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A Seven-Fold Blessing

Bless me Mother, for I am your child.
Bless my eyes that they may see clearly the path you set before me.
Bless my lips that I may speak in true accord with your will.
Bless my breasts that I may know the faithful service of your work.
Bless my center of Self that I may find the strength to meet my tasks.
Bless my feet that I may walk in a more balanced connection to all life.
Bless me Mother, for I am your child.

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Air Purification Spell

If you need to get a message through to someone, force an issue, garner some added intelligence, or wish a friend health and happiness, air energy can push your spell work to a speedy conclusion. Use the following incantation for area purification, the cleansing and blessing of supplies, or to invoke air energy into your magick circle:

“Air flows pure.
Spirit unbound.
Inspiration from sky to ground!
Realize love with this sound.”
Ring a bell 7 times.

For a bit of punch, carve the air signs of the Zodiac – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius into the candle color of your choice and burn during the ritual or spell casting, always asking for assistance from the element of air.

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Altar Dedication

“This altar in the circle’s center,
A focal point that only good may enter.

Erected to God and Goddess in strength,
Circular, it has neither breadth or length.

Focal point in a circle of power,
A mighty lens for every power.

Sacred to Lord, Maiden, Mother, and Crone,
The foundation of many a powerful cone!

Resting place of magick and its implements,
Let veneration and love be our only sentiments!

A tool of will, powerful and free,
As it is willed, so mote it be!”

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Book of Shadows Blessing

Hearken as the Witch’s word,
Calls the All, a gulf to ford,
Bridge the vast realities.
An’ it harm none, do as ye please.

Elements, protect and guard this book,
From wandering eyes and prying look
And fill it with thine ancient power,
In this right and ready hour.

Powers of East, the wind, the sky,
Watch over these pages with thine eye.
Your wisdom and knowledge, for these I do ask.
That this book be worthy, the Craft and its task.

Powers of South, fire and hearth,
Help these shadow to prove their worth.
Infuse them with your healing and passion,
So only good comes from work fashioned.

Powers of West, the water and sea,
Change and growth are granted thee.
Bless these pages with all you know,
That righteous readers may learn and grow.

Powers of North, earth below,
Help me to live, to learn, to grow.
Lend your strength and stability,
To practice the Craft, and with love be free.

To the unschooled eye let see,
Confusing words and sophistry.
Lead them from these sacred pages,
And bless their passage through the ages.

For free will of all, and harm to none,
As I have willed it, it is now done.

So mote it be!

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Empowering Plants
By Raylynn

Herbs and plants should be charged before use. In this way you mix your energy with that of the plant to bring forth a desired response. During this process you must tell the herb or plant exactly what its use will be. This is important -- this is the combined focus of yourself and the spirit of the plant.

Philters are mixtures of herbs and oils that are not ingested or brewed. They can be placed near doors or windows. Tape a vial to the table you use for divination. Cooking herbs can be magically empowered, as well.

Garlic is a very healthy plant. It assists in preventing cold symptoms. Empower it, and it will have twice its strength. Teas can also be empowered. Those for restful sleep, such as chamomile, can be charged for pleasant dreams.

To fully educate yourself on herbs and plants, search the library. Holistic health magazines and books are excellent forms of reference. you can also click
here for information on faery plants and herbs, or here for information about faery trees.

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Cooking Blessing
By Silver Ravenwolf

Put your hands over the simmering pot, and repeat three times:
“Three angels came from the east,
Bringing blessings upon this feast.
The first said, “I banish all negativity.”
The second said, “May you never thirst.”
The third said, “May you never hunger.”
In the name of the three
So mote it be.”

With your hands (or two wooden spoons) make the sign of the equal-armed cross over the cooking pot, then tap the spoon or you fingers lightly on the stove, saying:

“This work is sealed
Blessings of Vesta upon us.”

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