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Aromatherapy Baths

Honey Scent Bath:::Milk Maid's Bath:::Luxurious Bath

Honey Scent Bath

Mix 6 – 10 drops of an essential oil blend into ¼ cup of raw honey,
add 2 drops vitamin E oil, and then add it to your bath.

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Milk Maid’s Bath

Mix 6 – 10 drops of an
essential oil blend into ½ cup heavy cream,
buttermilk, or milk, then add it to your bath.

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Luxurious Bath

¼ Cup aloe vera gel or juice
¼ Cup milk or cream
2 Tbsp. Honey
2 Tbsp. Baking soda
¼ Cup sea salt

6 – 10 drops of an
essential oil blend.
Mix well, then add to bath after it has been drawn.

Essential Oil Blends

Mental Exhaustion:::Reviver Blend:::Relaxing/Sleep-Inducing Blend:::Lover's Blend

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Mental Exhaustion

5 drops lavender
3 drops grapefruit

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Reviver Blend

4 drops bergamot
4 drops petitgrain

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Relaxing/Sleep-Inducing Blend

5 drops lavender
2 drops bergamot
1 drop mandarin

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Lover's Blend

4 drops ylang ylang
2 drops clary sage
1 drop sandalwood
1 drop bergamot

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Anti-Hex Bath

4 parts rosemary
3 parts juniper
2 parts bay
1 part mugwort

Soak in this mixture at night to keep yourself purified and keep others negativity away from you.

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Aphrodisiac Bath

3 parts rose petals
2 parts rosemary
2 parts thyme
1 part myrtle
1 part jasmine flowers
1 part acacia flowers

Add three drops of musk oil to the tub and bathe in this before meeting a lover (or even better – bathe with your lover!)

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