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Aspects in Astrological Magick
The Elements

Conjunction (Parallel) – 0 degrees in the same sign with an 8 degree orb (same as a conjunction, with a 1 degree orb).
Blending, uniting, brings together, binding, forced union, beginnings, focus, intensity, unity working together for a common goal; most intense of the aspects.

Sextile – 60 degrees, 2 signs apart (complimentary elements), with a 6 degree orb.
Opportunity, productivity, brings together and provides opportunity for cooperation and harmony (though not guaranteed), creativity, communication, people, working on complementary projects.

Square – 90 degrees, 3 signs apart (same quality), with an 8 degree orb.
Friction, competition, obstacles which can be overcome with effort, stirs things up, gets things going, incites to action, challenge, stubbornness, neither side wants to compromise, working at cross-purposes.

Trine – 120 degrees, 4 signs apart (same element), with an 8 degree orb.
Harmony, benevolence, ease of accomplishment, takes stuff for granted, can be lazy, indulgent, easy results, gifts, inherent talents, working in harmony.

Opposition (Contra-Parallel) – 180 degrees, 6 signs apart (complimentary elements, same quality) with an 8 degree orb (same as an opposition, with a 1 degree orb).
Awareness, polarization, separation, one or the other, for cutting away, getting rid of, to confront the “other” – partners, open enemies, rivals – pleasant or not to bring an end to things, fulfillment or failure, illumination, working in opposite directions.

Inconjunct (Quincunx) – 150 degrees, 5 or 7 signs apart (no correlation of element or quality) with a 3 degree orb.
Adjustment, accommodation, inconvenient benefit, compromised required, each must be willing to bend.

Semi-sextile – 30 degrees, 1 sign apart (no correlation element of quality), with a 1 degree orb.
Mildly fortunate, natural progression, brings results but may not be what you expected, brings things out into the open for good or ill, growth.

Semi-Square – 45 degrees, 1 ½ signs apart (with or without special correlations), with a 2 degree orb.

Sesquiquadrate – 135 degrees, 4 ½ signs apart (no special correlations) with a 2 degree orb.
Friction, mental stirring up, arguments, agitation, may bring inspiration or visions but not necessarily comfortable or welcome ones, incitement to action, creativity, emotional zeal accompanies effects, not as strong as the Square aspect.

Next Aspect
1. Choose the aspect and planet you want as the influence and coordinate it with the last aspect of the Moon (the planet aspected by the moon at the last aspect isn’t crucial, but if you can use a planet that has a relevance to the matter, the more effective you can be. Use an almanac to find aspects.)
2. Time your start to the next aspect.

The Elements
Aspects in Astrological Magick

Fire – spirituality, fire, inspiration, enthusiasm, animals, spirit.
Earth – rocks, crystals, grounding, material stuff, present, now, body.
Air – incense, mental activity, words and communication, intellect.
Water – oils, liquids, emotion, psychic, the past, plants, soul.