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Beauty Bath

3 parts lavender
3 parts rosemary
2 parts spearmint
1 part thyme
Hand mirror

Place the mirror next to the tub, lie back, smell the scented water, and close your eyes. Visualize yourself as you wish to appear and then open your eyes and look in the mirror to see the new you!

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Break the Habit Bath

2 parts rosemary
1 part lavender
1 part lemon grass
1 part lemon verbena
1 part sage

Use this to rid yourself of negative or self destructive habits. Lie back in the water and visualize yourself avoiding whatever habit you wish to stop and see your self happily avoiding it. Then take it further visualize all the energy you have been giving to this negative habit seeping out into the water around you when you have visualized all you can stand up and pull the plug on the drain and let all of the water run out then get into a tub and either run fresh water on your body or stand under a shower and let the fresh water rinse you clean. Repeat daily until the desire is gone.

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Dieter's Magickal Bath

2 parts rosemary
2 parts fennel
1 part lavender
1 pinch of kelp

For best results repeat this bath morning and night. Lie back and visualize yourself eating the sensible foods and see yourself as you wish to be slim, fit and healthy and happy!

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Ritual Purification Bath

(adapted from the Key of Solomon)

4 parts lavender
2 parts hyssop
4 parts rosemary
1 part mint
3 parts thyme
1 part vervain
3 parts basil
1 pinch valerian root
2 parts fennel

Do Not use more than a pinch of valerian it smells bad!

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Psychic Bath

3 parts lemon grass
2 parts thyme
2 parts orange peel
1 part clove
1 part cinnamon

Use to enhance psychic awareness.

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Peace Bath

2 parts catnip
2 parts hops
1 part jasmine
1 part elder flowers

Use this mixture to rid yourself of pent up anger and stress.

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Prosperity Bath

3 parts clove
2 parts cinnamon
1 part cedar

Use to increase your finances.

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Healing Bath

3 parts rosemary
2 parts lavender
2 parts rose
1 part peppermint
1 part cinnamon
(if you have a cold add 2 parts eucalyptus)

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