palm down and fingers together,
straight out to point at their back. Keep the tips of your fingers
an inch or so away from the surface of their skin. Now slowly move
your hand up and down along the line of their spine. Try to keep your
arm straight and concentrate your thoughts on sending all of your energies
out along your arm and into your hand and fingertips. You will probably get
quite a reaction from your friend as your power makes contact. They may
feel a strong tingling sensation, heat, or even a cool breeze… but they
will feel something.

Experiment. Try it with your left hand; with the fingers together; at
different distances from your friend’s back. Do they feel your hand
moving up and down? You will find that the intensity of power varies
dependent upon your physical health, and also upon the time of day, and
the day of the month. Keep records.

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Basic Elements of The Process of

Basic Elements of Initiation

1. Separation: separation from friends and especially from family;
from all they have known so far. Training begins.
2. Cleansing: external and internal. May include the removal of all body hair.
Would definitely include a period, or periods, of fasting and of sexual abstinence.
3. Symbolic Death: scourging, etc.
4. Rebirth.


Erecting the Temple

Perform this ritual during a waxing moon, as close to the full moon as possible.
Twenty-four hours prior to the Initiation, fast on honey, bread, and water,
and abstain from having sex.

You’ll need:
An altar
Candles: one red (S), one blue (E), one yellow (W), one green (N), and one white (altar)
A censer
A goblet of wine (or juice)
Salt and water
Libation dish
And, if you wish, figures representing the deities and anointing oil

It is suggested that you be completely naked and not wearing any jewelry.

Set up your altar in the center of your temple area, facing the east. Draw a 5’
circle around the altar, working clockwise, and starting and ending in the east,
with chalk, salt, or paint.

Sit, or kneel, before the altar with your eyes closed. Concentrate on seeing
yourself in you mind’s eye, enclosed in a ball of white light. Direct your
energies to make the light expand and completely fill up the circle. Hold it
there for a moment and then relax.

Opening your eyes, stand and move to the east. Point your right forefinger down
at the line of the circle. Slowly walk clockwise, “drawing” the circle through the
power being directed down your arm and out of your finger. Once you are back in the
east, return to your altar.

Light the altar candle and the incense. Now, pick up the candle and, moving clockwise
around your altar, use it to light the candles of the cardinal points. Return to the east
and replace the altar candle.

Then, re-concentrate your energies down our arm and finger, and place the tip of your
finger into the salt. Say:

“Salt is life. Let this salt be pure and lit it purify my life, as I use it in this
Rite, dedicated to the God and Goddess in whom I believe.”

Next, take three pinches of salt and drop them, one at a time, into the water. Stir the
water three times, clockwise, with your index finger, and say:

“Let the Sacred Salt drive out any impurities in this water that
together they may be used in the service of these deities; thought-out
these Rites and at any time, and in any way that I may use them.”

Walk, clockwise, to the east, with the salted water, and, while continuing in a
deosil direction, sprinkle the water along the line of the circle. Replace it on
your altar; pick up your censer, and, again, beginning in the east, walk deosil around
the circle, once more, swinging the censer along the circle’s line. Replace the censer
on the altar and say:

“The Sacred Circle is about me. I am here of my own free will and accord,
in peace and in love.”

Dip your forefinger into the salted water and mark a cross, inside of a circle,
onto your forehead, in the place where your third eye is located. Then mark a
pentagram over your heart, saying:

“I now invite the gods to witness this Rite that I hold in their honor.”

Hold your hand, with your index finger pointing up, high in salute, as you now say:

“God and Goddess; Lord and Lady; Father and Mother of all life,
Guard me and protect me within this circle and without,
And in all things. So mote it be.”

Kiss your hand to the Lord and the Lady, then take up the goblet and spill a
little wine into a libation dish (or onto the ground), as an offering to the
gods, making the toast: “The Lord and Lady!”

Take a drink, then replace the goblet with the words:

“Now is the Temple erected, I shall not leave it but with good reason. So be it.”

Now that you’ve finished erecting the temple, sit or kneel before your altar,
with your head bowed, and meditate for a few minutes on the God and Goddess, the
Craft, and what the Old Religion means to you. Then, stand and lift both hands
high above the altar and say:

“Lord and Lady here me now!
I am here a simple pagan holding thee in honor.
Far have I journeyed and long have I searched,
Seeking that which I desire above all things.
I am of the trees and of the fields.
I am of the woods and f the springs;
The streams and the hills.
I am of thee and thee of me.”

Lower your arms.

“Grant me that which I desire.
Permit me to worship the gods
And all that the gods represent.
Make me a lover of life in all things.
Well do I know the creed:
That if I do not have the spark of love within me,
Then will I never find it without me.
Love is the Law and love is the bond.
All this I honor above aught else.”

Kiss your right hand and hold it high.

“My Lord and Lady, here do I stand before you,
Naked and unadorned, to dedicate myself to thine honor.
Ever will I protect you and that which is yours.
Let none speak ill of you, for ever will I defend you.
You are my life and I am yours,
From this day forth.
I accept and will ever abide by the Wiccan Rede:
‘An’ it harm none, do what thou wilt.’
So be it.”

Take up your goblet and slowly pour the rest of the wine into the libation dish, saying:

“As this wine drains from the goblet,
So let the blood drain from my body
Should I ever do aught to harm the gods,
Or those in kinship with their love.
So mote it be!”

Dip your forefinger into the anointing oil and, again, draw a cross inside
of a circle over your third eye, and a pentagram over your heart. The, also,
touch the oil to your genitals, your right nipple, left nipple, and then to your
genitals again. (This forms the Sacred Triangle, symbolizing the drawing of power
up from the root source.) Then, say:

“As a sign of my rebirth I take unto myself a new name.
Henceforth I shall be known as _______
For my life within the Craft.
So mote it be!”

Now, sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, and, again, meditate on what the
Craft means to you. Let your feelings for the gods, and for the Old Religion
flow from your body. Luxuriate in the feeling of “coming home;” of having
finally become one with the Old Religion.

When you are finished, if you feel like singing or dancing, or celebrating in any other way, go ahead.

When you are ready, stand and raise both hands, and say:

“I thank the gods for their attendance.
As I came here in love of them, I now go my way.
Love is the Law and love is the bond.
So be it! The temple is now closed.”

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