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Planetary Activity Rulerships
Magickal Applications of the Asteroids

Sun Leo Gold Golds, Yellows & Oranges Sunday Leaders, people in authority, vatality, men, the God, Self-expression, exectutives, the heart, confidence, the will, ambition, individuality, employment, promotion, rulers in general, the center of things, the body as a whole. Forceful, life-giving, rhythmic, strong, structural, diurnal, active, open, generous, fiery.
Moon Cancer Silver Pearl, green & iridescent hues Monday The general public, food & drink, water & liquids, domestic affairs, home, family, country, short journeys, Mother, temprorary planes, women, emotions, the unconscious, the past, Mother Goddess, memory, soul. Changeable, dissolving, fertilizing, fruitful, periodic, sensitive, visionary, wandering, imaginative, impressionable, instinctive, nocturnal, passive.
Mercury Gemini & Virgo Mercury Blue & Gray Wednesday Communication, writing, words, The Magus, education, neighbors, relatives merchants, business people, messengers, mind, mentality, magick, books, travel, thieves, manual dexterity, the consciousness, speech, coordinating, dualities, radio & T.V., lying, nervousness, reasoning, low magick, lower mysteries. Wit, worrisome, dual, impulsive, quick, irrational, intelligent, nervous, rational, reasoning, restless, moving.
Venus Taurus & Libra Copper Bright blue & pastels Friday Love, romance, art, music, socail matters, marriage, jewelry, ornament, refinement, sensuality, women, peace, Maiden Goddess, compromise, negotiation, indolence, pleasure, creature comforts. Lazy, indulgent, amorous, artistic, cheerful, dissolute, erotic, fertile, graceful, immoral, relaxing, soothing, soft.
Mars Aries & Scorpio Iron & Steel Red, dark red & magenta Tuesday Physical exertion, ego, self-assertion, energy, action, sex, men, war, conflict, anger, weapons, soldiers, courage, danger & excitement, pain, burning, poisons, wounds, violence, police. Amorous, aphrodisiac, burning, combative, cruel, dangerous, exciting, explosive, fearless, forceful, rough, sharp, violent, wounding.
Jupiter Sagittarius & Pisces Tin Purple & Indigo Thursday Law, judges, physicians, religion, philosophy, expansion, philanthropy, gain & increase, ritual, gurus, freedom, fun & laughter, joy, confidence, optimism, generosity, sports, higher education, high magick, higher mysteries, favors, buying, lending, new beginnings, mercy, dharma. Pompous, jovial, happy, benevolent, buoyant, confident, corpulent, enriching, generous, just, optimistic, reverent, naive, abundant.
Saturn Capricorn & Aquarius Lead Brown, dark green, dark blue Saturday Limitations, time & clocks, the reaper, severity, contraction, business, Father, karma, hermits, Crone Goddess, control, mountains, pessimism, melancholy, things that require patience & endurance, long-term goals, masons, decrease, spirituality, the teacher, rocks & stones, duty & responsibility, work. Controlling, limiting, pessimistic, abortive, barren, enduring, frugal, paralyzing, selfish, serious, skeptical, tactful, punctual, ascetic.
Uranus Aquarius Uranium & Rainbow hued metals Lavender & Dazzling white None Electricity, metaphysics, occultism, revolution, upheaval, divine inspiration, T.V., genius, mental insanity, the unusual, the future, astrology, freedom, democracy, chaos. Original, erratic, unusual, eccentric, irreverent, abortive, chaotic, independent, nonconvormist, anarchistic.
Neptune Pisces Neptunium & the Noble Gasses All iridescent colors & phosphorus opaque colors None Fog, illusion, deception, emotional insanity, visions & voices, magick, psychic abilities, spirits, merging with the God & Goddess, spiritualism, martyrdom, empathy, earthquakes, oil, poisons, perfumes, secrets, addiction, alcohol & drugs, oceans, idealism, saints, con men, large institutions, dreams & imagination. Subtle, abstract, psychic, magikdal & magical, impressionable, willing to see only the good, imprisonment, confined, unfortunate, hospitalized, handicapped, spiritual, idealistic, charismatic, sensitive.
Pluto Scorpio Plutonium & Radioactive Elements Black None Volcanism & plate techtonics, resurrection, death & rebirth, obsession, archetypes, research, upheavals, radical transformative changes, rape, metamorphosis, mobs & riots, the Mafia, chaos, alchemy, ESP, black magick, force & willpower, phoenix, depths & heights, sex, merging with a partner. Violent, regenerative, reincarnating, chaotic, forceful, excessively violent, reforming, rebuilding, redeeming, initiatory, stripping down to basics, explosive, subtle, deep, unknowable, demanding to know, nuclear, dictatorship, hypnotic, intimidating.

Magickal Applications of the Asteroids
Planetary Activity Rulerships

Ceres – Rituals for transformation, death and rebirth; women’s blood mysteries, menarche, menstruation, menopause; parenting and children’s ceremonies; letting go of children as they grow; loss of children through death, miscarriage or abortion; fertility and conception; planting and harvest; abundance of the Earth; ecology; Earth Mother; healing anger through compromise.

Pallas – Creative visualization; ceremony and ritual; protective rituals; shields and barriers; psychic warriors; psychic development; creating, writing and performing rituals; women as community leaders; guardians of the community; making ritual tools and other implements and accessories; rituals for warriors and soldiers and community protectors; religious freedom of expression; peace ritual; rituals for miraculous healings.

Juno – Tantric rites; the Great Rite as union of Goddess and God; handfasting and handparting; High Priest and Priestess as surrogates of the Divine couple; healing victims of abuse; weather magick; money magick; cutting away rituals; empowerment rituals; rituals performed by alternative lifestyle partners (homosexual, lesbian, polygamous and polyandrous).

Vesta – Sex used as an energy source; sacred hearth; spiritual center of a community; psychic sanctuary; dedication to the God and Goddess; service to the God and Goddess; psychic development; creative visualization; service and work for the magickal community; chastity as a sacrament; internalizing sexual energy to attain inner spiritual union; meditation; secret magickal societies; cloistered communities; rituals and ceremonies; adherence to a doctrine; following of rules or changing a lifestyle for ritual/ magickal ends; ritual routines and daily practices; sacred fires; altar dedication.