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Aphrodite's Sacred Milk & Flower Bath
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Aphrodite’s Sacred Milk & Flower Bath

1 liter (quart) milk
10 drops orange oil
6 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops jasmine oil
4 drops neroli oil
4 drops sandalwood oil

While bath is filling, heat the milk in a saucepan (taking care not to boil it) and mix the essential oils into the warm milk. To use: Pour the milk and oil mixture into the bath just before entering the tub and relax in it for at least 20 min., adding hot water as needed to keep the temperature comfortable. Light a few candles and add afresh vase of flowers to attune with Aphrodite’s energy.

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty. According to myth, she sprang up from the sea, fully formed, upon a giant seashell. Aphrodite was free to choose her lover and gave birth to Eros, God of Love. The Aphrodite archetype governs a woman’s enjoyment of love, beauty, sexuality, and sensuality. Creative work is also fueled by the intense passions of Aphrodite.

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Cleansing Bath Basics

Take a shower. Run a warm bath with some appropriate oils, herbs, salts and candles. Soak and feel all your worries, cares and negativity going into the water. Pull the plug and let the water drain while you’re in the tub. Feel all that negativity go down the drain with the water.

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Cleansing Love Bath

Eases melancholy and brigs a sense of peace and tenderness.

1 oz dried rose petals
½ oz comfrey root
1 oz red clover
1 oz nettle
1 oz sea salt
10 drops Love Potion
A large facecloth
2-feet of ribbon (lavender, pink or red)
A bowl
Candles (pink, green, lavender and/or red)

Cast a circle. Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and charge them to purify your heart, mind and spirit, freeing them from all harmful and negative energies. Ask the Goddess Mab to cleanse your body and aura of everything in your past love affair that still lingers and hurts, to infuse you with self-esteem and new love that will continue strong after the bath.

On a Friday, or a day and hour of Venus, draw a hot bath. Place the herbal mixture into the facecloth and tie it with the ribbon, making a pouch. Put the bundle in the bath water, like a tea bag. Anoint yourself with the Love Potion, on your wrists, forehead and solar plexus and light as many pink, green lavender, or red candles as you wish. Soak in the bath for one our. Do not wash with soap or shampoo. If you need to wash, shower before the bath. When you are finished bathing, get out and pat yourself dry with a towel.

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Summer Cleansing Bath

3 parts marjoram
3 parts thyme

Use this as often as you like during the spring and summer to rid yourself of Winter “chills”.

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Simple Herbal Baths

For Peace: chamomile, lavender, rose, hops, peppermint.
For Energy: heather, rosemary, lemon balm, savory.
For Comforting: calendula (marigold), lavender, raspberry leaves, chamomile, mint, rosemary.
For Relaxation: chamomile, heather, lemon balm, dianthus, jasmine.

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Moon Soak Spell

To relax and become attuned to the Goddess at the end of a busy day, treat yourself to a moon soak. To start, prepare a small dish of white flower petals mixed lightly with Epsom salts and scented with a few drops of jasmine oil. Have ready a silver, or light blue, candle and draw a warm bath. Light your candle and turn off the lights, adding some soft background music, if you’d like. Disrobe and look out a window, if possible, to see the moon. If you can’t see her, visualize her in whatever phase she is in. Ask the Lady of the Moon to bless you, and draw down her power, as you anoint your forehead, head, throat, heart, abdomen, loins, and feet, each with a drop of jasmine oil. Now toss your Epsom salt mixture into the bath, step in, and enjoy.

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Purification Blend

1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 handful fresh Eucalyptus leaves
1 handful fresh Rue leaves

3 pinches Salt
1 quart Water

Add the herbs to the vinegar and let sit overnight. Strain through cheesecloth and add to the water with the salt. Use the mix to wash objects to be purified, such as jewelry, amulets or magical tools. Or add a half cup amount to your bath. This is actually a very weak, diluted tincture.

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Silver Coin Bath

To promote prosperity in particular, place some silver coins into your bath to ensure money in the future. Many folds observe this practice at their baby’s first bath. Fill the tub one-third full. Stand before the water, looking down. Charge the water by visualizing an abundance of money. Then slip into the water and know that the energy is merging with yours.

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