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Planetary & Sun Sign Symbols
Meanings of the Planetary & Sun Sign Symbols

Sun Signs
- Mars - Ceres - Aries
- Venus - Pallas - Taurus
- Earth - Juno - Gemini
- Mercury - Vesta - Cancer
- Jupiter - Leo
- Saturn - Virgo
- Uranus - Libra
- Neptune - Scorpio
- Pluto - Sagittarius
- Moon - Capricorn
- Sun - Aquarius
- Scorpio

Meanings of the Planetary & Sun Sign Symbols

The circle represents the wholeness of the individual and the dot in the middle depicts the presence of God, materialized in nature. Unchanging, it’s always seen as a full disk of light.
The crescent of the horns of the cow.. Ever changing, the phases of the moon shift constantly, reflecting, only the partially, the full light of the sun.
The arrow pointing upwards to the right shows initiative and a goal-oriented attitude. The circle represents the Divine spirit.
This cipher contains three basic symbols: the crescent which represents the human spirit and body placed above the circle, the Divine spirit and the +, the matter.
The crescent placed to the upper half of the +, matter, represents how the human soul must expand and develop a higher awareness above the physical senses, but also rooted in them.
This symbol represents the o, the divine spirit, above the +, the matter.
This cipher represents the rulership of +, matter, over the crescent, mind and spirit. This symbol has been identified with the sickle held by Father Time.
The capital “H” represents the discover, Herschel. The circle with the line rising from it represents a combination of the sun and of Mars. This represents the creativity and upward seeking of the Divine human.
The two crescents (half circles) of the human spirit cut through physical materiality (the +). The numerological symbol (e)represents the conscious mind (the crescent), changeable human will, mind and spirit (moon) within the circle of the Divine Spirit, the divine will and fate.
represents various success. Could represent the conscious mind (the crescent) cradling the Divine Spirit, the circle, above +, matter.
or in the first symbol, the divine spirit o encompasses the +, the matter, I'm not sure what the symoblism means for the second symbol. A technique for placement on a Natal chart is to place earth exactly opposite the sun. See the “intentions” column for influences. You can also refer to Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo and Saturn for more information.