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Moon in the Signs

Moon in Aries – Beginnings, starting new ventures, pioneering, war, conflict, energy, ego, self, stuff for me and mine, weapons, guns, knives, sharp things, things that cut, surgery, razzle-dazzle, impatience, sarcasm, quick results, making trouble, rescuing those in trouble, heroism, naiveté, restlessness, a “me first” attitude, courage and sticking up for yourself.
With Aries Moon you succeed in using your won initiative, taking the initiative, and doing it your way. Be wary of impatience, overconfidence an egotism.

Moon in Taurus – Anything to do with money, possessions, values, sensuality, dance, music, silence, Gaia, Earth Mother stuff, planting food crops, fertility and earth matters, wealth, security, greed, careful and conservative things, soothing, solidity, an immovable object, cuddling, discovering/explaining what you need in sex, unshockability, reliability, hard work, slow and steady progress, Mother, jewelry as wealth and possessions, values and ethics.
With Taurus Moon you succeed by being patient, mellow, and an imovable object. You can build something solid and lasting. Beware of blind stubborness and bullish rages.

Moon in Gemini – Things of a dual nature, buying and selling, words, writing, communication, cars, telephones, transportation, dual results, thievery, basic education, low mysteries, teaching, storytelling, networking, short trips, field trips, siblings, relatives in general, neighborhood and neighbors, rote learning, playing it light, reading, radio, never stop learning, movement, trivia, flexible values, gossip and innuendo, mimicry, imitation and computers.
With Gemini Moon you succeed by networking, talking to a lot of people and being objective. You can do two things at once. It can signify something that needs corrected. Be wary of vacillation and spreading yourself too thin. You can try to do too many unrelated things in one ritual.

Moon in Cancer – Anything to do with home, food, security, real estate, the psychic, divinations, myth and archetypes, mother, the Mother, nurturer, looking into the past, traditions, family in general, cooking and eating, planting, fishing, home and hearth, altar consecration, restaurants, listening to others, helping others with their problems, sentiment, keeping secrets, doing things at or for the home, roots, integrity, graves, underground places, inherited traits, weather and climate, the altar as a base for workings, gentle self-effacing humor and land.
With Cancer Moon you succeed by appealing to sentiment, emotions, mom and apple pie. Recall the past and childhood. You should feel more secure in your home base. Be wary of becoming over-emotional, wallowing in old hurts and slights. This is the strongest of the moons. You have a right to be there doing the thing.

Moon in Leo – Creativity and self-expression, play, fine arts, children, naming a child, theater, being host or hostess, parties, celebrations, love and romance, hobbies, games, lovers, gambling and speculation, showing off, warm-hearted, pride, cheering up, giving and getting loyalty from others, chivalry, clowning around, amusements, doing it with style, risk taking, investing and investments, stocks and bonds.
With Leo Moon you succeed by exaggeration and delegation of authority. You can gain authority from another, if you fail, it’s because you overstepped your authority. Be wary of beomcing dictatorial. You can be child-like, but not childish.

Moon in Virgo – Health, sickness and wellness, food and nutrition, herbs, vitamins, plastic arts and crafts, how weather affects health, armed forces, Maiden, pottery, crafts persons, hunting, tools, pets, small animals, familiars, ecology, recycling, clothes, work, workplace, co-workers, planting herbs, computers, cleaning, cleansing, exercises and fitness, healing, detail work, critical and nitpicky people, work ethic, guilt, need to help others, obligations, inventiveness, community needs, magick, evocations, coven workings and low magick.
With Virgo Moon you succeed by doing it all yourself and being nitpicky. Pay close attention to details and the big stuff will work itself out. Use the bureaucratic hierarchy. Expect and demand perfection. Watch out for criticism and being a martyr. Doing a task for someone else can be effective.

Moon in Libra – Marriage and partnerships, planting ornamental plants, war and/or peace, diplomacy, negotiation, jewelry and ornamentation, justice, balance, beauty and harmony, debate and discussion, politeness, etiquette, manners, open enemies, socializing and socialization, meeting people, getting social, laziness, mooching, tyranny of the weak, romanticism, yes people, use people nicely, getting pretty, mentors, contracts, legal matters, the other guy, workings with two people, your significant other.
With Libra Moon you succeed by working with a partner. Defer to the other guy, explore both sides of issues. Good manners will help you to go far. Be wary of identifying too closely with the other guy, though.

Moon in Scorpio – Death and dying, sex, psychic talents, merging with another, emotional truths, hidden talents, taxes, insurance, ritual magick, taboos, surgery, transformative experiences, rebirth, obsession, intensity, research, solitude, solo workings, workings with two people, noble motivations, sneaky tactics, extremes, mastery of the self, willpower, courage, keeping secrets, dealing with crisis, paranoia, bluntness, the occult in general, black magick, magick, secret societies, accepting yourself – warts and all, integrity, soul mates, dirty jokes, limitations, uncovering secrets.
With Scorpio Moon you succeed by being sneaky and underhanded, getting an inside lead, “knowing someone” and keeping secrets. Be wary of things not being on the up and up. Be intense and use your willpower. Tell it like it is.

Moon in Sagittarius – Religion and philosophy, law and judges, ethics and principles, parties dn fun, long journeys, dreams and dreamwork, high mysteries, ceremonial magick, higher learning and teaching, sports, good deeds, good-will, fame, generosity, going to court, wild abandon possible, eternal optimism, resilience, rationalization, future-oriented, movement, funny stuff, mind expansion, gurus, spiritual occurrences, ability to perceive right and wrong, faith, T.V., imports and exports, languages, legal matters, pratfall humor, divination, churches, publishers and publishing.
With Sagittarius Moon you succeed by being or going to an expert. You can do two things at once. Be wary of faux pas, your big mouth. If you do it big, you add to your chance of success. Don’t be naïve or a Pollyanna. This is the Big Ritual Moon.

Moon in Capricorn – Profession, honors and recognition, inherited traits, responsibility, public eye, promotion, hermit, solitude, social standing, degrees and advancement, Father, the boss, establishment, mountains, rocks and stones, hard work, social climbing, no-nonsense, depressive, time and clocks, ruthlessness, use people unkindly, the ends justify the means, things you want more than anything else, conscience, profound wisdom, Crone, paranoia, dry wry humor, long term results and respect.
With Capricorn Moon you succeed by delegating authority, using authority (yours and that of others). Use “insider trading,” use fewer than normal channels (go over people’s heads). “Knowing someone” can help. Be wary of getting power crazy, being manipulative or stepping on too many people’s toes. This is the Ruthless Moon. Being “on time” helps.

Moon in Aquarius – Friends and peers, surprises, luck, circumstances beyond your control, groups and clubs, the future, politics and causes, social awareness, astrology, anarchy, advice and advisors, social upheaval, bettering the human condition, legislative bodies, electricity, energy and energy work, meet new people, coven workings, covens, honesty, non-emotional and objective, trustworthiness, fair, reasonable, straightforward, gadgets, computers, T.V., aspirations, freedom, bigotry, genius, idealism, peer group pressure and ideals.
With Aquarius Moon you succeed by working for the common good – not just you self-interests. Try off-the-wall approaches, be really weird and radical. Don’t get anarchistic or destructive, just create change. Don’t go so off-the-wall that you lose sight of your original purpose. Write down any wacky ideas that come from out-of-the-blue, they may not be so wacky after all.

Moon in Pisces – Karma and reincarnation, secret enemies, escapism, banality, psychic healing, fishing, planting, solitude, magick, possession, spies, secret societies, secrets, hidden or lost things, merging with the God and Goddess, alcohol, the past, the still small voice, dance, invocation, large institutions, oils and perfumes, poison, drugs, potions, elixirs, prison and confinement, spirituality, charity, humanitarian concerns, large animals, insanity, faith, music, keeping secrets, deep very psychic stuff, vulnerability, facing and conquering fears, facing and overcoming the past, divine madness, endings, aloneness and high magick.
With Pisces Moon you succeed by making “them” feel sorry for you. You can do two things at once. Use magick. Ply “them” with alcohol. Be wary of swindlers and get-rich-quick schemes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t lose yourself in the cosmos, try to retain some sense of grounding. Let the Love of the Universe fill your being.